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I hate to recycle an old blog, but I’m on extreme deadline and thought this was a good topic to bring up again…

One of the things about writing that I didn’t realize when I first started was how profoundly personal it would be. Perhaps that makes me an idiot, but that aspect kind of took me by surprise. But I suspect that writers, genre fiction and romance writers, in particular, are very much in tune with their own personal issues – the things that make us tick, that big bag of crud we drag around filled with our greatest fears and insecurities. I suppose song writers probably are equally as aware, but I digress. The point of all of this is if you pay close attention you start to notice things about you – not all of them are the icky things either.

Recently I was reading a book and I had a big epiphany that doesn’t really surprise me, as I can clearly see the pattern in my reading tastes and several of the books I’ve written myself, frankly I’m surprised it took me quite so long to notice. Especially when I look back on a post I wrote here four years ago. So here it goes….when it comes to guys, those romantic hero types, I really am drawn to the pursuer. I suppose this might be why I don’t gravitate toward the more traditional alpha hero because they aren’t always pursuers.

The book I was reading recently that brought all this to my attention was Suzanne Enoch’s The Care and Taming of a Rogue. Now Suzanne is one of my very favorite authors, she’s definitely my go-to gal whenever I need a good pick-me-up because her books are just delightful and perfect in all the right ways. And I love, love, love her heroes. And her heroes are always pursuers, even if they don’t quite understand it themselves, they are completely captivated by the heroine, just can’t get enough and go after her full-throttle. Their unwavering pursuit just makes me feel all gooey on the inside. This is what romance novels are about for me.

Now there are plenty of great ways to put together a romance novel, but at their core, it’s either boy pursues girl or girl pursues boy and both work. But for me that one that makes me come back again and again is the former. It even happened in my own love story. When I met The Professor I wasn’t so sure about him. He was really smart, an intellectual and frankly I felt a smidge intimidated and wondered what we’d ever talk about. And he was so very different from any man I’d ever dated or been attracted to. But he pursued me deftly and it worked.

So how about you? What kind of hero do you gravitate to? Do you notice when you’re reading which character is the pursuer?

*this blog was originally posted in 2001

10 thoughts on “Best of Robyn DeHart: My Kind of Guy

  1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    I remember this blog, Robyn, probably because it made me think about the kind of heroes I write. I like pursuers too. I mean, the heroine can’t be wishy washy, but I think most women want a hero who will make an effort. The bigger the romantic gesture, the better, right?

  2. I love both kinds…the pursuer, and the guy who will wait the heroine out, knowing that eventually, she’s gonna end up with him. But yes, the grand gesture! Le sigh!

  3. Thank you, Robyn. I agree: pursuers make good romance heroes. And heroines. At least one half of the focal couple should be trying to make this relationship work. In some cases, to make it real.

    To answer your first question, my favorite type of romance hero is a good guy. Either he’s a nice fellow in a challenging situation, or he’s truly heroic and facing tremendous obstacles. In both cases, no matter how tough, dangerous, complicated, or unfair his life is, he brings out the best in himself. Including his ability to love, and to be worthy of love.

    Unlike the vast majority of romance heroes, he doesn’t have to be redeemed. There are other, more interesting (to me, anyhow) issues and story arcs going on.

    One of my problems with today’s romance fiction is the fact that so often, they’re not primarily about love. They’re about redemption. But that’s what millions of readers want, so I can’t argue with them. Well, I can; but it wouldn’t do me or anyone any good.

    Of course, there simply aren’t that many good-guy heroes. So what do I do? You guessed it. I create my own heroes, and heroines. I write my own romances.

    Good luck with your deadline novel!

  4. Rochelle says:

    I never really thought about it, but now I would say I definitely go toward both the pursuer and alpha heroes.

  5. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Robyn, I know we’re all rooting for you as you vanquish this deadline! I do think the pursuer hero is fabulous…any category that includes Colin Firth’s Darcy has to be a winner, right? But sometimes the aloof alpha guy can be pursuing in his own enigmatic way. I think about Max deWinter in Rebecca, sweeping the heroine away from the awful woman she worked for…and though he’s hardly a classic “pursuer” he certainly gets the job done. 😉

  6. Joanna Moreno says:

    Now that you mention it, a pursuer would be the perfect love for me. I guess I never really put a name on it but I like a man that makes the effort. There’s been a few men in my life that after a couple of dates and me “not feeling it,” they just go “ok” and I just think, that’s it? you’re not even going to try? I know no one wants to feel rejected, I get that, but if it was me, I would show the guy what he’s missing out on, what I have to offer that no one else has. I guess that’s the “alpha” in me and why I want I want an Alpha as partner in my life 😉 That’s for the insight. Thanks to you and your deadline I had an epiphany of my own!! =D

  7. Joanna Moreno says:

    I meant Thanks for the insight, LOL

  8. Good luck with the deadline, Robyn, and I love this blog! I think I’m with you – love the pursuer, and if he’s alpha that’s even better! Some of my favorite books with that type of hero are Devil’s Bride and, well, most of Lori Foster’s books!

  9. CrystalGB says:

    I gravitate toward to alphas and tortured/wounded heroes. I do notice the pursuer. I admire those who go after what they want.

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