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51jwxlk8knl-_sy344_bo1204203200_I’ve been feeling kind of down on myself these days, gang. The September blues, I think. I’m cursed with what I call Middle Child Syndrome—or, as Mindy Kaling says, “Is everyone hanging out without me?” Ever since I can remember, I’ve always felt a bit…insufficient. Like I’m not quite enough—smart enough, nice enough, athletic enough. etc. Growing up in a big family, surrounded by a lot of talented and brilliant people, it was easy to fade into the wallpaper.

So I decided to kick my September blues in the butt and do something we women often have a hard time doing, and that’s listing a few attributes. Here goes nothing.

I’m always kind to children, whether they’re strangers or beloved to me. I hope that every child I see has even a tiny bit better of a day because of me. At cross country meets, I make sure to stay till the last runners come across the finish line and cheer them on. I smile at babies and hug teenagers. I write back to every kid who drops me a line. My children love me.

I’m great in an emergency. I stay calm, try to see where I can help, act quickly but not rashly. Yes, I’ve broken the speed limit driving someone to the ER, but I’ve been careful about doing it. There’s no hysteria here. Blood doesn’t scare me. I know what people need, whether it’s a hug or dinner or a clean house, and it makes me feel good to do provide those things.


Me braiding my little pal’s hair

I’m curious. I’d go back to college in a heartbeat. I read nonfiction books and articles about topics that might not have anything to do with my life, my books or the people I know. I might not be the smartest person in the room, but I’m open to learning, and that’s a good thing.

I’m generous. Not just with the checkbook, though I admit I’m something of a charity slut (the best type of slut to be). But also with my time and my heart. I love a lot of people. I have so many friends. There’s probably a reason for that—and it’s probably that I’m not quite as forgettable as I think I am.

Now it’s your turn. List five of your qualities, and I’ll send one of you whichever of my backlist you’d like, signed and everything. And you’ll get to feel good about yourself. It’s a win-win.

29 thoughts on “When you’re feeling blue…

  1. Dragana says:

    Five qualities? Hmmm, it’s tough but for your book I can try…
    1. My smile. I noticed that I seem to cheer most people up when I smile.
    2. My sense of humor. Another thing that my friends seem to love about me.
    3. I’m always nice and respectful to the elders. Thank you, Mom&Dad! <3
    4. I loooooove to read almost everything, but mostly happy books. (By happy, I mean books that make me happy)
    5. I'm very thankful person. Every day I'm thankful for little things such as sun, my relaxing moments, chocolate, spring, babies, books…everything that I catches my eye that day.

  2. Meg says:

    What a great way to start a Monday.

    *I will always listen to anyone who needs it, no judging
    *I give great hugs, applied liberally
    *I will fold your laundry, even your fitted sheets
    *I surround myself with the smartest people I know, just to hear them talk to each other
    *I have a quick, dry, nerd-referencing wit

    <3 Have a wonderful week!

  3. I always try and help up my neighbors
    I will do anything for my nephews and nieces
    My family is my first priority
    I love to read, will put aside everything when I find a good book
    I have a niece who is my hero, she has gone though cancer at the age of 28, while taking care of her two small children and her husband

  4. Deborah Nagy says:

    I am a great listener. I don’t judge and make a good sound board, without bringing myself into the conversation.

    Maybe it is being a middle child, but I can anticipate other’s needs without them voicing it. I am the one who makes the necessary calls without being told, the one providing items needed at the time, planning ahead, and making lists.

    I am flexible with other’s time. If you need me, all other plans are easily shelved.

    I can laugh at myself (another trait from being in the middle). I have a good sense of humor and told by others, a quick wit.

    I am steady. I can cry at a card game, but when the chips are down I never run.

  5. Unforgettable…that’s what you are! 😀

    1. I think I’m a really great, loyal friend, and I can make friends pretty easily. My girlfriends always laugh because every time I take a flight, I make a new friend with the person sitting next to me.

    2. I’m an awesome hugger.

    3. I am very athletic and have some serious sportsing skills.

    4. I can sing, dance, and juggle — triple threat.

    5. I may not have kids of my own yet, but I have the best time playing with them, and I’m great at connecting with teenagers too! #teachinglikeaboss

  6. Rose Arbor says:

    Five Good Qualities

    1) I love kids. I had fifteen.
    2) I love animals, especially dogs.
    3) I have a good sense of humor.
    4) I like to compliment people, even strangers.
    5) I volunteer. I can’t seem to keep my hand down.

  7. Eileen St. James says:

    1. I am the mom that takes the best photos. Just ask the gaggle of HC Chicks at Holy Cross Homecoming last weekend.
    2. I am the proud mother of 4 college graduates. My young adult children are kind and responsible adults. They are awesome and yes, I did that.
    3. I can walk 5 plus miles without having a coronary.
    4. I am a cool, calm and collected school nurse.
    5. I have been married for 32 years to my best friend.

  8. Mary Lou says:

    1. I am a good friend. I try to listen, I’m generous with time, energy, and resources.
    2. I’m good at making people feel welcome, whether it’s hospitality, introducing new people around, making connections, etc.
    3. I’m a team player. I love to see everyone contribute according to their strengths to see things accomplished.
    4. I’m pretty good at learning languages. To varying degrees, I can speak English (fluent there – shocker), Spanish, French, German, Russian, Uzbek.
    5. I’m really good at bringing movie lines and song lyrics up at just the right time!

  9. Jacquie Hamilton says:

    1. I’m also a charity slut (animal & childrens causes are my weakness)
    2. I’m usually a very happy person
    3. I love my family unconditionally
    4. I always smile at people I see wherever I go
    5. I try to be as helpful as I can at work and at home.

  10. Stephenie says:

    I had to think on it a few minutes, but here goes:
    I am determined. I always figure out whatever situation I am faced with, whether it be a problem needing a solution or planning a holiday party for our local first responders.

    I always have an ear or a shoulder for anyone. A cup of coffee at Starbucks and a some conversation with a man most people ignore, helping a young mom at the store keep it together while her toddler throws a huge fit.

    I have given the coat off my back to a person in need, several times and will do it again without thought.

    Every pet I have ever had was rescued from a shelter or the streets.

    I love to cook for people. Having surgery? Been sick? Having a wedding and forgot about food? I’ll bring dinner!

  11. Connie Williamson says:

    I have a good sense of humor
    I’m a good listener
    I smile at strangers
    I love my son and grandsons so much that you wouldnt believe!
    I think I’m a good mother-in-law 😊

  12. Shamini Sivathasan says:

    1. I believe in going above and beyond – I will never do what is asked of me always something a little extra.
    2. I love giving presents – not gift cards, but finding out a little something about the person and bringing a smile to their face.
    3. You can always count on me. I’ve been told I’m reliable and can be counted on to get the job done
    4. I am a great host. I love hosting parties and taking care of my guests
    5. I look for ways to donate everything before throwing it out. I love giving to charities, both local and back home.

  13. Lois B says:

    It is very hard to sit and think of qualities about yourself that are good; much easier to find the undesirable pieces of myself … but here goes:

    1. I am a good hugger. It is such a welcoming gesture. In fact, my daughter told her new college friend to expect a hug from me, even though I had never met her until this weekend. And she got one!
    2. I am a very good listener. I am actually paid to be a good listener (amongst other things).
    3. I love to laugh, especially with family and friends. Laughter really is the best medicine.
    4. I am a very good typist and speller; in fact, I am a damn good proofreader (although I am paid to do this too … I guess it is good to be paid to do what you love 🙂
    5. I am kind. I was told by my husband that this was one of my qualities that was so attractive to him.

  14. Annette Naish says:

    Kristan, you are a world class writer. And this is much more difficult than it appears.

    I am a first class listener, and I can even do it without giving an opinion unless asked.
    I recycle, reuse, donate both money and stuff. I try to make this a better and neater place where we all live.
    I look at the world a little tilted, so I can make people laugh. At times that is a good thing.
    I enjoy gift giving. I truly try to find gifts that are perfect for the receiver. And if the gift is an unexpected treasure for the donee, even better.
    Every morning and evening I give thanks. My life has changed, but I have much for which to be grateful.
    And an extra, when my children were young, I was the Mom who took care of everyone else’s kids. When we were at sporting events or home or anywhere, kids came to me. Two of them even asked if I could become their Mom. If I could have, I would have.

  15. Martha says:

    Interesting post. Mostly because it makes me think about things I LIKE about myself; things I would not change. Things others appreciate.

    1. Empathetic and compassionate.
    My own health crisis (years ago,) gave me a second chance (at life). I am kind to those who are suffering or grieving the loss of someone. Mostly, I listen to them without giving advice, judgement, etc.
    2. Organized.
    3. Thoughtful.
    Mailing little notes of encouragement or “Thinking of You” cards, After all, who doesn’t like receiving mail? Even though people use email or texts to get in touch, I like sending mail. A tangible reminder and something they can set on their desk.
    4. Very interested in people.
    I ask probing questions about them. If I am meeting somebody for the first time, I NEVER ask “what do you do?” (after all, we are not our jobs,) but where were you born and raised? Next, what made you Leave (or how did you come to live here?) My favorite question is “How did you meet your spouse?” Those always generate the best stories!!
    5. Responsible and Loyal.
    When I say I will do something, you can count on me. Likewise in friendships… I maintain them over many years even when we live miles apart.

    One final comment. Whether i win (or not) is not important. I enjoyed thinking about this and writing this even more. Thank you!

  16. Karlotta says:

    I’m honest and dedicated to my reading 🙂 I’m crafty and good at flower arranging.

  17. Kirsten says:

    I’m a good friend
    I try to always see the sunny side of life
    I keep a neat and tidy home
    I am true to my word
    I can cook a really nice familydinner and enjoy myself at the same time

  18. girlfromwva says:

    1. i am honest & trustworthy.
    2. i am compassionate & empathetic.
    3. i am respectful of others & their property.
    4. i try to always have a sense of humor.
    5. i am passionate about things & people i care about.

  19. says:

    I’m honest but never cruel.
    I love animals and care for many.
    I listen.
    I love games of any kind and think I have a good sense of humor.
    I’m open minded, tolerant and empathetic.

  20. Linda says:

    1) Loyal – I’m very selective of who and where I invest my time and effort. I expect the same level of loyalty from those around me. They can count on me, and I know I can count on them.
    2) Respectful – My father taught me that everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise. And if they have proven otherwise, avoid them. They aren’t worth your time and trouble.
    3) Honest – My first husband was a compulsive liar. Notice the “first” in that sentence. I can’t tolerate lies. If I tell you something, you can take it to the bank. There are occasions where certain information would be hurtful or none of their business, and in those cases, I simply say, “I’m sorry but I can’t answer that for you”.
    4) Strong work ethic – I rarely miss work (only twice in the last year). I try to work as efficiently and safely as is possible under any situation (I am a crane and heavy equipment operator and people’s lives can depend on my doing everything right). I try to treat my job as if I was the owner of the company and had to count on me for a living.
    5) I use all of the prior qualities not only in my public life, but in my private life as well. – Thus, I am truly loyal to those I love (family & friends) and will back them with everything I have. I respect each of them for who they are and try to help them go forward in whatever direction they need. I am honest with them when they ask my opinion and make sure they know that, even if I disagree with them about something, I still love them and always will. And I work hard every day to make sure that they know how much I appreciate and love them.

  21. Jill Bartlett says:

    5 of my qualities? Well not all of them are “good” qualities. But that’s ok. I like to think of myself as perfectly flawed 🙂
    1. I can be extremely sarcastic. To the point some people don’t always know if I’m joking or if it’s meant the way I said it. Sometimes it’s good, a lot of other times it’s not so good. But it’s how I am and the people that love me understand.
    2. I am a wonderful listener when somebody needs to vent or just bounce ideas back and forth. I don’t judge quickly, so I don’t automatically jump in with useless advice.
    3. I’m good with children, even when they’re screaming and terrifying me. Maybe it’s because I’m a simple person, but I can talk to them so they understand without treating them like they’re babies.
    4. Procrastinating is my specialty. All good things come to those who wait, right?
    5. I am self-sufficient, even if I don’t like to be. Since my husband is in the army, the kids and I have learned how to get things done he usually would be doing. Even if I CAN take the trash out, it’s so much better when husband does it.

  22. bn100 says:

    caring, good listener, loyal, friendly, funny

  23. Julie-ann Ford says:

    Thank you for the chance.
    1. I am respectful to everyone.
    2. I smile and say hello to everyone that I pass.
    3. I am helpful to anyone who needs help, I may not have a lot of money but I will always pitch in.
    4. I am true and loyal to all of my family and friends.
    5. I also don’t panic in an emergency situation, I guess it comes from being a retired police officer.

  24. Doreen Sanzone says:

    What a nice idea. Let’s see…hmm..:
    1. I am a baby person, love all babies, play with them, walk the floor with them, try to give Mommy a break.
    2. I am a devoted Yankees fan, even when they stink, which right now, they do.
    3. I was a hard-working teacher, showing my students that above all, I loved them.
    4. I am a good cook and baker, and my family benefits from that!
    5. I’ll drop everything if someone I love needs me. I’ll be on the plane, in the car, you name it. Count on me!

    And thank you, Kristan. This is generous and much appreciated. Bask in the glow of having done a nice thing!

  25. Eileen A-W says:

    1. I always smile at others, no matter how I feel. I love making others smile too.
    2. I’m compassionate and empathetic, and a great listener.
    3. I’m passionate about things I like or enjoy
    4. I’m a good friend. I’m there for others. Need dinner, I’ll make something and bring it over. Need a ride, no problem. Need a shoulder to cry on, mine are big enough. Need a babysitter or more often a dog sitter, I’m available. My house or yours?
    5. I use humor to hide my shyness. Actually I can be very sarcastic, but only to those who can understand. Humor is an important part of my day.

  26. Lisa Hutson says:

    Five good qualities about me? Hmmm…
    1. I always say thank you to a veteran or service member whenever I see them. A lot of first responders too.
    2. I volunteer.
    3. I say positive things to kids.
    4. I love a random act of kindness. I float like on clouds for a long time after!
    5. I never pass a bell ringer without donating.

  27. Bube says:

    Hmm 😀
    1.Very patient person
    2.I’m always postive with people
    3.I want to help
    4.I love,love MotoGP and Valentino Rossi is my hero 🙂
    5.I’m true and loyal to my family 🙂

  28. Beth B. says:

    Loyal friend, good listener, friendly, courteous towards other, caring & helpful

  29. Kathryn in Montreal says:

    Thank you Kristan! What a lovely idea/thought this is…we don’t appreciate our good qualities enough.
    1. I am kind to animals – have rescued many and will continue to do so
    2. I am a good listener
    3. I am loyal – I am a good friend, I have your back
    4. I am becoming a good quilter and I love making quilts for others
    5. I adore my children… I am a good mother and have four fabulous kids in their twenties

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