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Mia Marlowe

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Once UPon a PlaidThanks to everyone who left a comment on my What’s New Monday post. The DH has done his algorithm/math thing and come up with a winner for us. Congrats to Anita H! She’ll receive an ARC of my upcoming Christmas novel, Once Upon a Plaid (Kensington, October 2014).

This story was inspired by my sister who served as a gestational surrogate for a childless couple. We’re so fortunate to have access to IVF and new technologies to help deal with infertility, but what would a couple in 16th century Scotland do? An empty cradle was no light matter when a laird needs an heir. And the hollow heartache of empty arms is the same in any century. Somehow, William needs to convince Katherine that their circle of two is enough.

Once Upon a Plaid is available for pre-order now. Hope you’ll love it.

One thought on “Mia’s Winner

  1. Anita H. says:

    So happy to have won, thanks Mia (& Mia’s DH!) 🙂

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