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My daughter, known online as Little Miss R, is out of school early this week because of parent-teacher conferences. Since we have extra time together, I asked if she wanted to do an interview. But we could never decide if she was going to interview me or if I would interview her, so…this is what we wound up with. I transcribed, and she made sure I got all the spelling and punctuation just the way she wanted it.

Me: Hi, Little Miss R. How are you?

LMR: Purty good. My back still hurts.

Me: Why does your back hurt?

LMR: Who knows?? [extravagant arm gesture]

Me: What was the most fun thing you did today?

LMR: Recess. I played with my friends. What was your most fun thing you did today?

Me: Hmmm. Maybe when I took a nap. Or maybe when we sat together and ate popcorn while you watched Adventure Time and I read my book.

LMR: That was purty fun.

Me: Do you want to ask another question?

LMR: No, your turn.

Me: Ok. Who do you want to be for Halloween?

LMR: Prolly Fiona or something [an Adventure Time character]. [very clear on use of “purdy” and “prolly” as preferred spellings] What’s your favorite food?

Me: Noodles. Noodles pretty much always sound good. And they can be part of spaghetti or pho or really any kind of food. How about you?

LMR: BACON. [caps lock required]

Me: I could have guessed that. 🙂 What do you think is the best part of being a writer?

LMR: Staying home all day. Cause you can take a nap or read a book or play a game any time of the day.

Me: BUSTED. [LMR was off early today, so I took a nap when she was home at a time I wouldn’t have been working anyway. Does that make it better or worse?] You don’t think you would get lonely if you were home all the time? You like to be around people a lot.

LMR: Yeah, but when I get old, I can have a phone and I can have Skype. So I can do that whenever I want. (I am creative.) [parentheses specified]

Me: If you wrote books, what kind would they be? Wait, you have already written some books.

LMR: They were pirates who love underwear* and I’m writing one about a weird horse. You know about the pirates who love underwear book? I’m writing one about pirates who love pants. Purple pants.

Me: Why purple?

LMR: I don’t know. It’s just a weird color. And underpants is weird so the pants have got to be weird.

Me: And what do you think about the books I write? Are they weird too?

LMR: No, they’re just kind of boring because it’s only about love and presents and mysteries. Wait, not the mystery thing. Just love and presents are boring. Also, it’s kind of weird that you’re writing a book about love and presents, because the presents mostly just love cards and flowers.** And there’s kissing. Don’t forget kissing. Blaaaaeeeeeggggghhhhhh. [she spelled that last word out herself]

Me: You’re eight. It’s fine that you don’t like my books! They’re for grown-ups. And your stories are for kids, so that’s cool.

LMR: Yeah. What’s your favorite color?

Me: Gray. Do you want to go watch some more Adventure Time?

LMR: SHYAHHH. [typed by LMR. It means “yeah,” but more so.]

Uh, ok, that kind of wound up being an ad for Adventure Time. Anything else you would want to ask either of us? She’ll be home early again, so I can run questions by her.

*Yes, this is a comic book she wrote and drew. It is called, not surprisingly, “Pirates Who Love Underwear.” In the story, two pirates dig up a solid gold pair of underwear, then fight over who gets it and repeatedly steal it from each other. First in a series, apparently. I can’t wait for the pants story.

**Is she thinking of Valentine’s Day here? I’m not sure.

21 thoughts on “You Never Know What She’ll Say

  1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    So I need to check out this Adventure Time show…

    1. LMR: “Yes, you do. Your daughter will like it.”

      Me: This is one of the rare shows that kids and adults can enjoy equally. It’s got a very quirky style, which is what we like about it. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Ugh! Adventure Time is not my favorite animated series.

    Question: what is the last thing that made you laugh? (Other than Adventure Time! 😐)

    1. LMR: “I’m sorry that you don’t like Adventure Time! I’m gonna be Jake for Halloween. Also, the last thing that made me laugh was my best friend’s little sister running up to me and saying my name.”

      Me: The little sister is two years old and very cute!

  3. Dawn A says:

    So cute!
    Your comic sounds great and your mom’s book sounds great (the way you describe it). What kind of books do you like to read?

    1. LMR: “Powerpuff Girl comics. Also there’s been a William Allen White nomination [children’s library book awards] and I really liked the book El Deafo by Cece Bell.”

  4. Lisa` says:

    Hi LMR!!! I hope my back is feeling better!

    My question for you is: What was your favorite part of the trip you took to California with your Mom and Dad over the summer?

    1. LMR: “Prolly the goofy fly school rollercoaster in Disneyland. Or was it California Adventures?”

      Me: While I was at the RWA conference, LMR and Mr. R went to some theme parks. I should’ve guessed she’d like that more than the road trip. 🙂

  5. I would like to know if LMR had a horse, what would she name it? Also, does she think she’ll ever get to go into space? If so, what would space be like? Does she like cats better than dogs? Has she ever had chocolate and bacon together, and if not, why?

    1. LMR: “If I had a horse, I would name it Emily The Horse. And yes, The Horse would be her middle and last names. So her initials would be ETH. I just like the name Emily. Plus she’s a horse.
      Prolly not [re: going into space] because I really want to either be a teacher or a restaurant owner with my best friend.
      Yes [re: cats better than dogs] because dogs are bigger and REALLY excited. Cats just lie there and let you pet them. And my favorite animal of all animals is a BUNNY rabbit.
      No, I have not had chocolate and bacon together. I’ve had candied bacon before. Have you ever had chocolate and bacon? Me and mommy made chocolate chip cookies with bacon fat. Does that count?”

      1. Yes, Miss R., I have had chocolate and bacon together, and it was wonderful. I also love the name Emily. If you open a restaurant, I will eat there. If the food is good, I might eat there every night.

        1. LMR: *delighted face* “Yay! Okay!”

          Kristan, you have a big fan in LMR. Ever since she saw the animals on the covers of your books (she was probably 5 or so?), she has called you “nice Kristan Higgins” and said she wants to meet you. When she’s old enough to read your books, she’ll be an even bigger fan. 😉

  6. Annette Naish says:

    Dear LMR,

    I have an underwear question.

    When I get cold, I think I would like fur lined underwear to keep me warm ( bet it would tickle though). Wouldn’t gold underwear be uncomfortable to wear? You are right purple pants are weird. But, pirates probably don’t know what looks good.

    1. LMR: “You’re right, pirates probably don’t know what looks good. And gold underwear would be itchy. But in my book the gold underwear is metal and it’s a trophy, so nobody wears it.”

  7. LSUReader says:

    I was wondering if your preference for writing about gold and purple clothing has anything to do with a love of all things LSU? (I sure hope so!) Have a fun day.

    1. LMR: “Yes I do love LSU because that’s where my mommy was born.”

      Me: Uh…not quite? I was born in Baton Rouge, but not on the campus of LSU. 🙂 But that’s where my parents met, so I owe the school a lot.

      1. LSUReader says:

        You had me at “Yes, I do love LSU.” Great answer.

  8. girlfromwva says:

    love her stories! can’t wait to see/hear what the purple pants one is like.

    1. She says they will be discovered as buried treasure by pirates wearing green pants that they don’t like anymore. !!

  9. LMR, where can I get a copy of “Pirates Who Love Underwear”?

    1. Nancy, that particular novel had a limited print run of 1. 🙂

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