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Please join me in welcoming the delightful Anna Adams, who has come to visit and to talk a little about reconnecting with gratitude. Anna is a USA Today Bestselling author who’s written all her life. She has books with Harlequin’s Superromance and Heartwarming lines, and an anthology in the upcoming A Heartwarming Holiday. Thanks for stopping by, Anna.  It’s super to have you here!


Thank you, Jaunty Quill Sisterhood for letting me join you. To borrow from my theme for today, I’m grateful.

It’s almost fall. I feel a little ridiculous saying that because it is stinking hot where I live. However, calendar-wise, we’re flying toward one of my favorite days in the year–Thanksgiving.

I like a day that asks me to think of things that make me happy. This year, I need that because we’ve had a few days that might tempt a person to wallow. I’m admitting I’ve been a little sad because I reconnected with gratitude while I was writing an anthology, “Once Upon a Thanksgiving,” that appears in A Heartwarming Holiday, which releases October 12


I don’t know how many of you are writers, but I’m guessing everyone’s job becomes more difficult in times of sadness. I wondered if what I do matters. But I agreed to do this story, and there were fourteen other writers expecting me to show up, so I had to write my Thanksgiving story about love and family and holidays and commitment.


Thanksgiving became my favorite holiday when I was eleven. My family had moved to my mom’s home in Tennessee the winter before.


Until then, my immediate family had been sort of on our own as my father was an only child. My mom was one of five children, and Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house meant several seatings because we didn’t all fit at her gray-marbled formica table. It was bountiful, delicious food—Grandma’s dressing, Aunt Dorothy’s cole slaw, and squash pie. Squash. Pie. Why wasn’t I smart enough to ask Grandma how she made it? After we ate, Grandma herded all the women and children up the ridge behind her house. Those hikes taught me to stick like glue to the women of my family. My, my, my, the stories. I love family stories.


And after we tumbled back down the ridge, we kids would play football or chase each other around Grandma’s flowerbeds until we remembered there was enough food inside to inhale another meal. So—I’m grateful to Grandma Cate because she gave me Thanksgiving.

Last year, we received a few more reasons to be grateful. I’ll just call them my sweeties. Because—this love—it amazes me every second.



And finally, I’m grateful for the choice to choose gratitude instead of wallowing. To see those babies and know how lucky I am to be swallowed up in this love I feel for them. To write a story, and know that to touch readers—and myself—as I write about the holiday my grandmother gave me, I must fill it with the love of family that makes me choose to find happiness, to do the right thing, to be grateful.


Please share something that makes you grateful. I can’t wait to bask in your stories, and I’d love to send one random poster a $10 Amazon egift card.

Thanks again, Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills for having me!


46 thoughts on “Welcome, Anna Adams!

  1. Karlotta says:

    My family, especially my sister who I can talk to about everything and nothing 🙂 We have been through a lot and came out stronger. I’m grateful for that!

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Karlotta, I have four brothers, so I’ve always envied sisters! Imagine having a best friend who lives in your house! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    We are having some family health problems, so I am grateful for every day that is a good day.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Amy, I totally understand. I hope all is going well with you and yours today!

  3. catslady5@aol.com says:

    My mom just celebrated her 94th birthday and my nephew’s son was born a day after her birthday 4 years ago so 90 years apart (they had tried for quite a while). So we just had a double birthday celebration!

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Catslady, I love when that happens. No one in our family ever has a birthday alone! In that black and white picture of my grandparents, I was the youngest member of our family, by a month. My cousin, Daryl is also sitting in Grandma’s lap, and Debbie, only 11 months older than us, is perched on Grandpa. And my son was born on my mother’s birthday. I love that we have lots of multi-celebrations.

  4. Lexi Eddings Lexi Eddings says:

    Welcome, Anna! Like you, I try to practice gratitude because every day is a gift. Your Thanksgiving story reminded me of one of my favorite holidays. My sister & her husband were building their own house and needed a little help. So we took the long Thanksgiving weekend to drive 4 hours to hang drywall, paint, and stain woodwork. I figured the holiday meal would be a pizza, but my sister ordered the full deal–turkey and all the fixings–from a nearby grocery store. She placed a sheet of drywall on two sawhorses and we gathered round the table seated on 5 gallon buckets, tired, grateful and basking in family love. It’s a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget!

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Lexi, that sounds like a perfect family Thanksgiving! You’re right about finding gratitude in every day. There’s always something, even if you have to look for it. I love the image of you and yours on your buckets sharing a turkey and all the trimmings!

  5. Kirsten says:

    My mom is sick and so every moment we have is special, precious and one to hang on to. I’m grateful we are so close and share so much.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Kirsten, I’m hoping the best for your mom and for all your family. Thanks so much for coming by. I hope this is a good day for you all.

  6. Dawn A says:

    My family. I only get to see them a few times a year, but when we all get together it’s a celebration.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Dawn, we always lived far from our families, too. I remember thinking at the beginning of visits, “We have so much time,” but they fly by. Hope you have lots of good visits planned over the coming season!

  7. Lovely to have you here, Anna!

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Kristan, thank you all so much for stopping by, and for having me. It’s an honor to visit the Jaunty Quills! 🙂

  8. For my cat, my family, my collection of romance novels that always lift my spirits. For chocolate and sunshine, cups of Earl Grey tea 😀

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Oh, Jo’s Daughter, you’ve covered all my favorite bases, too! Hope you’re having lots to feel grateful for today!

  9. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    Welcome! Adorable pictures!

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Shana, thanks for having me–and thanks for liking all my family pics! 🙂

  10. Charlotte says:

    My health and happiness, so grateful for those!

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Charlotte, those are great answers! Health and happiness have to be the best start for gratitude!

  11. Annette Naish says:

    Your Sweeties look absolutely wonderful.

    I think for me right now, I am thankful that I am vertical and able to move from place to place. You know, at times the simplest things are the biggest blessings. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of Thanksgiving.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Thank you, Annette. I love those little punkins! I hope your health is well. You’re right about being grateful about the smallest things being a source of gratitude. And I hope your Thanksgiving this year is one of your best.

  12. ellie says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful grandchildren who keep me going and lift my spirits.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Ellie, those little babies are so sweet, so full of joy, and so much fun. Who can help being riddled with love for them? 🙂

  13. Pearl says:

    Being healthy is my number one problem which has plagued me for the past 4 years. Serious ailments have made life difficult but I am appreciative about being able to walk everyday.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Pearl, I hope you feel better soon!

  14. Diane Allison says:

    I grew up overseas, away from grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Coming back to the states every two made each and every gathering with all my relatives, made them extra special. The closeness of the, all, the stories of growing up, especially my uncles stories, and the wonderful, down to earth food, most of which came from granddaddy’s garden. After the meal, we would all gather round a bonfire and the guitars came out. The singing off key and picking of the guitars made the night magical. I am so grateful for those times and the wonderful memories of family. Then it would be over and my family would go back overseas, to the land far away from my glorious stateside family. I am still thankful to this day.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Diane, is that you? I don’t think I realized so much of your family was stateside. It is hard living so far away from the ones you love. If this is you, I remember a huge, delicious meal on your lanai in Hawaii. I can’t remember what the holiday was, but it was a lovely evening. I hope your girlies will all be close at hand for the holidays this year, and wouldn’t it be lovely if all our old gang–who really were family to us–could be together again soon, too? Thank you so much for dropping by! Lovely to hear from you!

      (And if this is a different Diane Allison, I’m so sorry for burdening you with my lovely memories of the Diane I know! 😉

  15. Anne says:

    My health and my family, especially the little ones.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Anne, I’m with you. Hate when the little ones are sick. You feel so helpless! Hope everyone is healthy out your way!

  16. I’m grateful for so many things. My lovely home, my husband and daughter, the dog rescue organization for which I volunteer, and my fur kids. They truly enrich my life

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Karen, I’m so grateful for you–my sweet friend of so many years–so many stories–so many critique meetings and brainstorming sessions and email tales. And I’m pretty grateful for your kith and kin–furry and not so furry, too! Lots of love!

  17. Laney4 says:

    My husband just had X-rays, 3 weeks after a bike accident whereby he broke his hip socket. X-rays confirmed the hip has not been displaced (moved), so it is healing on its own well so far. Three more weeks (totaling six by then) until his next X-rays to confirm the same thing, and then hopefully he can start putting weight on that leg.
    I am sooooo grateful that that is ALL that broke on his body. His helmet took the brunt of the fall and tests this week confirmed no brain injury. Yup. Lots for which to be grateful….

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Laney, you’ll have plenty to be thankful for at your Thanksgiving table this year. So glad your husband is well. The things that can go wrong on bikes… Glad you all had a relatively good outcome!

  18. sharon says:

    Being happy together with family and celebrating together.

    1. Anna Adams says:

      So true, Sharon! What I wouldn’t give for one more Thanksgiving with Grandma and our motley crew–I’d just like to bring my new additions along as well! Wishing you a lovely holiday season this year!

  19. Julie-ann Ford says:

    First of all, I am grateful for my family especially my children because when I was younger I had medical issues and the doctor told me that I had a one in a million chance to get pregnant. I now have two grown children. Also I am grateful because 12 years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer and I have now been cancer-free 12 years.

  20. Glenda says:

    I’ve got SO much to be grateful for! I’m grateful for my family, especially my husband and kids. I’m extremely grateful that my kids have turned out so well. (And I’m still grateful that my son’s car made it all the way up to Colorado despite the check engine light being on most of the 18 hour drive – & that it passed state inspection after only minor repairs.) 🙂

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Yay, Glenda, and yay Glenda’s son! I’m betting he was grateful, too! Your son is the third offspring I’ve heard of suddenly moving to Colorado. My question is, how did you resist going with him? 😉

  21. Eileen A-W says:

    I grew up living near both my mom & dad’s families, so there was always a large group at holiday get togethers. Now I live far away from family, except for my hubby, my four adult kids, and my two girls’ guys. We try to have a monthly dinner for everyone to be together and catch up with their siblings. I am very grateful for my family!! <3

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Oh, Eileen, I’m so envious! I wish I lived closer to my family. Although, the funny thing is–I probably see more of them than I did as a kid when I lived closer. I guess our parents were all so busy they didn’t always have time to get together, but now I mosey up there as often as I can!

  22. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Anna, thank you so much for coming by to visit–and for sharing such a lovely personal story! I, too, have been working to reconnect with gratitude this year, and your words were an inspiration. <3

    1. Anna Adams says:

      Kathleen, your sweetness of heart is always an inspiration. I feel so lucky to count you as a friend.

      Thanks to all of you for letting me stop by. I had fun talking to your readers.

      Here’s hoping we all have plenty to be grateful for! 🙂

  23. Michelle Fidler says:

    Books and cats.

  24. Barbara Elness says:

    I’m grateful for everything I have, especially family. But the thing I’m most grateful for, that helps me keep my sanity, is being able to read and understand the many books I have access to.

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