Need Some Help With Your Betting Strategy?

Anyone about to take up gambling, whether online or at a local casino, is advised to get some help from the experts and read one of the many betting guides. There’s actually heaps of advice out there, both online and in paper form. Much is written by those just looking to take your money, but there is also a lot of useful advice. Sifting through it all is the problem. There are guides for all sorts of gambling, from horse and dog racing through football to financial spread betting and everything in between.

Get Yourself A Top Betting Guide

betting guides books

Sharp Sports Betting

For anyone wanting to bet on spots this is the definitive guide. A certain level of mathematics knowledge is required in order to grasp some of the concepts but it is a recommended read. The book also includes sample problems along with the solutions, in order to put much of the strategy into a useful context.

by Stanford Wong

betting guides books

Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie

This is a true story that tells the story of a Harvard graduate. He found himself down on his luck and ended up in the bookmaking world. Written in a diary style it provides an insight into the life of an illegal bookmaker in New York. While it might offer an tips for readers looking to take up sports betting it will be an interesting read.

by Peter Alson

We would have liked to have given you some suggestions for the top betting guides to read in 2018. However, betting guides are a very specialized type of book and tend to focus on a particular type of betting. This makes it very difficult to pick the best ones because everyone is looking for something different.