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Fun, Winners

The winner of the first two books in Robyn’s Brotherhood of the Sword series is Lee Garcia! Congrats! Check your email, Lee.

Kathleen O'Brien
Kathleen O'Brien


Jaunty Post, Kathleen O'Brien


Being a book-nut isn’t always easy.  Other people don’t always understand why we’d rather have a new bookshelf than a new necklace. They think we’re weird when we cry over things that never happened.  Or when we’d rather read than go to a party.  Or watch tv.  Or sleep.

Or why we want to talk about fictional people, hash over imaginary events, ask endlessly what you thought the ending “really meant.”  Eyes glaze.  Topics get changed. People make sudden right turns when they see us coming. 🙂

But when we meet a person who does understand, it’s as if, after wandering alone in a foreign country, we’ve finally run into someone from home.  Someone who speaks our language.  Instant friends.

Book of nature on autumn forest background

That’s what Jaunty Quills has been to me: a place where everyone was an instant friend. A safe place to let the book-nut in me run free.

I’ll miss that a lot.

So I wanted to use this last blog to thank you for being here to share our lives, and to share yours with us a little, too.  I have lists all over my desk of great ideas you’ve offered when I asked for help, and I have a heart full of warm memories of the kind words you gave when times were tough.

Of all the gifts I’ve received from books through the years, book friends are by far the greatest. Thank you so much.  I hope we’ll stay in touch. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, or email me any time at

Till then, happy reading! <3


Shana Galen
Shana Galen


friendship, giveaway, Robyn DeHart

This is my last post on the Jaunty Quills. I’ll pop in for the goodbye posts, but this is my last post. I’m so pleased to have my good friend, Robyn DeHart, as my guest today. We became friends through the blog, and we’ve been friends for more than 11 years now. We’ve seen each other through personal and professional highs and lows. I’m so thankful this blog brought us together. And now, here’s Robyn…


Wow! It’s totally an end of an era. It seems like forever ago when a small group of us decided to start this little blog. It’s gone through some significant changes, but at its core, it has always been a place for us to get to hang out with y’all, our fellow readers.

When the JQ’s first started my first book, Courting Claudia, had just been released from Avon Books.


I was a newlywed and I just moved away from my beloved Texas to live in Tennessee where the Professor had his first teaching position. Y’all were there for me through my homesickness, through writing crises and triumphs. You offered me support and kindness when I struggled through infertility and miscarriages and then celebrated with me when the Professor and I brought our girls home. Y’all are, in a word, friends.

I treasure the relationships I made with my fellow Quills. We might only see each other at conferences, but many of us chat weekly about our books and families. I just couldn’t let the JQ’s ride off into the sunset without stopping by and bidding everyone a fond farewell. It’s certainly not goodbye forever though, I’m still available online and you can keep up with me on Facebook and in my newsletter. I try to tweet, but frankly I kinda suck at it, but I am on there. J

I want to give away digital copies of the first two books in my Brotherhood of the Sword series, Undercover With the Earl and Dueling With the Duke.



So just let me know what your favorite memory is of the Jaunty Quills and I’ll pick a winner at random.

Thanks to Shana for inviting me back today.

Thank you for stopping by, Robyn. I’ll announce Robyn’s winner on Sunday.

Katherine Garbera
Katherine Garbera


Jaunty Post

On this election day, I hope you all get out and vote.  But as a break from politics…how about Christmas!

herchristmascowboy-300dpi-300x450I love Christmas and I love Mariette, Mt–the fictional world created by Tule Publishing where I have set so many stories.  Readers have been asking for retired Marine hero Lane Scott’s story since he first appeared in A Cowboy For Christmas back in 2013.  And I’m happy to say it’s here.

Her Christmas Cowboy has all the feels that I love in a holiday story.  It’s got a sweet, shy girl who knew Lane in high school, lots of Christmas fun and of course a chance to catch up with all of the Scott Brothers and their new wives.

Because Christmas to me is tied to eating, drinking and watching holiday movies those things play a big part in Lane and Felicity’s story.  One of the games they play is a quick fire.  A game where they have to choose between two holiday themed things quickly.

Here’s a snippet of the scene:

“Quick fire,” he said. “We each fire off three questions in turn. Sound good?”

She carefully sat down and then took a sip of her hot chocolate. Her favorite part of drinking it this way was when the whipped cream melted in her mouth as the hot liquid hit it. She opened her eyes to find Lane sitting next to her, watching her.

She licked her lips.

His eyes tracked the movement.

She set her cup down as a slow heat began to build inside of her. She was trying to play it cool but there was no way to do that around Lane. He was seriously built and just everything about him made her think of being back in his muscly arms. Feeling the warmth of his naked body against hers as he moved over her.

“Favorite Christmas TV show?” she blurted out.

He gave her a knowing grin and took his time settling back on the blankets. He moved with surety and confidence, which she had come to expect.

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,” he said. “Yours?”

Grinch—the animated one not the Jim Carrey one.”

He arched one eyebrow at her. “Midnight mass or the kids’ evening mass with the nativity?”

“Nativity—and not just because my students are usually in it. I like celebrating the holiday with kids.”

“Same,” he said.

His eyes were intense as he watched her and she was on the cusp of asking him to spend the night. Which she thought might be too soon considering they’d only had one date. “Snowy kisses or mistletoe ones?”

“If I’m kissing you: both,” he said. “But otherwise snowy because I’m kissing someone I want to and not because of tradition.”


I thought it would be fun to play here today.  Answer these holiday quick fire questions to be entered to win the e-book version of Her Christmas Cowboy for yourself and a friend!


Favorite holiday television show?

Favorite holiday cookie/cake/dessert?

Gift giving or receiving?


My answers are:

Charlie Brown Christmas

Pistachio and cranberry biscotti



Happy reading!

Kathy 🙂herchristmascowboy-300dpi-300x450

Lexi Eddings
Lexi Eddings


Lexi Eddings

(You’re welcome for the Rogers & Hammerstein ear-worm!)

so-long-farewellOh, yeah, I’m a sucker for the Sound of Music. Even that sappy “good-night” song before the kids head off to bed. But then later in the story, when they finish off the music competition with the same tune, it has a bittersweet tinge because the Von Trapp family is about to leave the home they love.

And now we JQs are winding down the blog we all love as well. (Heavy sigh…)

This blog has always been about sharing our everyday doings. One of the things I’ll miss most about the end of the Jaunty Quills is finding out what’s going on in the lives of my fellow JQs. And I’ll miss sharing my small news and hearing from you, our dear readers, as well.

swordinthestoneWe’ve had a chance to talk about how we feel about things, about our families, our jobs, our travels and our friendships. We generally steered clear of politics and religion, but sometimes, it’s the elephant in the room (Sorry, Republicans, no pun intended!) that cannot be ignored. So at the risk of rushing in where angels fear to tread, here’s my quick take on this election cycle.

There’s never a sword in the stone when you need one. So that means we all have to vote tomorrow! Whatever happens, we’re all Americans and we need to come together once the dust settles.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Besides, I wanted to end my time with you on a light note. The world is serious enough. You don’t need another writer who takes herself too seriously. Like I always tell my Dear Husband–the shortest distance between two hearts is a good belly laugh! In fact, I think humor is one of the main reasons he and I have been together for so long. I make him laugh, sometimes without even meaning to.

Like this one time, years ago, when we had a long-haired 25 pound tom cat. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Tommy Whiskers to pieces, but I was getting sick and tired of having his hair all over my house. So I took matters into my own hands and went to the source.

vacuumthecatYep, I decided to vacuum  the cat.

He didn’t think much of the process, but I felt I was making progress when the phone rang.

It was my DH. He was having the mother-of-all Mondays. First, one of this team was waiting for him when he got to the office. The man’s son had tried to commit suicide over the weekend and he didn’t know what to do. So my DH listened to him and made sure he connected with all the help he and his family would need to get through this difficult time.

Then another worker came in to make a sexual harassment claim against another team mate. They had been a couple, but had recently split up. The guy had had the effrontery to say hello to her. So my DH had to kick the complaint up to HR and rearrange the work load to separate the warring parties.

To cap it off, my DH’s boss called and told him the timeline for the project he was heading up had suddenly been moved up by several months, while no additional money for more people to do the work in less time would be forthcoming.

So, when he had a minute to catch his breath, my DH had called home.

“I just had to talk to someone sane,” he said after he’d recounted his woes. “Whatcha doin’?”

When I told him I was vacuuming the cat, he burst out laughing so hard, his assistant had to peek in to make sure he hadn’t gone completely bonkers. After he settled down, he said it was just what he needed.

I hope there have been times when a stop by Jaunty Quills has been just what you needed, too. Blogs are starting to fall by the wayside as people flock to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media that require sound bites of info instead of longer posts. But if you’d still like to keep in touch, I actually have a couple of blogs of my own–THE COLDWATER GAZETTE, which is attached to my website, and SECOND WIND, a blog where I share about dealing with chronic lung disease. I’d love to see you at both of them!

Gosh, this is harder than I thought it would be. I’m not sure how to wrap this final post up. Mostly, I just want to say thank you for joining us here, for sharing your lives with us, for laughing and crying with us. I’ll miss the gang of regular JQ commenters.  Bless you all.



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