I hope you don’t mind but today I’ve done a video blog to say goodbye to all of you.  I will miss our exchanges here so much.  Let’s keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram and my website.


Wishing lots of love, laughter and good books!

Kathy 🙂

Katherine Garbera
Katherine Garbera


Katherine Garbera


I’m having a bit of an off day.  Both of my kids have returned to their adult lives (one at University, the other to her job back in Florida), my parents just left after a month long visit and it’s too quiet in my house.  So I decided to think of five things for fall that I am excited about.

1. Fall colours.  I’ve always just loved the way green leaves fade to orange, red and gold in fall.  Growing up in Florida there wasn’t a lot of that so it still seems magical to me.

2. Hot chocolate.  I am crazy for hot chocolate and usually make mine from some sort of powdered mix and then doctor it up with whipped cream, marshmallows and festive sprinkles.

3. New television shows.  In the US the new TV season might have already started but in the UK it is just kicking off and some shows are trickling in from the US.  I’m currently addicted to Great British Bake Off (don’t get me started on how upset I am about it leaving BBC2). I binged on Luke Cage–loved it! And am looking forward to a return of my current favorites – The Flash, The Goldbergs and Once Upon A Time.

4. Decorating my home.  Fall just seems like the time to make all the rooms a little bit cosier.  I can’t go to the grocery store without bringing home at least 2 pumpkins in different sizes.  I’ve already changed the cushions on my couch and have added a few more blankets and comforters to the beds.

5. Cosy clothes.  I’m happily wearing big, fluffy sweaters and leggings with my favorite boots today since the weather is in the upper 50s.

Tell me your favorite thing about Fall and I’ll enter you to win a copy of my latest release NO LIMITS and a Cheryl’s Cookie Card.

When I was growing up in Central Florida the space program and NASA was a really big deal. There wasn’t a launch that I couldn’t see from my house (even though I lived in the middle of the state and not on the coast) in fact when there was a launch sometimes my dad would get out the ladder and we’d all climb up and sit on the roof to watch it. This is probably something that no parent would do today but I loved it.

Mission to mars

My first job was at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando and it was in Tomorrowland. The ride I worked on was Mission To Mars. It was a simulated space journey to Mars and part of my job was interrupt the audio animatronic Mr. Johnson in mission control to get guests onto the space craft. I had a thirty second interaction with a robot, how cool is that?! If you remember the ride you might have thought it was tired in the 80s but a part of me just loved it. And in that last hour before the theme park closed and we didn’t get that many guests through the ride I’d make up stories about going to Mars. Since I was a romance reading addict from an early age those stories always involved myself as the plucky heroine and some dashing astronaut dude as the hero.

This series is really close to my heart. It came out of a conversation about the space program and ranches in Florida. I also grew up in a very rural area and my parents have had everything from an egg ranch to a citrus grove. I never had any doubt about where the meat on our kitchen table came from (my dad was a big proponent of not naming animals anything except steak or bacon since that was what they’d become!). So I was remarking to my editor that most people don’t realize that Florida has so many ranches. And then we talked about combining it with the space program.

The NASA missions all launch from Florida but mission control and training takes place in Texas—a place I’ve also lived and when I got home from the conference I sent my editor an email and the series Space Cowboys was born.

I’ve got an autographed copy of NO LIMITS to give-away to one of you. All you have to do to be entered to win is to tell me something from your childhood that you loved or tell me about your favorite Disney World ride…mine is It’s A Small World—which I also got to work at! It was really a dream come true. I loved every second of it.

Happy reading!


9780373799145Some cowboys are outta this world… 

Astronaut Jason “Ace” McCoy tried to escape Cole’s Hill, Texas—and the memory of Molly Tanner’s dark eyes and strawberry-scented hair—among the stars. Now he and Molly have jointly inherited her father’s struggling ranch. And having failed his latest medical tests, Ace is on leave—maybe forever.

He’s determined to sort things out with the ranch and get back to Houston as soon as possible. What he isn’t counting on is that Molly’s only gotten more beautiful over the years…and she still wants him. The passion between them is hotter than rocket fuel—and just as dangerous. He can’t promise anything as long as there’s a chance to go on another mission. But even in orbit, this attraction has no rules…and no limits.

Harlequin Blaze, On Sale: September 1, 2016, e-Book, ISBN: 9781488000355 / eISBN: 9781488000355


Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m hooked. It started when my niece picked me up at LAX for the RWA conference in San Diego. I spent two days with her and my sister and Katie (said niece) was already playing. I had texted my kiddos a few days earlier to alert them about the app since they had both been huge Pokemon fans back in their elementary school days. I never thought I would download the app or play it, but Katie wanted to find out a few things and she needed someone who would let her play on their phone as well as her own.

So I downloaded it and the addiction began.


  • Walking. Even though I know that I should get up from my desk and walk every 30 minutes for better health, I don’t. But with the Pokemon app I do get up. There’s a Poke-stop right near my house and I go up there on my breaks to reload on pokeballs and other cool things like potions.
  •  Social dialogue. My sister, niece and I all went to get a pedicure before they took me to San Diego for RWA and while we were having our toes done the news was filled with stories of Pokemon Go. Everyone in the nail salon was chatting about the new app. Even while I was at RWA I had several conversations about the app. J
  •  Parent-kid bonding. There aren’t a lot of things online games or apps that families can do together. My kids and I are lucky in that we nerd out on a lot of the same things so talking isn’t ever a problem in our house. But the Pokemon Go app is reminding us of the time we stood in line to see the Pokemon movie with Lugia, when Coco got a gold Pokemon card from Burger King (it was her prized possession for a long time) and how many hours we all spent in the game room watching the TV show together.


  •  Addicting. Once you start playing, you want to keep playing. I think this is sort of a pro if you factor in the walking. Last night I went on two separate 30 minute walks so that first my hubby and then my daughter could finish hatching an egg (you have to walk several km to do this).
  •  Common sense. I’m trying to think of a nice way of saying this but sometimes in the fever of playing a game, common sense goes out the window. No matter what rare Pokemon you think you might find remember to put safety first.
  • Catching them all. What if I never catch them all??? Just kidding. J I don’t mind if I never catch them all. I’m just having fun playing with my hubby and kids and texting my niece to find out what she’s found and get her tips.


What about you? Are you playing Pokemon Go? Are you sick of Pokemon Go?

Readers, as you know by now a bunch of us went to the RWA conference in San Diego last week. First stop was the multi-author signing, which benefits literacy programs. Here we are together.


Kristan, Kathy, Theresa, Shana, Nancy

I also got a shot of Theresa signing and my signing buddy Tina Gabrielle took one of me.



The signing had a few interesting characters too. This guy was promoting his wife’s book. What a great husband. It was hot in the ballroom.


Theresa, Kristan, and I met up again at the Rita awards reception. Theresa and I were celebrating, an Kristan took this shot of us in sunny San Diego.


We didn’t just drink and schmooze. We went to workshops and we discussed issues affecting our world. Julia Quinn was taking pictures of authors for the #whatireallyreallywant campaign.


And then it was time for the Rita awards. I can’t even explain how surreal it is to see your photo, name, and book on the big screen.


Neither Theresa or I won, but we sure had a fun night.

What do you really, really want? I have a bag of assorted books to send to one reader who comments. (Winner chosen randomly, announced Sunday, and contacted Sunday).

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