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Today I’m enroute to our new house in Missouri. Actually, it’s our old place, but the house has been totally renovated this spring so it should feel like new. After seven years in New England, I’ll miss Boston and the wonderful people I got to know there, but I have to confess this move feels like going home. 


But however much I’m looking forward to being back in the Midwest, Missouri does have its quirks. For instance, they didn’t seem to bother with dreaming up new names for many of their towns. Instead, they borrowed freely from all around the world.

Ever want to go to Amsterdam? Turns out, it’s located just south of Kansas City.

Forget about the US travel ban to Cuba. You can find it in Missouri on the iconic Route 66!

Fancy a visit to the Highlands? Glasgow, Missouri is about half way between St. Louis & Kansas City.

How about Paris, Rome, Lebanon, Normandy, Troy, or Vienna? You can find them all in Missouri.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain about the borrowed town names. When Missourians get creative with place names, well, the results are . . . dubious at best. I mean, how would you like to have “Knob Lick” as part of your address?

So what about your part of the world. Are there any funny or unusual place names you’d like to share?  


9 thoughts on “Travel the World…Never Leave the State

  1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    Oh, how funny! I do love to see all the city names when I go on a road trip. What I’ve learned in Texas is that the way I might pronounce a place name is not usually how the local pronounce it 🙂

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I can go to Paris and you London without even leaving Ontario..

  3. Kathryn in Montreal says:

    I love funny city/town names….there is one here in Quebec that I see every time I drive from Montreal to visit my best friend in Halifax…. St. Louis de Ha Ha! That poor saint…

  4. LauraL says:

    I’m in Virginia and sometimes I feel like I am traveling in England. 🙂

  5. Good luck with the move, Mia! I’m originally from the Philadelphia area. Pennsylvania has some wacky towns – Intercourse, PA, anyone? And now that I’m in Canada, there’s a Dildo and Come-By-Chance, both in Newfoundland.

  6. Thank you, Mia. My favorite place name here in Arkansas is the town of Toad Suck Ferry. Yes, it’s for real.

    Hope your big move is going smoothly!

  7. Marcy Shuler says:

    I’m in Michigan and we’re famous for our Hell. LOL But I also live fairly close to Climax. 😉

  8. Barbara Elness says:

    Florida has some weird names, like Yeehaw Junction, Ocklawaha, Okeechobee, Umatilla, and then there’s Hollywood, Naples, Jupiter, St Petersburg and Panama City.

  9. JoannaM says:

    Good Luck! I’m going through moving myself and I know it can be exhausting to say the least. Here in KS we have lots of names that may sound interesting but what it’s most interesting to me is that we haven’t decided whether the “s” in Illinois is silent or not LOL

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