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Shana Galen

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Fun, Winners

is Sharon! Congrats! I’ll email you for your address, and send you the RT goodie bag.





  1. My Dad’s birthday! He had a heart attack last summer and that made this birthday so much sweeter. He’s the best dad in the world and I love him very much.
  2. IMG_1936Paris! I just spent the weekend in Paris at a Romance Festival where I met so many enthusiastic readers and writers and I was in Paris.
  3. Sunshine…well, sort of. In the UK Spring heralds a change from many hours of darkness to sunshine from about five a.m. to nine p.m. I know that other places in the world have this but I grew up in Florida where our days stay pretty even. 🙂
  4. Two New Releases!!! First is the Scandalous Billionaires box set with four of my best friends. This box set includes five stories and is only .99. If you pre-order  it, we have a gift for you of a cookbook with our favorite recipes in it.
  5. Celebrating a milestone with one of my best-friends. His Seduction Game Plan is my 50th Harlequin Desire. And our own Nancy Robards Thompson is celebrating her 25th book for Harlequin with Fortune’s Prince Charming. This week we are celebrating together on our Facebook pages (Kathy and/or Nancy) so stop by if you’d like to win some signed books and other goodies!

What’s your top 5 for April? Tell for a chance to win a signed copy of His Baby Agenda!


Kathleen O'Brien
Kathleen O'Brien

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Kathleen O'Brien, Winners

Congratulations, Lampshade Reader!  You’re the randomly chosen winner of the $10 Amazon gift certificate!  Please send me a private email at, and I’ll get it right out to you! And thanks to all our JQ readers who played along.  Loved your stories and your names for our mystery items!

ScandalousBillionaires-FRONT-ONLYThe Scandalous Billionaires is a boxed set collection of five sexy romance set on the beautiful Isola del Sole written by myself and four of my good writing buddies. Two of them you know from this blog—Nancy Robards Thompson and Kathleen O’Brien so you have a leg up in the game. Mimi Wells and Eve Gaddy have been guests on the blog so you might have an idea of their personalities. I can tell you they are all wonderfully talented women who know how to write a damned good story.

Here are four facts about each one of them. Can you spot the lie?

Give me your best guess to be entered to win a copy of the Scandalous Billionaires box-set when it is released on May 3.

BONUS:  If you tell me a truth or lie about yourself I will enter you to win a copy of my upcoming Desire HIS BABY AGENDA.

Eve Gaddy:

1)I love dogs

2)I am short

3)I am tall

4)I love to watch baseball and basketball

Nancy Robards Thompson:

1.) When I’m not writing, I breeds corgis.

2.) Once, when I was in Europe, I left my purse on the TGV bullet train (the fast train that only stops at specific destinations). I jumped back on, grabbed my purse, which had fallen between the seats, and jumped off the train as the doors shut. I narrowly missed- we’re talking seconds — being swept away to the south of France without my family. This was in the days before cell phones.

3.)I was in a Pizza Hutt commercial.

4.) I was a stand-in on The New Mickey Mouse Club.

Mimi Wells:

1) I separate M&Ms into pairs and eat them by color so it’ll be even on both sides of my mouth.

2) I brew beer

3) I’ve never lived in the state where I was born.

4) I spent much of my youth dancing in a kilt.

Kathleen O’Brien:

1) At five, I was the president of the I Hate Boys Club.

2) I get homesick something awful and always have.  Even when I went to visit Mr. Adorably but Hopelessly Wrong at his college, I pretended to get sick after a few hours, and flew home. I knew my husband was going to be The One because I could travel with him without faking a fever.

3)  I can’t stand Tom Hiddleston.

4)  I can’t eat runny eggs.  Not won’t.  Can’t.


Katherine Garbera:

  • I have a very spoiled miniature dachshund.
  • I know all the words to the entire movie Romancing The Stone.
  • I was serenaded by a group of Marines after winning a writing award.
  • I have never danced on a table.

Theresa Romain
Theresa Romain


competition, Fun, Historical Romance, novella, Theresa Romain

Maybe it’s because I have an older sister, but I’ve never really been competitive. What would be the point? She could whup me at any sport (and honestly, she still can, because I’m no more coordinated now than I was as five-year-old). She was faster at all those horrid card games where you have to put cards down at a furious rate, or remember to say “Uno” or “Squeak” or whatever. I’d play with her, sure, but I always figured I wouldn’t win.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t WANT to win. And hey, I still do. Though I get involved in fewer foot fights and hard-core games of Crazy Sevens than I used to, so the stakes are different now.

This week, I somehow found myself embroiled in two bookish competitions. Kensington Publishing Corp. is running a tournament of romance heroes, and Benedict Frost—the hero of my upcoming romance Fortune Favors the Wicked—got a nod to participate.

FACETheresa-Romain---Lt TEXTTheresa-Romain---Lt
He made a pretty solid showing, but alas, voters preferred the pirate he was pitted against. It’s the Jack Sparrow vibe; can’t argue with it.

It would have been cool to advance to the next round—except for the fact that then Benedict would have been pitted against Vanessa Kelly’s hero. How could I ever ask people to vote against one of Vanessa’s heroes? They are marvelous. I love them. Instead, Vanessa and I concocted an elaborate bromance between our heroes. Just check #UltimateHero on Twitter to see what I mean. (Baked goods figure heavily. In a manly way, of course.)

Now we move on to the DABWAHA, the excellently-named tourney for the past year’s romance novels. I was gobsmacked and delighted that The Sport of Baronets got a nod in the novella category. Yay! Woohoo! Oh…wait. It’s up against Jeannie Lin’s The Warlord and the Nightingale in the first round. If you’ve never read Jeannie Lin‘s romances, you are missing out on excellent books. Go get her entire backlist. I’ll wait.

I’m not sure how to campaign against someone whose work I admire so much, so I’m mainly resorting to ridiculousness. Like this.

(For more, including my inept trash talk, check #DABWAHA on Twitter.)

DABWAHA voting starts tomorrow at If you want to cast your vote for The Sport of Baronets, that’d be excellent—and if you vote for Jeannie’s novella instead, hey, I totally understand. Either way, I hope you get the chance to check out the finalists and find some new authors for your TBR.

By the way, if you haven’t read The Sport of Baronets yet, it’s FREE this week. Hannah and Bart’s love story is available from your favorite ebook retailer. Happy reading!

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