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Last month I was fortunate enough to attend the first ever Historical Romance Retreat (HRR) in Spokane, Washington. This was a chance for historical romance readers and authors to mix and mingle in a gorgeous historical setting. The event was held at the Davenport hotel, which was built in 1914 and has housed distinguished guests like Amelia Earhart. This is the lobby and restaurant area.





All the attendees were encouraged to dress up for the various events. Dressing up wasn’t mandatory and the half that didn’t dress up had just as much fun as the half that did.


Darcy Burke


The retreat started with a soiree where authors and readers mingled, then we adjourned to the historic Bing Crosby Theater where we watched an old Greer Garson movie while snacking on old time candy.


The next day we attended panels and workshops. I went to one on Feminism in Historical Romance led by Eva Leigh, Tessa Dare, and Eileen Dreyer. The chats were followed by high tea and my favorite event of the retreat, the gaming night. We learned games from the past and gambled with real coins from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.


Katherine Bone

Finally we made our way to an Absinthe party where we tried absinthe and other drinks from the past.


The Medieval Ladies (Gayle Cochrane, Me, and our friend)

Saturday was a book signing and the Grand Ball. It was really quite the event. If you love historical romance, put this on your calendar for next year.


Delilah Marvelle waltzing with her husband


And check out the giveaway on my website. Win an Historical Romance Readers tote bag, a signed copy of Anna Campbell’s A Scoundrel by Moonlight, a ripped bodice sewing kit from Tessa Dare, a screen cleaner from Darcy Burke, a deck of cards from Rose Lerner, a luggage tag from Sabrina Jeffries, and a pen from Sabrina York.



24 thoughts on “The Historical Romance Retreat

  1. Dawn A says:

    Love the pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      It was a great time! Can’t wait for next year!

  2. Amy says:

    Sounds like so much fun.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      Yes, it was like stepping back in time (with all the modern conveniences).

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Shana! I was traveling that weekend and missed following all the HRR news.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      Glad to be of service, Theresa.

  4. Annette Naish says:

    It looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Will next year’s event be in the same beautiful hotel?

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      We’re waiting with baited breath to hear details!

  5. Sharlene Wegner says:

    I so wanted to go! Maybe next time! It sounds like everyone had fun!

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      I think you’d have a blast, Sharlene.

  6. Kate Sparks says:

    Stunning photos of hotel & lovely dresses!!! If you’re every in southern Indiana, come visit this hotel!!

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      Wow! That would be worth a trip for its own sake!

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      I hope to see you there next time, Susan!

  7. ki pha says:

    I definitely had a great time! You ladies rock.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      It was great to see you!

  8. LSUReader says:

    Thanks for a fun post. Love the pics!

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      It was great, LSUReader!

  9. Eileen A-W says:

    It looks like it was a great event!! What a wonderful assortment of authors.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      It was a really great group of authors. I was kind of starstruck!

  10. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    I love all the outfits. It looks like a lot of fun for everyone. I also love the architecture of the old buildings.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      The Davenport was amazing. From the moment I walked in I was just spellbound.

  11. Julie-ann Ford says:

    I wish I could have been there.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      I wish you could have been there as well. It would have been lovely to see you.

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