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August is almost over and I for one am not ready for it. I think I may have said that about a few other months this year. 2016 is kicking my butt. I seem to running behind every month. But since it’s the end of the month its time for my Five Things.

  1. IMG_2749Sunshine.I used to take a nice sunny day for granted and if I still lived in Florida or Texas I’d be complaining about the heat and the sun, but in the UK we don’t get as many super sunny days and while August has had it’s share of overcast and rainy days we’ve had some really great sunny ones. In fact I even was able to sneak in a trip to the pub on a sunny day with my kiddos.


  1. Kiddos.

IMG_2763My daughter has been visiting us this summer before she goes back to Florida and starts a new job and my son has been home from university and I’ve been very aware that this might
be my last summer with both of them in the house with me where we can just enjoy being us. I’ve had books to finish and deadlines to meet but I have enjoyed the long summer days where I can take walks with the kids after I’m done with my pages—we’re all playing Pokemon Go.




  1. Peaches.IMG_2777It’s ridiculous how much I just love peaches. I’m not sure if we have these in the US (I’m sure we do!) but I am a huge fan of “donut” peaches. They are smaller, easier to eat and I don’t end up with a chin covered in juice when I bite into the peach.




  1. Friends.13769511_10154327468232999_6612280737404610144_nThis is a big one. Because everyone is on a slower schedule it’s much easier to talk with my friends. I use FaceTime pretty much to keep in touch with everyone back in the States and I have been video chatting with two of my very best friends almost every week in August. I think of these things as Artist Dates. It makes me happy to laugh, talk about writing, talking our kids and just be myself. These calls are a gift to myself and I cherish every one of them.




  1. Olympics.KG SwimmerI enjoyed watching the competition every day while it was one. My kiddos and I watched the Olympic recap on BBC during our lunch every day, which was great. I was a competitive swimmer from 7th grade through high school and really swimming is my favorite sport. I love watching all of the heats and then the finals. I also love that it gives me and my old swim team friends, especially my childhood bestie—Tina!—a chance to relive our ‘glory days’ when we were swimming.




That’s it! My Five Things For August. Tell me your top five and I’ll enter you to win one of five copies of NO LIMITS. The first book in my Space Cowboys series, which will be available on September 1st.

33 thoughts on “Five Things for August

  1. Dawn A says:

    1. Sandals. This is the perfect time to wear them. Although, it has been a little rainy this year.
    2. Family. I had a great family reunion this year. It’s always nice to see my extended family.
    3. Fresh fruit and veggies. Indiana has had really good watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini and tomatoes this year. They’re always nice, but this year everything had a sweetness that made them better.
    4. The Olympics. I’m with you on this one. I watched as much as I could and enjoyed every minute!
    5. My mom’s birthday. I try to make this day special for her, though I think she tries to ignore it. I’m making dinner this year, so she won’t be able to get out of it.

  2. Laney4 says:

    (1) Getting caught up on paperwork.
    (2) Visiting with friends.
    (3) Reading more often.
    (4) Watching my daughter’s ball games.
    (5) Corn on the cob.

  3. Amy says:

    My hummingbirds seem to be more acrobatic in August.
    Also, the Olympics.
    Getting back into the school routine.
    Listening to the locusts when the windows are open.
    Reading while waiting for my son’s practice to finish.

  4. Rhonda G says:

    My dad’s 76 birthday
    Beautiful days here in Florida!
    My grandkids!

  5. Callie Cuddy says:

    1. Hot weather, I love the summer months.
    2. Shorts & flip flops, because, why not?
    3. School starts, my kids love it and I do too.
    4. My birthday, because I am a miracle and am not supposed to be alive.
    5. New hope, started dating someone new, and I love the hope and joy that goes along with that.

  6. Jessica Chappell says:

    1. School starts back and I get my house back!!
    2. Olympics
    3. Fresh food
    4. The beach
    5. Family time

  7. florine says:

    Favorite things…peaches, plums, cherries, leaves just beginning to turn, more peaches.

  8. Gina Fann says:

    Being with my family and friends. Vacation. Cookouts. Flip flops. Swimming. Reading

  9. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    Back to school-yes!
    Back to school–sob 🙁
    It’s really frickin’ hot.
    It’s also really rainy.
    Working while watching dance lesson, gymnastics, or swimming lessons.

  10. 1 – Reading. I just started reading your Texas Tycoons #3 yesterday!
    2 – Smelling the fresh cut grass
    3 – Grandkids took 2 AR gkids to TN for a month to visit TN gkids and family
    4 – Fresh tomatos I love tomato & mayo sandwiches
    5 – Grandkids in school so I’m back to being retired for 9 houra a day!

  11. alice hamilton says:

    1. All the books I can get my hands on.2.My two grandaughters.3. wedding annniversary. 4. My friends. 5. My neices wedding to her Marine husband (A huge highlight to my summer.)

  12. Karen Hasby says:

    1. Reading all the books I can find
    2. Visiting with family.
    3. All the fresh fruit. Really like pears.
    4. Warm weather.
    5. Flip – flops and shorts.

  13. Annette N says:

    For This August:
    1. The Olympics
    2. Austin has had rain this August, we always can use rain
    3. The sounds of the doves in the trees
    4. My Begonias look beautiful
    5. The temperature has been cooler than normal – that is a miracle

  14. catslady5@aol.com says:

    1. Also the Olympics. One channel has been showing repeats and I’ve been watching that lol.
    2. Fresh corn on the cob. It’s only around for a few months but I love it.
    3. Sunshine (pgh. doesn’t get a lot) although the high humidity has been a killer this year.
    4. Light, comfortable clothing and sandals.
    5. Not worrying about the weather and driving in snow and ice and shoveling!

  15. Love your list! Here’s mine:

    1. We’re enduring the Dog Days here in FL… I’m sure the heart will break someday soon. Won’t it? Please?

    2. I’ve enjoyed talking to good friends! 🙂 I agree! Those calls are artist dates and me time.

    3. I’m loving my work in progress.

    4. In addition, I’m working on a women’s fiction proposal.

    5. Last, but certainly not least, this is the first year that College (Graduate) Girl didn’t have to go back to school. She’s back home for a very short while and I’m savoring every day with her. It really keeps me living in the moment.

  16. peggy clayton says:

    Here is my list 1. peaches we made 2 peach pies and they were so good 2. fresh corn which comes off my friends field and they sell it at farmers market 3. hummingbirds came back and we love them 4. I got all my books and reviews read and written 5. roses my roses that i thought were dead came back and so i am happy i only lost 4 of them which i will replace in spring of 2017.

  17. Patricia says:

    Baseball games
    Spending time with my great grandson
    Alabama concert

  18. Morgan says:

    1.) I get to go to Disneyworld
    2.) I graduated from college so I don’t have to worry about getting ready for school
    3.) I get to spend time with my family
    4.) Some great books come out this month
    5.) The weather is nice and warm this time of year.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  19. Kathleen O says:

    1. Spending time with my great – neices before they go back to school.
    2. RibFest l
    3. Annual gal pal weekend.
    4. Tragically Hip amazing last concert.
    5. Freestone Peaches.

  20. girlfromwva says:

    1) visiting family
    2) fresh vegetables
    3) sunshine
    4) festivals
    5) sandals on sale

  21. bn100 says:

    Olympics, parties, beach, weather, movies

  22. Jennifer Schultheis says:

    Making a wave through my TBR pile
    New episodes on Netflix
    New books released in August

  23. Connie Reynolds says:

    Corn, tomatoes, more fresh corn, more fresh tomatoes, the occasional grilled burger.

  24. Julie-ann Ford says:

    1. Walking around barefoot
    2. Swimming in my pool
    3. Going to the beach
    4. Family vacation
    5. Olympics (Michael Phelps and Katie Ladeckie are from my home town).

  25. Victoria Salcedo says:

    Spending more time with family
    Going to the pool
    Vacation time

  26. Love your list, Kathy!

  27. Holly L says:

    I really enjoyed your list as well and Best of luck to everyone

    1) August is my Birthday month 😀
    2) This month I saw a green, blue, brown, and red and black hummingbirds
    3) I got a job interview. I got the job. 🙂
    4) Reading, Reading, and more Reading
    5) August: Summer and Autumn month

  28. Brittney Lathan says:

    Spending time with my family
    The Olympics

  29. Linda May says:

    1. Sunshine, I love Summer with the warm weather, but not to warm. Grilling on our back deck. 2. Family, time spent with our Son, Daughter-in-Law & 2 Grandsons. 3. Grapes, I love grapes they are my favorite fruit. 4. Friends, We love our friends more than you know, my Husband is in Hospice at this time in our home. I don’t drive, so if I need anything they are always there for us. 5. Olympics, What an amazing US team we have that did great in representing the US. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

  30. Natali Horvat says:

    1. Hot sunny days 2. Olympics 3. Reading 4. Swimming 5. Eating ice cream all day long 🙂

  31. Rachael Brown says:

    1. Vacation at the beach
    2. Watching the Olympics
    3. Reading
    4. Beginning to exercise again
    5. Shopping – I had fun saving with all of the Back to School sales

  32. Michelle F. says:

    I’m not into sports so the Olympics are not on my list. I don’t watch them or any sports.

    1 – Reading
    2 – Collecting books
    3 – Birmingham Festival this past weekend (Hungarian festival where I had a palacsinta, a crepe, with apricot filling)
    4 – Getting DVD’s from the library
    5 – Pens: Just got some great metallic gel pens. Will use for coloring and writing. Also got PaperMate InkJoy gel pens earlier this month. Never tried them before, but they’re also great.

  33. Sandi in OH says:

    1. Camping with our son and his family in Arkansas and Tennessee.
    2. Recovering from pneumonia.
    3. Going to our county fair even though I was not strong enough to stay very long.
    4. Summer. I’m a summer baby and dread the thought of fall and winter.
    5. Having time to read.

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