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Cindy Kirk


Jaunty Post

I read a survey recently that listed these as the 10 most popular tropes for romance readers.

I’d love to know your top three.  And, if there are any other “tropes” you’d like to add to the list, I’d love to hear them.

  1. Friends to Lovers
  2. Soul mate/fate
  3. Second chance at love
  4. Secret romance
  5. First love
  6. Strong hero/heroine
  7. Reunited lovers
  8. Love triangle
  9. Sexy billionaire
  10. Sassy heroine

My current release, Summer in Good Hope, is a friends to lovers book.  One of the things I like about Max and Prim is they are so well-suited.  I can easily see them living happily every after.

I don’t know about you but I’ve read some books where I find myself thinking–hmmm I don’t know if these two will be able to go the distance. Other than enjoying constant sex the couple seem to have little in common.  🙂

Oh, BTW, Summer in Good Hope is now available.  And if you subscribe to KU (Kindle Unlimited) it’s FREE…

Summer in Good Hope- cvr

Katherine Garbera
Katherine Garbera


Five Things, Jaunty Post

I can’t–really can’t believe that June is almost over.  I was emailing with my editor the other day and said to him I am still doing stuff I should have been finished with in February and he said me, too! So I know I’m not the only one wondering where the year has gone. 🙂

So here’s my five things for June:

1caprese-mush2. Fruit is in season!!  I try to only buy fruit and veg when it is in season so I’m cooking with fresh ingredients that are more organically grown and I can change up my menu a little bit.  We have been eating like we forgot what meat tastes like!  I made these delicious caprese portobello mushroom caps for dinner the other night and I think my hubby might be getting tired of fresh strawberries macerated in sugar with whipped cream on top…just kidding.  🙂




2. Time to read.  I’ve been sticking to my schedule and writing a chapter a day like I’m supposed to, even when the muse is being a b*tch and wondering all over town instead of staying close by.  Right now I have a ton of new books on my TBR pile and thanks to the Apple settlement lots of credit in my Amazon account to buy them.  I’m reading Love, Nina (it was released in 2014) a collection of letters written by a London nanny to her sister back in the 80s.  It’s really good.







3. Glastonbury.  I didn’t go, unfortunately but have been watching it on TV.  One of the artists who performed there is a French group called Christine and The Queens.  The music is addictive, but what I really love is the performance art aspect.  Check them out here.


4. Weather.  It’s such a British cliche to talk about the weather and I’m not even British.  But honestly it’s been nice lately.  Sunny days, warmer temperatures.  I almost put away my fuzzy socks but every time I do the temperature dips again.  I’ve been walking every morning because it seems sunnier early in the day.

IMG_21975. Talking to friends.  Most of my friends are busy during the school year and we make do with a text message that says Hey! Be cool.  But in June everyone seems to be on a more relaxed schedule and I’ve been talking, video chatting and texting with so many friends this month.  It makes my heart lighter to do it.

So what about you?  What’s your five fun things for June?  Or just comment on one of mine.  🙂

I’m giving away an e-book copy of His Seduction Game Plan to one lucky commenter.

Kristan Higgins
Kristan Higgins


Jaunty Post


I have a confession to make, gang. For the past few days, I’ve been on a staycation. I finished a book and for the first time in, oh, twelve years, I’m not under contract. I don’t have a deadline. I have two finished books in the hopper and so I find myself…relaxing.

Most of the trips I take are work-related. Once in awhile, the kids, McIrish and I go somewhere, but I always have to work at least a few hours a day. But this past week…nope. I’ve had some work-related tasks—I’m giving some workshops and panels at a conference in a couple of weeks, and I had to go over the copyedits of my next book. I taught an online class one afternoon.

But mostly, I’m doing nothing. And it’s wonderful. I’ve seen a bunch of friends, spent some time on the phone, read books on the porch, taken naps, gone shopping, got a manicure. Yesterday, McIrish and I went into New York City on the spur of the moment to watch some of the Pride Parade and have dinner at the place we’ve been going since we were engaged—Porto Bello on Thompson Street.

I think this staycation may be the best vacation of my life.

Have you ever taken a real staycation, where you try to enjoy things closer to home? I’d love to hear about them.

Theresa Romain
Theresa Romain

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Jaunty Post

The winner of the bundle of Jaunty Quills books from Theresa’s latest post is Karla Bobadilla. Congrats, Karla! I’ll email you about getting your prize to you.

Last year my friends Theresa Romain, Vanessa Kelly, Kate Noble, and I got together to write an anthology. We’d never worked together before, but we enjoyed each other’s books and thought our writing styles complemented each other. The great thing was that our personalities clicked too. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to work with these ladies. Even when we aren’t working on a project together, we like to email back and forth and keep in touch.

Gentleman final

It’s been extra exciting to keep in touch lately because Theresa, Kate, and I are each releasing our novellas separately this summer, while Vanessa’s will be released in the fall. Theresa’s novella, Those Autumn Nights, came out on Tuesday. I love the cover, and it’s kind of cool to see Theresa’s vision for her story.


My own novella, The Summer of Wine and Scandal, releases singly next week on June 29. Here’s my cover.


I hope it looks suitably summery. Funny story about this novella. I didn’t have an idea for the plot. The anthology follows the village of Hemshawe and the Gage family through all four seasons of the year. My season was summer. So I thought about what I liked about summer. On those sultry nights, I do like to settle back with a good book and a chilled glass of wine. And what goes with wine (besides books—but then everything goes with books!)?

Scandal, of course.

So the title became The Summer of Wine and Scandal, and the plot evolved from the title. In the story, Peregrine Lochley is a wine connoisseur who gets roped into judging the wine at the local fair. There are just two problems. First of all, he has a distinct dislike for British wines. Secondly, the woman he’s falling for is part of a family who makes wine.

There’s scandal in the story too. Caroline Martin has a dark secret. She can hardly forgive herself for her mistakes much less expect anyone else to.

The novella is up for pre-order now, and it’s only 99 cents through the July 4th holiday. Theresa’s novella is only 99 cents as well. If you’re looking for a quick read while you’re at the pool or on a plane to that sunny beach, grab your copy.







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