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atlasOkay, okay, woman on the plane. But that wouldn’t make a good title, would it?

I flew out of JFK in New York, an airport I love. Why? Because it has good bookstores, restaurants and that place where you can get a chair massage for 15 minutes. I confess that I really like those. I think that was pretty ingenious, putting a little massage place in an airport to comfort the contorted passengers who’ve been stuffed into an airplane.

I like to eat before flying—unless one flies first class, you don’t get food on a plane anymore. And if one happens to be in first class, well, the meal isn’t going to be great. I like to sit in one of those little restaurants and watch people. I get nachos or a burger, usually. I read, make faces at babies, wave to the people riding on the carts.

cloudsI don’t think airplane seats are big enough for regular humans. My knees are right up against the seat in front of me, and God forbid the person leans back—I make a noise only dogs can hear. I inevitably make a friend on the plane, unless I fly first class, because people in first class don’t want to talk, I’ve found on the few occasions I’ve been up front. Still, that extra leg room…it does erase the dog-only noises, so it’s a trade-off.

I love reading on a plane. Sometimes, I work. If I’m not reading, I play solitaire on the computer, though I lose a lot. I like to watch the flight attendants; it’s nice when they seem like friends.

I also love seeing the clouds from above when I fly. I’m a little addicted to them, to be honest. It’s one of those times when I have the childlike thought that God really must love us if he gave us sky and clouds. I always take lots of pictures of the clouds and then bore my family with them once I get home.

My dad traveled a lot for work. He always said the Hail Mary during takeoff and landing, which I thought was sweet; my dad wasn’t a really religious person. I do the same, more to honor his memory than because I think Mother Mary will perk up and take better care of my plane if I say the right words. Even so, err on the side of caution, right?

utah-readersWhen I get off the plane, I stride through the airport with great purpose and energy. It’s like being on the streets of New York. One doesn’t stroll. One strides. Also, I’m usually going to an event where I’ll see you, my wonderful readers. It never fails to thrill me.

I’ll miss seeing you here on the JQs. Please make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter so we can stay connected, okay? And drop me a line any time at all at We have a little more than a month left, so it’s not goodbye just yet. : )

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With great affection,


13 thoughts on “Girl on the Plane

  1. LSUReader says:

    Hi Kristan–How about those of us who don’t use Facebook or Twitter, but do subscribe to your newsletter?

    1. Of course, LSU Reader! Good point, and I should’ve added that.

  2. Lisa Hutson says:

    I will go to your fb page. But wanted to add, I love flying and enjoy airports too.
    And I will miss jq. It was always fun and it’s a great name for a blog

  3. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    Clearly, I need to fly first class. I don’t like to talk on planes. if I am flying without my child, I want peace and quiet.

  4. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    Went and said Hi. I have only been on a plane 2 times. Not my favorite thing to do. I do know that when you come out of the clouds and realize your right above the town your landing in is quite the thrill.

  5. Aww, is the porcupine going into hibernation mode? I’m sad. 🙁

    I love seeing the clouds from close-up too. They’re so beautiful and heavenly. I think taller people should get their own section on a plane with ample leg room. We’ll get the people who designed the private jets for NBA players to work something out. 😀

    I’ve only flown first class once in my life, and it was because they needed my seat for a person with special needs. The flight attendant told me there was a seat at the front for me. I naturally went to sit in the first available one I saw, but then she laughed and said, “No, I meant at the very front. In first class.” Soooo cool! I got a blanket, drinks whenever I wanted, cookies! First class is FOR REALS.

  6. Annette Naish says:

    I used to work for FEMA -so I flew a lot to get to disaster areas to provide help for those people affected by the disaster. I am just 5’4″. That is not tall, but I never have leg room and heaven forbid I was the one in the middle of 3 seats. That meant I had to keep both elbows next to my ribs.

    I have always loved flying, and people watching in airports. I love being able to look out the window at the clouds or sometime at the tiny world below us. I of course realize that in reality, there is no way a plane can fly, but I loved the fact the planes I was on never knew that.

    A very long time ago, when I was a child, my family flew from Chicago to Dallas. Everyone was dressed up as though they were going to church. There was a ton of room for each passenger whether adult or child. Personally, I think we need to go find out what happened to those planes and bring them back.

  7. Missed your newsletter….love this column….I always fly First b/c the seats are so miniscule and now that I’m bone on bone in my back, it’s even more important!….also always say a prayer going up and more importantly, coming down!

  8. Suzanne W says:

    What a thoughtful way to honor your Dad when you fly! I like reading on the plane too and you can’t beat the people watching at the airports.

  9. Bernadette says:

    I love reading your blog posts,especially this one!I love to travel, specifically with my sister because she is a wonderful traveling buddy and we always have an amazing time on the airplane and in the airport. And we definitely stride in the airport too! Thank for the chance to win!

  10. Julie-ann Ford says:

    I just said hi on your Jaunty Quills post but you will notice on Facebook that my name is Julie Eichelberger-Ford. This is so high school friends can find me.

  11. Bube says:

    Went and said Hi 😀
    Already subscribed on your newsletter.
    I will miss Jaunty Quills.

  12. Eileen A-W says:

    I wasn’t on my computer much on Monday, so I probably missed the chance. I will still be stalking er, following you on facebook, your newsletter, and your blog posts. Thank you for your wonderful books Kristan.

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