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I love to travel. Ask anyone.

But I hate to pack. I used to leave it till the last minute, toss all the freshly cleaned laundry into a suitcase or two and tell myself if I’ve forgotten something, I can just rough it for a while. Or hit a Walmart.

DianawithHerkemerThat was before I was diagnosed with a chronic lung condition and put on supplemental O2 by day and a bi-pap machine by night. Now when I travel, with all the tubes and batteries, filters and hoses, it’s like trying to pack the equipment for the Manhattan Project in my carry-on.

Not that I’m letting NSIP stop me. Of all the fibrotic lung diseases, it’s the one with the best prognosis. And if the airline knows I’m bringing my portable oxygen concentrator, I get booted to the head of the TSA line. Hey! There’s a strawberry in every situation. ;-)

CruisePRcoupleBut it does mean I have to plan my packing a bit more carefully than I used to. Fortunately, my DH is coming to RWA Nationals with me, so he can help haul all my extra stuff. He’s really sort of my secret weapon. Here’s a pic of us from our cruise last January. We’re in the El Yunque Rainforest on Puerto Rico. My DH is wearing my portable oxygen concentrator in his backpack. Of course, this arrangement means we have to stay within 7 feet of each other. We get tangled up sometimes, which means we have to do a little do-si-do to get straightened out. But it’s all good. Besides, it makes my day to stay close to this wonderful guy.

Anyway, I’m excited to be heading to New York this week, even if I’ll be packing fewer shoes and more breathing equipment this year. Packing may be more of a challenge, but I’m determined to keep traveling. I’ll be at both the Kensington and Sourcebooks signings. If you’re going to RWA Nationals, I hope to see you there.

Do you like to travel? What was the best trip you ever took? Do you or does someone you love have a health issue that changes how you get around?  How do you deal with life’s little speedbumps?


Mia’s newest release THE CURSE OF LORD STANSTEAD comes out next week!

THE-CURSE-OF-LORD-STANSTEAD[9] (3)Wherever Cassandra Darkin goes, fire is sure to follow. It’s not until she’s swept into the arms of a handsome, infuriating stranger that she learns she’s responsible for the fires. As it turns out, Cassandra is a fire mage…and with her gift comes a blazing desire for sins of the flesh.

With his preternatural ability to influence the thoughts of others, Garrett Sterling is sent to gather Cassandra for the Order of the M.U.SE. He’s entirely unprepared for his immediate attraction to the comely little firestarter. But it’s an attraction that he must quell, even as his body craves her touch and her fiery, sensual hunger.

For Garrett’s gift has a dark side…and the moment he begins to care too much for Cassandra, he knows he will doom her to an inescapable fate.

Pre-order yours today!

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OH! My publisher let me know the price has dropped to just $1.99 as part of their Summer Reading Sale. This is a terrific opportunity to get in on the first book in this new series The Order of the M.U.S.E. I love this story. It’s firmly set in the Regency with all the wonderful manners and fashions we love, but with a touch of psychic intrigue. I hope you’ll love it too! 

Mia Marlowe
Mia Marlowe


Mia Marlowe

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My dad turned 80 on the Fourth of July.

Dad and CharlieLast week, my DH and I loaded up my mom and dad and drove them across country to my sister’s house in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate this milestone with that branch of the family.

Dad was my first hero. He made me feel safe and loved as a child. When I was older, he was the terror of all my would-be boyfriends. This was actually a good thing because it kept the wimps away from the door. He taught me about faith and about commitment. This Christmas, he and my mom will celebrate 62 years of marriage.

He’s still hero material.

Dad has been a pillar in my life, a solid support no matter what. I’m happy to report that his health is excellent and his eyesight is still 20/20. His mother lived to be 94, so I’m counting on him being in my life for a long time to come. I’m blessed and I know it.

I hope there’s someone in your life who’s been there for you over the long haul. Maybe it’s your dad. Maybe an uncle or grandfather. A teacher, a mentor or friend.

Who’s been your pillar? Have you celebrated the birthday of someone special lately?


Should be romantic, huh? Well, not always. In my newest release, Never Resist a Rake, my heroine Rebecca. has been tasked with convincing John Fitzhugh Barrett to return to his family’s county home. Since he’s estranged from his family, he’ll only agree if she’ll give him a kiss. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she takes the bull by the horns.

Or in this case, by the ears!

Excerpt from Never Resist a Rake:

Click to order!Rebecca leaned forward, grabbed him by both ears, and kissed him right on the mouth.

John Fitzhugh Barrett wasn’t going to make a fool of her. No, sir. From all accounts, the new Lord Hartley ran with a fast crowd. He’d no doubt kissed dozens of women.

Fancy women. Loose women. Women whose kisses would turn a man’s knees to water.

Rebecca would show him. A virtuous girl was just as good as a bad girl. Better. She’d kiss him all right. She’d kiss the man into next week.

She pressed her mouth against his with such force, their eye teeth knocked together. No matter. He wasn’t going to think her a missish little thing. She was putting some passion into it.

As much as she knew about passion, at any rate.

He covered her hands with his, encouraging her to loosen her grip on his ears. She uncurled her fingers and slid her hands down to his cheeks.

He groaned into her mouth.

I’m getting good at this.

When he groaned again, there was pain in the sound. Her fingertips were pressing too hard on the skin around his blackened eye.

Botheration! There were so many things to think about all at once. She eased up.

This time his groan was different—pleased and needy all at once. A little feral.

The thrill of danger danced on her spine. Imagining kissing a man was safe. Holy, almost. Kissing a man for real was wicked beyond imagining.

Her imagined kisses were always chaste too. This one was decidedly not. John cupped the back of her head as he teased her lips. She gave up, and he invaded her.

Rebecca never suspected a kiss could be so…so…involving. She had to stop right now. She pulled back and, to her surprise, he let her go.

A wicked part of her was disappointed.

Then her instinct for self-preservation won out. In all her mother’s warnings, a kiss was how “it” started. Whatever “it” was. Somehow, without knowing the particulars, she was expected not to engage in the ruinous activity.

“Rebecca, I—”

“Miss Kearsey.” Her voice was as fluttery as her insides. “Please, my lord. I am Miss Kearsey to you. No more, no less.”

“Oh, you’re more, Rebecca. Much more.”

“I’ll send Mr. Porter to attend you.” Without waiting for a reply, she fled the room.


My own first kiss was a major disappointment–hurried, furtive and definitely with the wrong guy. How about you? Was your first kiss like Rebecca’s in Never Resist a Rake–a little awkward, but a revelation in a number of ways? Or was it as perfect as the kiss in The Princess Bride? 

Mia Marlowe
Mia Marlowe


Mia Marlowe

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overstuffed suitcaseNope, I’m not moving again. I’m just getting ready to do some traveling soon. We’re planning trips to Corpus Christi (if the heavens stop opening over Texas!), to Keystone, South Dakota, to New York City and to Brainerd, MN before the snow flies again. I confess that I usually wait until the night before we have to leave, frantically do laundry and then throw whatever makes it out of the dryer in time into suitcases.

Not this time.

I decided to become a savvy traveler and plan my packing long before it’s time to hop in the car or on the plane. So I Googled how to do that. Here’s what my search turned up.

A website by a lady who claims to be able to pack for a 3 week trip to London, Amsterdam and Paris in a standard carry-on bag. I kid you not. I was hypnotically fascinated, imagining all the mix-and-match outfits she could pull together with just a few basic pieces. I can see how it might work.

However, if I try to emulate her, I can also see a few problems.

  • To be able to roll up the 15 piece wardrobe “capsule” (plus 3 pairs of shoes and accessories) into a carry on, she must be a size 2! Enough panties, socks and bras alone in my size fills up half of my little roller bag.
  • The cornerstone of her 15 piece plan is re-wearing items. I should tell you that she doesn’t plan to do any laundry other than her “smalls” in the bathroom sink. I can only assume she has no sweat glands. After I’ve worn a top and a pair of capris on a hot summer day in Corpus Christi, they will not be reusable without a wash.
  • My packing guru doesn’t mention toiletries. I suppose I can use the hotel soaps and shampoos. Granted, I can’t pack a 6 step skin care regimen, but if I don’t want to look like a Neanderthal woman in our pictures, I’m going to need some of my basics. Unless my goal is to frighten small children…
  • No electronics! Nowhere does the travel expert mention packing her laptop (which for authors is a must because we never know when the Muse will demand attention.) She didn’t even leave room for a tablet or ereader! Talk about roughing it! 

Well, clearly I’m not going to be able to travel with only a carry on. But the next time I go shopping for clothes (which doesn’t happen often because I am the Anti-Shopper) she’s given me some valuable tips for building my stay at home wardrobe. I really do love her ideas and admire the simplicity of what she’s trying to do.

But I still need the modern equivalent of a steamer trunk.

How about you? Are you a planner when you travel or a see what comes out of the laundry & throw it in a bag sort of gal?

Share your travel and packing tips with us and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Mia’s How To series–3 full length novels packed into 1 book bundle. Winner’s choice of Kindle or Nook formats!


Mia’s next release hits the bookstore shelves tomorrow, June 2nd!
Pre-order yours today!


Can he fool his new family?
John Fitzhugh Barrett, surprised to learn he is heir to a marquessate, is determined his new status won’t mean giving up his freedom. But as families from all over England descend upon Somerfield Park for the shooting season, their unmarried daughters are lining up to bag the newest trophy buck-him.

Or is he only fooling himself?
John’s instinct for self-preservation inspires him to divide his attentions between a scandalous young widow, and the safely ineligible Rebecca Kearsey, daughter of a destitute baron.

The charade gives John the illusion of controlling the game but when he loses his heart to the beautiful Rebecca, all bets are off.

Claim yours now!

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Mia Marlowe
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MiaMarlowe_MaidenSong_200pxI forgot to announce my winner last Sunday. Blame it on the WIP. I’m swimming around in the “Black Moment” right now & my family says I only surface for coffee and when the dog needs out so bad he’s resorted to crossing his little hind legs. Anyway, thanks to everyone who commented on The Voice.

My randomly chosen winner is GirlFromWVA. I’ve sent her an email and she’ll be receiving a digital copy of MAIDENSONG, my debut title.

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