How They Met Themselves, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, watercolor, 1864


Not long ago the Norwegian and I were out for dinner when a complete stranger approached me and asked if I had seen the show Breaking Bad. I hadn’t, but he told me that Anna Gunn, the woman who plays Skyler White on the show, was my doppelgänger.

Anna Gun


I looked her up when I got home. I could see a vague resemblance in the photograph. Of course, it piqued my curiosity about the show, especially since it has garnered so many awards. I started watching it and now I joke that I have a serious meth addiction. Really, I don’t. And I know drug addiction is no laughing matter, but the show’s writing is incredible and the acting is superb… But I digress. 


Anna Gunn


They say everyone has a double. I guess mine might be Anna Gunn – sort of. We’re not identical. Our noses are completely different, and once I started watching the show and saw a more dimensional version of the actress, I thought she and I resembled each other less. Sometimes I think mannerisms and certain expressions make people similar even if they don’t look alike. In fact, that’s one of the story lines in my book, Celebration’s Baby, which will be out in April 2014.  A secondary character, Maya, lost the love of her life years ago. He died in an accident and she hasn’t been able to love since. Fast forward years later, a man who reminds her of her old love shows up. She can’t decide if she’s attracted to him because he reminds her of her dead lover or if her heart is truly ready to love again.

He’s not exactly a doppelgänger, not in the true sense of the word. Then again, the meaning of the word has changed over the years. In folklore, doppelgängers are perceived as sinister versions of a person – an evil twin. In the old days, when you saw your doppelgänger, it was a harbinger of bad luck or an omen of death.

doppelgangers himym collage-But, of course, the contemporary meaning of doppelgänger is simply a look-alike. Doppelgängers are a running gag through the sitcom How I Met Your Mother: at one time or another, the characters have spotted uncanny look a likes of each other, except for Barney (Neil Patrick Harris’s character). The absence of his doppelgänger is used as a significant plotline, which I won’t spoil in case you haven’t seen the show and want to.

Who’s your doppelgänger?


Celebration's Bride

Celebration’s Bride is available now!

RT Book Reviews gives Celebration’s Bride 4.5 stars and says, “Thompson’s reality TV show setup rocks the pages with its quirky cast.  Her couples’ imperfections make them realistic and alluring….”

Coming soon:

Celebration’s Family - February 2014

Celebration’s Baby - April 2014


Jaunty P. Quills
Jaunty P. Quills


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Hellloooo? Hello? Is anyone here? Oh! Readers, you are here. In that case, it’s rather rude of my Jaunty Quills to abandon us. They claim they are working at a conference, but we know the truth, don’t we!


We know they will all sip champagne and feast on bon bons while pretending they are hard at work planning a new year of fascinating blogs. Ha! I think we all know who really keeps this blog running.

And of course there are the awards they are hoping to receive. Cindy and Shana are up for the Bookseller’s Best award and former member Emily is nominated for the Rita. They say they are happy just to be nominated, but I think we all know the truth—they will scratch out eyes and claw their way to the podium to snatch those awards out of the hands of the presenters. Not a pretty sight, dear readers. Not a pretty sight.



And finally, Kristan. Dear, dear Kristan. She will be speaking at a luncheon on Friday. What will she say? You will have to stay tuned. Suffice it to say that I helped her a little (wink, wink—read: a lot) on this speech. I mean, I practically wrote it for her.

But while the JQs are away, we can have fun, readers. I’m vastly entertaining, you know. Tell me, if you were attending a massive booksigning, like the one in Atlanta this afternoon, which author would you make a beeline for?

My favorite authors are the authors who wrote this book!



A few weeks ago, a blogger asked the Jaunty Quills to participate in an event where authors shared a favorite book they were reading. I wanted to participate in the worst way, but I’d just finished a deadline for a Special Edition continuity, which went quickly into edits and by the time I contacted the blogger, the calendar for that event was full.  I was so disappointed because I happened to be reading UNTIL THERE WAS YOU, by our very own Kristan Higgins, and I was looking forward to dishing about this book because it’s so darn wonderful!

Kristan first hooked me with her Rita winner CATCH OF THE DAY. That was shortly before we became Jaunty Quill sisters. Since then, I’ve devoured every single one of her books. Needless to say, I was counting the days until I could get my hands on UNTIL THERE WAS YOU.

What a treat! In vintage Kristan style, she had me laughing out loud, rooting for quirky, loveable Cordelia “Posey” Osterhagen and drooling over misunderstood bad boy Liam Murphy. I’m a sucker for a reunion story – especially when it goes to the tune of girl falls for boy, boy barely realizes girl exists; boy and girl grow into man and woman and finally get it right.   However, even after widowed father Liam brings his teenage daughter home to the town where he grew up, he and Posey still have a lot of baggage to unload and roadblocks to break through…baggage in the form of a terrible misunderstanding at the prom that left Posey brokenhearted and roadblocks in the form of Posey’s buxom, quasi-celebrity cousin who always seems to be in the way.

It makes me smile even thinking about  the book.  It also has me thinking… We all have at least one “Liam” lurking in our past (even if it didn’t lead to a happily ever after).  Tell me about your “Liam.” Did you ever see him again? Did it end up working out or did it remain a case of unrequited love/lust?  I will choose one lucky winner from those who post to receive a copy of Kristan’s UNTIL THERE WAS YOU so you, too, can get lost in this fabulous book.


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