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Fortune's Prince Charming


A while back, I saw the move Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starting Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. It’s about a couple who dates, breaks up, and ultimately employs a firm to erase all memories of their relationship.

It was fascinating to consider that concept and it made me think about past relationships with friends, family members and exes. And certain times in my life when I wasn’t at my most stellar.

Challenging people 2After considering the good, the bad and the ugly, I realized I wouldn’t want to completely wipe out memories of anyone I’ve encountered in my life. Maybe I’d forget some of the getups I wore in the ‘80s or some of the what-was-I-thinking hairstyles or some of life’s embarrassing moments. Although, I seem to be good at erasing those from my memory on my own since I know they happened, but I can never seem to recall them when the subject comes up. Anyway, if you can’t remember, did it really happen?

But memories of people? Nope. I wouldn’t do away with a single memory of anyone I’ve ever met. Not even the people in my life who have been…er…challenging.

In my book Fortune’s Prince Charming, (paperback available Challenging peopleApril 19; e-book available May 1; both available for pre-order now) both my hero and heroine face family challenges that might be worthy of forgetting, but in the end, they help each other come to terms with the family skeletons and become much stronger in the process.

Just a side note — I’m particularly proud of this book for a couple of reasons: It’s the fifth book in the Fortunes of Texas’s 20th anniversary celebration and it’s my 25th book for Harlequin. Doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true. 🙂

How about you? Given the opportunity, would you erase any memories of your past?

To celebrate the Fortune’s 20th anniversary and the release of my 25th Harlequin, I’ll give away a copy of Fortune’s Prince Charming to three people who comment below.


Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s 2016. Last year went by like a bullet train. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was fortunate to join five fabulous authors — Allison Leigh, Stella Bagwell, Karen Rose Smith, Michelle Major, and Judy Duarte — to write the 2016 Harlequin Special Edition’s Fortunes of Texas continuity. It’s always a fun project because it’s a treat to collaborate with friends. But this year it’s extra special because it’s the twentieth anniversary of the beloved Fortunes series.

It’s hard to believe that after all the hard work and anticipation, the first book in the All Fortune’s Children series has finally hit the shelves. More on that after I tell you a little bit about the series as a whole.  

After two decades, Fortune’s Children live on…If you’re a Fortunes of Texas fan, this year, you’ll reunite with some old friends and meet a potential new branch of Fortunes who live in Austin, Texas. If you’re new to the series, now is the perfect time to jump in. Each book stands alone, but harkens back to past years. You’ll be able to join the party no matter which book you pick up first.

9k=A great place to start is with Allison Leigh’s Fortune’s Secret Heir. Allison kicks off the anniversary celebration with the first book in All Fortune’s Children, the 2016 series. I’m so pleased she could join us today to get this party started.

Nancy Robards Thompson: Welcome, Allison! I’m so happy you could join us.  Tell us about the hero of Fortune’s Secret Heir? Why will we fall in love with him?  

Allison Leigh: Ben Robinson is the hero of Fortune’s Secret Heir and I hope readers will fall for him the same way that I did—because I’m a sucker for a powerfully confident hero who’s hiding a marshmallow interior.  He thinks he has his finger on the pulse of his world, only to have learned recently that he just might not.


NRT:  Tell us about the heroine. Why is she the absolute perfect woman for the hero?  

AL: Ella Thomas is perfect for Ben because she sees the world without the cynicism that the wealthy Ben possesses.  Aside from the chemistry between them, she provides a soft place for his heart.


NRT: Since this book is part of Harlequin Special Edition’s Fortunes of Texas twentieth anniversary celebration, tell us about your experience writing connected stories with other authors.  

AL: This is the first book in the 6-book continuity, The Fortunes of Texas:  All Fortune’s Children.  I’ve been extremely fortunate in having been involved with several Fortunes of Texas miniseries, and it’s a little like coming home with each one.  I get to work with fabulous authors again, and also meet the newcomers to each miniseries.  It’s always exhilarating.


NRT: What was your favorite scene to write?  

AL: My favorite scenes to write in Fortune’s Secret Heir were the ones set in Boston.  My husband and I visited there a few years go and really had a fabulous time.  It was fun to revisit through Ben’s and Ella’s eyes.


NRT: What was the most difficult scene for you to write?  

AL: The hardest scene is the end.  Because I’m not always ready to say goodbye to these people who’ve become my friends along the way.

 Stay tuned between now and June, because each month one of the authors from the Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune’s Children series will stop by the JQ blog for a visit. Here’s how the lineup looks:

Stella Bagwell, author of Fortune’s Perfect Valentine (paperback available January 19, 2016) visits the Jaunty Quills on February 1.

Karen Rose Smith, author of Fortune’s Secret Husband (paperback available February 23, 2016) visits the Jaunty Quills on March 4.

Michelle Major, author of Fortune’s Special Delivery (paperback available March 22, 2016 ) visits the Jaunty Quills on April 1.

Nancy Robards Thompson – I’ll blog about my book, Fortune’s Prince Charming (paperback available April 19, 2016 ), on April 19.

Judy Duarte, author of Wed by Fortune (paperback available May 24, 2016) visits the Jaunty Quills on May 27.

In addition, our fearless leader, Harlequin Editor Susan Litman, will stop by to give you special insight into what happens behind the scenes of a series like All Fortune’s Children. Watch the JQ “Events” sidebar for specific details.


Now, for some prizes — Do you like on-going series like the Fortune’s of Texas? What’s your favorite book series? In celebration of the Fortune’s 20th anniversary, I will give away an e-copy of my 2015 Fortune’s of Texas book My Fair Fortune to THREE people who comment. Winners will be announced Sunday, January 10.  


allisonleigh_headshotAbout Allison: A frequent name on bestseller lists, Allison Leigh’s highpoint as a writer is hearing from readers that they laughed, cried or lost sleep while reading her books.  She’s blessed with an immensely patient family who doesn’t mind (much) her time spent at her computer and who gives her the kind of love she wants her readers to share in every page.  Stay in touch at, @allisonleighbks, and





No matter how busy the holidays get, I always carve out time to do some baking. Sugar cookies, gingerbread and seven layer cookies are standard Christmas favorites in our house. My mother-in-law was the reigning Queen of the Snickerdoodles.  I’ll make her recipe, too. I’m just waiting for College Girl to get home so the fun can start.


This year, in addition to making our old favorites, I decided to try some new recipes. I’ve been inspired by my Christmas-set Special Edition HIS TEXAS CHRISTMAS BRIDE, book 9 in my Celebrations, Inc.  It features all sorts of good holiday cheer as Dr. Nick Ciati and Becca Flannigan fall in love.

 Here are is one of the new recipes I’m going to try.  

Mini Linzer Cookies
Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten


3/4 pound unsalted butter at room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup good raspberry preserves
Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix together the butter and sugar until they are just combined. Add the vanilla. In a medium bowl, sift together the flour and salt, then add them to the butter-and-sugar mixture. Mix on low speed until the dough starts to come together. Dump onto a surface dusted with flour and shape into a flat disk. Wrap in plastic and chill for 30 minutes.

Roll the dough 1/4-inch thick and cut 2 3/4-inch rounds with a plain or fluted cutter. With 1/2 of the rounds, cut a hole from the middle of each round with a heart or spade shaped cutter. Place all the cookies on an ungreased baking sheet and chill for 15 minutes.

Bake the cookies for 20 to 25 minutes, until the edges begin to brown. Allow to cool to room temperature. Spread raspberry preserves on the flat side of each solid cookie. Dust the top of the cut-out cookies with confectioners’ sugar and press the flat sides together, with the raspberry preserves in the middle and the confectioners’ sugar on the top.

 What are you baking this holiday these days?


I’ll give away e-copies of HIS TEXAS CHRISTMAS BRIDS and THE BILLIONAIRE’S BETRAYAL to one person who comments on this blog.


Happy Holidays! 


His Texas Christmas BrideRT Book Reviews gives HIS TEXAS CHRISTMAS BRIDE 4 1/2 stars! “…Love conquers all in this fantastic, emotional Christmas story. Thompson’s poignant page-turning dialogue is intimate and informative. Her spectacular, stupefied prospective parents who find love in spite of both their dysfunctional family issues are marvelous.”



Nancy Robards Thompson
Nancy Robards Thompson


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Leanne Banks 2


Thank you Jaunty Quills for letting me visit your fab blog! Welcome to the second half of November!  Hope you’ve done everything you wanted to do before the holidays hit.  When I say holidays, I’m including  Thanksgiving which will be here in a few days.  Are you screaming yet?  I hope not, but if you are, I can offer you a nice royal escape to a safe island in the Mediterranean with A PRINCESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE.  It’s available NOW!  

This book features a princess and her sister who have been banished from their kingdom due to rough economic times.  Their lives have been threatened, so they must assume new temporary identities.  Princess Sasha becomes Nanny Sara to widower Gavin Sinclair’s young son and baby girl.  Despite Sara’s best efforts, she finds herself falling not only for the children, but for Gavin, too.  But this is temporary and what will happen when Gavin learns who she really is?

Leanne BanksOne of the more fun scenes in this book was inspired by my precious great-niece who got bored during her naptime.  Anyone who’s ever taken care of a toddler knows that boredom can be messy.  As you can see in this photo, my great-niece creatively took care of her boredom.  (Now for the clean-up, Mom!)  In my book, the three-year old took a green marker to himself and his 6-month old sister, explaining his action by saying, “I’m a frog because I’m fast and Adelaide is a turtle because she’s slow.”  (Now for the clean-up, Nanny!)

Do you have a fun story about what a child did while you were caring for him or her?  Or maybe even a pet story?  Please share in the comments.  I’ll draw one commenter’s name to receive a $15.00 Amazon gift card.  If you get a chance to read A PRINCESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE, please write me at leannebbb @ (no spaces).  I’d love to hear from you!




His Texas Christmas Bride


Happy November, everyone! Even though someone forgot to tell Mother Nature to switch off summer and turn on fall – it’s still muggy and the mercury is hanging in the high eighties here in Florida – my heart is giving thanks for this most wonderful time of the year.  

I love fall and particularly November. It’s a festive time at Chez Thompson. We celebrate a couple of family birthdays this month; it seems like College Girl can find a few extra days to come home; and, of course, we close out the month with Thanksgiving. I always find myself counting my blessings even more than usual because in November, more than ever, I’m reminded of what’s most important.

To make things even better, I have a release out this month – HIS TEXAS CHRISTMAS BRIDE. It’s the 9th book in my Celebrations, Inc. series. RT Book Reviews gave it 4 1/2 stars and said,  ”…Love conquers all in this fantastic, emotional Christmas story. Thompson’s poignant page-turning dialogue is intimate and informative. Her spectacular, stupefied prospective parents who find love in spite of both their dysfunctional family issues are marvelous.”

The story spans Thanksgiving through Christmas. So, if you need a little help easing your way into the holiday spirit, this story might help.

Here’s a little taste of the Thanksgiving scene. The hero, Dr. Nick Ciotti, has arrived at the heroine’s parents’ home after working Thanksgiving Day.  


On the porch, Nick could see through the illuminated windows into the dining room where a crowd was gathered around the table enjoying dessert.

Maybe he should’ve texted Becca before he came, but he was already so late that he’d been in a hurry to get there. Now, it seemed pointless to text from the front porch.

He rang the doorbell and heard the sound of running feet and a couple I’ll get its—a herd of children, no doubt—racing to answer the door.

He was right. When the door opened, a small crowd of kids clustered around the threshold.

“Who are you?” asked a boy who may have been six or seven years old. His nose was covered with freckles, and he was missing his two front teeth.

Nick shifted his weight from one foot to another. “I’m Nick. Who are you?”

“My mom says I can’t talk to strangers,” said the boy, who was obviously the spokesperson for the munchkins.

“Probably a good idea,” Nick said. “Would you please go get Becca so I can talk to her?”

“He’s here to see Becca?” a little blonde girl asked. “How come he’s not at his house having Thanksgiving?”

“Because he’s here to see Becca,” the freckle-faced boy said, in that way older and usually self-designated wiser kids talked down to younger kids.

“He’s right,” Nick said. “I’m supposed to come over and have Thanksgiving with Becca. Right here in this house with you.”

The little girl ducked back behind the door.

The freckled kid assessed him for a moment before bellowing, “Beccaaaaa!”

He drew out the aaaa until a startled-looking Becca came to the door.

“Oh! Nick. It’s you.” Her face brightened. “You’re here. How long have you been standing there?”

“Not long. They were just telling me that they’re not allowed to talk to strangers.”

Becca laughed. “Right. Well, uh, thanks, Jesse. This is Nick. He’s my friend. It’s okay to invite him in.”

Becca ruffled the kid’s sandy brown hair.

“You can come in,” Jesse said, stepping back. “But I don’t think we have any turkey left. We have Brussels sprouts, though.”

“What are you talking about, Jesse? We still have some turkey.”

As Nick stepped into the foyer, the kid frowned at Becca and then put his finger to his lips and made a shhhhshing noise. “I’m taking that home. Auntie Bel said I could take it home. He can have the Brussels sprouts.”

“Jesse, you need to share. Nick just got off work, and I’m sure he’s hungry. Believe me, there will be plenty of turkey for you and everyone else to take home if Nick has some. It’s cold outside. Please, move out of the way so he can come in.”

Jesse was either easily convinced or he lost interest, because the next thing Nick knew the boy and his wolf pack had run off, leaving him gloriously alone in the foyer with Becca.

“Hi,” he said, leaning in a little bit.

“Hi,” she repeated, meeting him halfway. “I’m glad to see you.”

He kissed her, and suddenly her lips were the only thing in the world he craved. He was lost in the taste of her cranberry and spice lips until he heard giggles coming from around the corner.

“See!” Jesse said, victoriously. “I told you if we left they’d kiss.” This was uproariously funny to the brood, who were holding their stomachs and throwing back their small heads in laughter. Then, when Jesse started chanting, Kissing! Kissing! his band of mini-minions began following him around the house reciting in unison.

“That’s embarrassing. Sorry. Welcome to Thanksgiving with the Flannigans. You can run now and save yourself.”


I’d love to give away a couple of copies of HIS TEXAS CHRISTMAS BRIDE. In the comments below, tell me something for which you’re grateful and I’ll choose a winner from those who post. Also, I haven’t yet posted the winner to my October 20 blog. I’ll post both winners on Sunday. 

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