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Plaid TidingsFirst of all, I apologize for the tardiness of this announcement. As a railroader’s daughter, I abhor being late for anything. At our house, punctuality is next to godliness. But when you’re in the middle of preparing for a cross-country move, all bets are off!

This winner is from my post on March 29th, (hanging my head in shame!) But I’m happy to announce that Elizabeth Schroedle wins a print copy of my RITA award nominated PLAID TIDINGS! Thank you to everyone who left a comment. 

Happy reading, Elizabeth!

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Mia Marlowe


Mia Marlowe

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LindaToday is my sister Linda’s birthday. I have 3 of them and this is my second sister. She’s six years my junior so there was just enough difference in our ages as we grew up to make me feel very protective of her. When she was afraid during thunderstorms, she used to come crawl into bed with me while the boomers rolled over the house. Linda is also famous for being the Jiminy Cricket of our little band. I wish I had a nickle for every time she fisted her hands at her waist and warned, “I’m telling Mom on you girls.”

That’s the wonderful thing about sisters. They know where the bodies are buried. If anyone is likely to be the keepers of our secrets it’s our sisters. That’s why I like to give my heroines a sister or two.

Pinot The GatheringMy Touch of a Thief was inspired by a Pinot painting called the Gathering. As soon as I saw this group of women, I knew I’d found my heroine Viola. I love the way she’s looking defiantly out from the canvas. I decided immediately that the older seated lady was her mother, the one to the right was her slightly deranged sister, the little red haired girl her fatherless niece. and the woman slipping out the door was the only servant they could afford. My heroine is their sole support–through lifting the ton’s jewelry and fencing the pieces for as much as she dares.

And her sister never threatened to tell their mom.

In my RITA nominated Plaid Tidings, the heroine Lucinda has 3 sisters. One of the MacOwen sisters is going to have to wed the Laird of Bonniebroch and since the oldest sister Maggie ran off with her lover, Lucinda is is next in line to be wed. We first meet the MacOwen sisters on the quay waiting for Lord Bonniebroch’s ship to arrive. The only problem is they have no idea what he looks like.

Plaid Tidings“Which one do you suppose is him?” Lucinda didn’t need to explain who she meant by him. Her intended was foremost in all their minds since her pending marriage affected the entire family.

“‘Tis no’ likely he’s a handsome braw lad, worse luck for ye, Lu. The best ye may hope is that he’s still got his hair.” Aileen crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. “And maybe his teeth.”

“I dinna think that matters.” Though Mary was the youngest MacOwen sister, she was also the most frightfully practical. “Even if he has a hump like Old Man MacClintock, Lucy will still have to marry him.”

Sisters are so supportive, aren’t they?

Actually, mine are. Especially Linda. She used to take my girls for a week each summer so my DH and I could have a week of couple time. And whenever she and I are together, we click like magnets and form a tight little circle of two. She’s more than my sister. She’s my dear friend.

And because of that, I won’t tell how old she is today. See. Sisters are supportive!


Do you have a sister? How about a friend who’s as close as one? Have you read a book lately with  a sister in it that made the story more fun?

Writing is an ocean of things to learn and I often feel as if I’m only dabbling my toes in the shallow end. But every now and then something affirming happens that lets me know I’m on the right track. This week the RITA nominations were announced.

What’s a RITA I hear you asking. It’s the romance world’s answer to the OSCAR. The award is a little golden statue and is named for Rita Clay Estrada, Romance Writers of America’s first president. The ceremony is the culmination of the annual National conference, complete with witty announcers and nominees in full evening dress. All that’s missing is the red carpet. 

I’ve been in Missouri this month overseeing renovations on the house we intend to move to in May. My DH called me on Wednesday and said someone from Texas had called me about some contest and asked me to call them back. Honestly, I’d forgotten that the RITA announcements were due at the end of March, but it flooded back into me at that moment. My fingers shook as I dialed the number and when Julie Kenner told me Plaid Tidings had been nominated in the Historical category, it was hard to breathe. No joke. I wasn’t this excited when I got “The Call” about my first book selling.

The reason is because my little Scottish Christmas story is enjoying some truly rare air. The Historical category is filled with some of my personal favorite authors. To have my work placed alongside theirs is such a thrill. Here’s the list of nominees. Bet you’ll see lots of YOUR favorites too. 

Any Duchess Will Do
by Tessa Dare
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books
Tessa Woodward

The Autumn Bride
by Anne Gracie
Berkley Publishing Group, Berkley Sensation
Wendy McCurdy, editor

The Chieftain’s Curse
by Frances Housden
Harlequin, MIRA
Kate Cuthbert, editor

The Countess Conspiracy
by Courtney Milan
Robin Harders and Keira Soleore, editors

by Grace Burrowes
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
Deb Werksman, editor

Dark Angel: A Gothic Fairy Tale
by T J Bennett
Entangled Publishing, Edge
Liz Pelletier and Shannon Godwin, editors 

Duke of Midnight
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Grand Central Publishing
Amy Pierpont, editor

The Lady and the Laird
by Nicola Cornick
Harlequin, HQN
Ann Leslie Tuttle, editor

Love and Other Scandals
by Caroline Linden
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books
Lyssa Keusch, editor 

The Luckiest Lady in London
by Sherry Thomas
Berkley Publishing Group
Wendy McCurdy, editor

Never Desire a Duke
by Lily Dalton
Grand Central Publishing, Forever
Michele Bidelspach, editor

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished
by Sarah MacLean
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books
Carrie Feron, editor 

Plaid TidingsPlaid Tidings
by Mia Marlowe
Kensington Publishing Corp., Zebra
Alicia Condon, editor 

A Rake’s Midnight Kiss
by Anna Campbell
Grand Central Publishing, Forever
Amy Pierpont, editor

The Rogue’s Proposal
by Jennifer Haymore
Grand Central Publishing, Forever
Selina McLemore, editor 

Sins of a Ruthless Rogue
by Anna Randol
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books
Tessa Woodward, editor

Sonata for a Scoundrel
by Anthea Lawson

See why I’m so excited to be included? Now, with a field like this I don’t expect to win. I’m basking in the glow of having been nominated. It’s such an honor. And just looking at those names and titles gives me a serious fangirl moment.

But I do expect to get a terrific dress out of the deal!

Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you. Now it’s your turn. Have you ever had a moment when you got some much needed encouragement, a shot in the arm, a timely “atta girl?” Share and you’ll be entered to win a print version of my PLAID TIDINGS!

Mia Marlowe
Mia Marlowe


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They say it’s always about the shoes. I beg to differ. Sometimes, it’s about the boots. Clothes may make the man, but the right footwear really tells the tale. Don’t you love the confidence that emanates from this fellow in his shiny Hessians?


I know Louis XIV was the Sun King and all, but honestly, don’t his booties scream that he’s over compensating for something?




This great photo is from the Scarlet Pimpernel. I freely confess that fell in love with Percy when I first read this story. He plays the fool, but acts the hero. Gotta love him. Gotta love those boots too.





What would a pirate be without his “effects?”

And is there a cowboy alive who’d be caught dead in wingtips?


A pair of hiking boots (or maybe it’s the muscular calves) can brighten any girl’s day.


 What do you think? Which boot is your favorite? Share and you’ll be entered in the drawing fpr a digital copy of my STROKE OF GENIUS! Here’s our heroine Grace Makepeace’s description of Crispin Hawke at their first meeting:

Stroke of GeniusCrispin Hawke was a total eclipse. Dangerous. The backs of Grace’s eyes burned just looking at him.

If his person exuded a feral masculinity, his dress suggested utter civility. Grace would have guessed Mr. Hawke a duke at the least if she’d seen him on the street. His coat was cut in the first stare of fashion, draping over his lean hips in a Brummell-esque inverted “U.” His brocade waistcoat was a rich midnight blue.

His outfit was completed by Hessians glossed to a spit shine. Crispin Hawke might have stepped directly from a fashion plate. But Grace noticed he leaned more heavily on his walking stick than one would on a mere accessory. Lines gathered at the corners of his gray eyes, though she’d bet her best brooch he hadn’t seen thirty winters.

Those pale eyes widened in what looked like recognition when they flicked over her, but the expression was gone so quickly Grace decided she’d imagined it. Besides, if they’d met before she’d have remembered. No one would forget Crispin Hawke. His image was already burned in her mind alongside other wonders of the world.


 Don’t forget to pick your favorite boot!

Mia Marlowe
Mia Marlowe

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How To SeriesThanks to everyone who left a comment on my latest post. Congratulations to MaureenE! She wins a digital copy of my “How To” series–3 full length historical romances in one romp of a boxed set!–in her choice of Kindle or Nook format!

“Full of such sly fun that the pages really flew by. All I have to do now is find the author’s backlist.” ~  on “How to Please a Pirate” ~ All About Romance

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