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 Many thanks to Katherine Garbera for letting me stop by today.  I appreciate it!

 It’s been one heckuva long slog, but my debut novel, COOPER’S FOLLY, will be released by Bell Bridge Books at the end of January.  Squee!

 A quick description of the book:

 He took a dare.  She took a chance.

 Cooper's FollyBurned-out lawyer Cooper Meredith decides success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Trading his ties for T-shirts, he chucks it all and becomes nanny to a wild pair of four-year-olds … and the four-year-olds win every time.  The kids’ mom, Molly Perrell, a stressed-to-the-max retail exec, just wants someone she can count on.  It doesn’t appear to be Cooper, who turns out to be the world’s worst nanny.  Their clashes, and their undeniable attraction, turn Cooper’s summer folly into the chance of a lifetime.

 COOPER’S FOLLY is the first manuscript I ever wrote … in 2000.  I was still practicing law, had a two-year-old and a newborn (whom I fondly refer to on Facebook as the kidlets), and a nanny.

 It wasn’t hard to write about a lawyer who becomes the world’s worst nanny.

 We had five fabulous nannies over a dozen years, but when I wrote COOPER’S FOLLY, we were still on our first nanny.  Oh, we had a few incidents.  The time she asked if we wouldn’t mind buying a leash for our two-year-old because he was too energetic.  (We did mind.)  Or if we wouldn’t mind fencing in our backyard so she could let him run wild while she stayed inside.  (We did mind.)  Or the time I spent a weekend meticulously arranging furniture, etc., in a “big-kid” room for our two-year-old … and I came home from work to find that our nanny had rearranged Every Single Thing she could physically lift because, gee, she liked it better that way.  Hoo, boy.

 The fictional Cooper’s skills (or lack thereof) as a nanny, though, were based mostly on the person I pictured as the worst nanny imaginable: me!  I don’t cook, don’t clean unless we’re having a party, and would rather go on adventures with the kidlets than do anything resembling a chore.  Cooper, as luck would have it, is exactly the same way.

 I personally think Cooper is a blast as a nanny, but my blast might be your nightmare.  The agency we worked with to hire our nannies said we were a bit unusual in our requirement (for all nannies after our first) that they be athletic, energetic, and willing to spend their days riding bikes and hanging out on playgrounds and beaches.  But we wanted fun nannies.

MES Facebook photo

 What’s your idea of a dream nanny?  Besides Cooper’s gorgeous blue eyes, of course!

 One lucky commenter will win a Kindle version of  Cooper’s Folly!

 You can find out more about my books and me on my website, Facebook, and Twitter.

 Thanks for having me here!

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