Lovers of Books Can Celebrate Literature All Year Round

If you’re a book lover and are looking for an excuse to celebrate your passion there is an event or special day you can use throughout the year. There are plenty of special days that celebrate books, authors and readers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an author, a avid reader or you just want to bring out the cake and balloons. Let’s introduce some of the important occasions and then we’ll look at some of the literary festivals taking place around the world.

We bet there are a few of you who remember AA Milne’s Pooh bear and his friend Christopher Robin. Every year there is a special day for Pooh lovers everywhere. Time to honor this popular character with honey filled snacks.

This is a worldwide celebration of authors, illustrators and books. The aim of the day is to promote child literacy with the distribution of ‘book tokens’ to nurseries and schools who have registered. The token can be taken to a bookstore and exchanged for a new book.

This was created to celebrate Hans Christian Andersen and also marks his birthday. Events are held around the world and include writing competitions and speaking engagements by famous authors and illustrators.

This is a worldwide holiday aimed at promoting literacy efforts. It was founded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization –UNESCO. Its goal is to show that literacy is a basic human right and the base of all learning.

Literary festivals around the world

If you love reading books, meeting famous authors, networking or are looking to get some connections to help with getting your book published you might want to consider attending a literary festival.

They are held annually in various locations around the world and are a place where the literary bigwigs gather. Those attending can include famous authors, who might be there for a book signing, publishers, literary agents, booksellers and distributors and avid readers.

More than 300 events are hosted at this event and more than 100,000 people participate. It is held at Walsh Bay but events stretch across Sydney from the Opera House to Sydney Town Hall. In addition to this event which is held in May, there is also a Children’s Festival of Moving Stories held in November.

This event is held in seven different locations, Mexico Spain, Denmark, Peru, the UK and Colombia. It brings readers and writers together to share stories and ideas in a series of sustainable events. Participants in the past have included Nobel Prize winners, scientists, politicians, historians and musicians.

Held in March this event includes guided literary walks, lunches and dinners with important authors and a series of creative writing courses.

This book festival began as a biennial event but became an annual one in 1997. There are workshops, panel discussions and celebrations for a range of different participants. These include novelists, poets, comic creators, sportsmen, illustrators, biographers, Nobel and Booker prize-winners and more.

There are two festivals every year and they feature high-profile participants from the world of literature, media, science, history, poetry, politics, philosophy and children’s authors.

This is the only literary festival to be funded by the Malaysian government and is held every year. Writers, novelists, spoken word artists and others are invited to celebrate their craft.