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It is my pleasure to welcome Holly Jacobs to the Jaunty Quills!!

The View from Here by Holly Jacobs


Most Mondays I post something on social media about my Monday Glee.

Now, let me be clear, I know that the majority of people don’t think of Monday as their happiest day of the week.  As a kid heading back to school, I don’t remember ever feeling gleeful on Mondays.  But as an adult with four kids and a husband, my point-of-view changed.

You see, my family is not quiet by nature.  That means my weekends are loud, chaotic…and yes, gleeful.  But years ago, I started to notice how quiet things got after they all packed up for school or work and left.  As someone who works from home, I crave that kind of quiet.  So despite how crazy in love I am with my family, on Monday mornings as the house got quiet, I felt glee.

That’s where my love of Mondays began.  Plus, Mondays are a rather unloved day of the week, so I like to think my Monday Glee makes them feel better about themselves.


My point-of-view changed from school-aged-Holly to grown-up-Holly.  And a different point-of-view made all the difference.

As a writer, I have capitalized on that realization many times.  A prime example is in the second and third books in my newest Words of the Heart series.  I wrote the exact same scene in two different points-of-view.  Readers saw the scene through Addie’s eyes in These Three Words, then in Siobhan’s eyes in my new release, Hold Her Heart.


It’s rare that readers spot when I repeat the same scene in different books (though I do occasionally hear from some who spots it).  Even editors have missed when I do it.  I think people miss it because though it’s the same scene in each book, it’s very different.  Why?  Because—I know you know the answer by now—the point-of-view makes all the difference.

Sometimes I employ that change of perspective with my writing.  Most days I work on my couch, but especially in the fall I move to the glider in the yard.  And this year, I’ve been heading to camp once a week and writing there.  Making those moves makes a difference in my writing.  It gives me a fresh perspective.


And as you know, that different point-of-view can make all the difference!

A different point-of-view can make all the difference…what’s your view right now?  

Everyone who answers, will be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of the first book in the series, Carry Her Heart!!

Check back on Sunday to see if you’re a winner!!



24 thoughts on “The View from Here by Holly Jacobs

  1. Amy says:

    My view this morning is the sun coming out, but with the fog surrounding most of the horizon. It has been fairly foggy in the mornings lately and that has made for super wet grass. So all of my furry friends get wet when we walk.

    I know exactly what you mean about the change in perspective on Monday mornings. It happened to me as well. Perspective is a funny thing.

    1. Holly Jacobs says:

      Amy, Yes, perspective is a funny thing. We have the rain moving in here, so my guys are going to get wet when we walk as well!

  2. Dawn A says:

    Right now, I’m sitting in a hotel room waiting to go and decorate a reception hall. A bunch of ladies, getting together to make things pretty. Should be fun!

    1. Holly Jacobs says:


      That sounds like a lovely time! Enjoy!!

  3. bn100 says:

    the garden

    1. Holly Jacobs says:


      Oh, you had me at garden. We have an extensive one here. I added a butterfly garden last year that was inspired by Carry Her Heart!

  4. says:

    Today is a work day but it’s a part-time job and I don’t always work the same days so many days I have a different view!

    1. Holly Jacobs says:


      Oh, that’s nice it’s only part-time and you can change up your view on a regular basis!!

  5. ellie says:

    Mondays are lovely since it is a break from the busy weekend.

    1. Holly Jacobs says:


      That’s exactly how I feel!! I spend a lot of time talking about Monday Glee!! It’s a thing! LOL

  6. Anne says:

    My view is of the backyard which brings me happiness.

    1. Holly Jacobs says:


      I always think it’s lovely when someone finds happiness with their own house and yard! Good for you!

  7. ruth says:

    Sunshine and blue skies perfect for walks.

    1. Holly Jacobs says:


      That does sound perfect!!

  8. Karlotta says:

    My view is the manmade little mountain with a few trees and a piece of art on it at the front of my appartment.

    1. Holly Jacobs says:

      Karlotta, A manmade mountain…that’s cool!! Did you ever see The Man Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain? I love that movie!!

  9. Holly Jacobs says:

    Cindy (and all the Jaunty Ladies),

    Thanks so much for having me visit today!!

  10. Ritter Ames says:

    Terrific post, Holly. Perspective is everything 🙂

    1. Holly Jacobs says:

      Thanks, Ritter! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found things look better if I just change the way I’m looking at them!

  11. Eileen A-W says:

    I have two views today. First, I am so glad I’m retired from teaching and don’t have to get up early in the morning to get to school and greet the kids. Second, I will be so glad when my daughter’s wedding is over. The wedding is on October 16th and October 17th can’t come soon enough!!

    1. Holly Jacobs says:

      Eileen, Congrats on your daughter’s wedding, but having been through a few of those, I so understand where you’re coming from!! And it must be nice seeing everyone heading to school and just sipping your coffee! LOL I have a lot of teachers in the family, and that’s how they felt!

  12. Julie-ann Ford says:

    Right now my view is my bedroom, finding a little quiet time to catch up on email and then read. Thank you for the chance.

    1. Holly Jacobs says:

      Julie-Ann, That sounds like a lovely day! And my pleasure!!

  13. girlfromwva says:

    view right now is of rain falling from the sky. spending some time indoors checking on blogs that i follow.

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