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First, the winner from my last post is … anne! You have won a copy of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: THE DATING GAME, which includes a short story about how Arizona and I met. CONGRATS!

Please email me at drjsandersen AT with your snail mail addy, and I’ll get it out to you. 

(And now, on to the blog!)

This weekend, Arizona and I put up our silly fake tree and festooned it with all the required stuff. The tree, lights, tinsel, 50 cat-proof blue-and-silver balls and the sparkly bow for the top were all bought last year, when I decided to celebrate being in our own home by committing Tree for the first time in many years. But along with these Wally-world specials (and a couple of more recent gift ornaments) are the Old Favorites.

You know the ones—I’ve bet you’ve got some Old Favorite decorations of your own, whatever the holiday. They’re the ones I’ve kept with me through five moves, damp basement storage and a serious downsizing, when the ‘Jess Xmas’ collection went from three big boxes to a single lean Tupperware.

There’s Christmas Snoopy, a porcelain figure that’s been part of the holiday for as long as I can remember. There are the rocking horses—a collection begun when model horses were as close as I got to equine-kind and continued through the years. There are a half dozen Christmas at the White House ornaments from the late 80s and early 90s, given to me by my aunt (a Very Cool Lady who among other things was one of the first women in the Secret Service).

And then there’s Egg Santa.

Or, rather, there was Egg Santa.

I made him back in kindergarten, when us five-year-olds were sent home with instructions to bring in a blown-out egg the next day. So in I toddled with a blown-out brown egg (because Brown Eggs are Local Eggs and Local Eggs are Fresh!!) protected with a toilet paper nest inside a Thermos. And later that day I returned home with that egg wearing a glued-on hat, construction paper eyes, and a fluffy white beard. And from then on, he and Snoopy were best buddies.

Over the years, Egg Santa’s beard got longer (as the polyfill wore down, not because of some existential hair growth). Eventually, one eye loosened up, hung skewed for a couple of years (turning him into Seriously Creepy Egg Santa), and eventually fell off (enter One-Eyed Egg Santa). And then, finally, I opened the ‘Jess Xmas’ boxes one holiday season to discover that sometime during the year, poor Egg Santa’s cranium had collapsed. So, no more Egg Santa. But I remember him fondly, and maybe one of these days I’ll make another.

(Apropos of nothing, autocorrect inexplicably keeps insisting that I mean ‘Egg Satan’ … which has me stifling the urge to make one of those, too. Because I’m naughty like that.)

But, with or without Egg Santa, the tree is up, the cats are leaving it alone, and I’m enjoying the pretty sparkle in the corner of the room … the one that says I’m home, and Arizona and I are building a new set of traditions.

So tell me about your Old Favorites. Do you have an Egg Santa? An Egg Satan? (If so, post a picture!) Which decorations, Christmas or otherwise, have been with you over the decades and through a bunch of moves?

13 thoughts on “Snoopy, Rocking Horses and Egg Santa

  1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    My mom gave me some of my childhood ornaments from last year. They are ones I made and ones I’d been given by my grandparents, who acquired them during their travels around the world. It was so much fun showing them to my daughter.

    1. Jesse Hayworth Jesse Hayworth says:

      That’s lovely! What a great way to share their experiences along the generations :)

  2. girlygirlhoosier52 says:

    At one time, we lived next door to a lovely family that had a tree in every room on both floors!! So then the outdoor lighting became a friendly competition… we lended ladders. Our little corner of the neighborhood was always festive!!

    1. Jesse Hayworth Jesse Hayworth says:

      Ooh, girlygirl, I’m jealous! Arizona and I drove around our little cul-de-sac yesterday, wondering if it was just our end of the street that was lame in the decorations department, but the whole neighborhood is pretty low key. One street away from us, though, a family has a huge playhouse that’s a pirate ship in their back yard. They light it fully for the holidays, which I love!

  3. catslady says:

    I have a ton of special ornaments since I’ve been collecting them for 44 years and have some of my husband’s too. One of his is a space cowboy made of thin glass lol. I’ve lost (well broken) many over the years, especially those that were from his family because they are all so fragile but like you, I remember them. My tree toppled (darn cats) one year and that was my biggest loss of ornaments.

    1. Jesse Hayworth Jesse Hayworth says:

      Ohh, noes! Bad kitties. I mean, I know trees and ornaments are irresistible, but still … Love the idea of a space cowboy ornament!

  4. Virginia says:

    Most of my good old ornaments are stored away. I bought a three foot Fiber optic tree years ago and started useing smaller ornaments. I still use a few of the older ones though. My son has eighteen ornaments because my sister got him a new ornament every year from the time he was born until age 18 and a lot of those are hallmark one. She has done all the kids that way. I guess its her tradition

    1. Jesse Hayworth Jesse Hayworth says:

      It sounds like you’ve got a great mix of old and new traditions going there, Virginia! Wishing you a very merry :)

  5. Vanessa Kelly Vanessa Kelly says:

    Oh, God, that’s hilarious, Jesse! No eggs, evil or otherwise, but I’ve saved a number of Santas from my mother’s collection. Fortunately for me, she had excellent taste, so they’re all pretty cool – including my Ben Franklin Santa and my Christopher Columbus Santa. I also have a bunch of the White House ornaments. My stepmother’s brother worked for years at the White House (kudos to your aunt) and got us turned on to those ornaments, too.

    1. Jesse Hayworth Jesse Hayworth says:

      *knuckle tap for fellow White House ornament person* I love them! Glad I could give you an evil egg chuckle!

  6. Laurie W G says:

    I have an ornament made by my aunt with my name on it. I have a handmade Santa from my Sophomore year of college. I have all of my children’s school made ornaments . I have my Christmas stocking that my S-I-L made over 30 years ago.

  7. Love Egg Santa, Jesse! I have an ornament from my childhood that …well, it clearly melted. It was once a dark red, intricately cut plastic ball made to look metallic. But attics in Florida are very, very hot places, apparently, and…wow. It looks like something a giant mutant Mars cat hacked up. But I love it and will never let it go. ;-)

  8. Rhonda says:

    I have ornaments that I made in school and ornaments that my son made in school as well. they are all boxed away as I haven’t put a tree up for a couple of years. It’s easier not to decorate because I have a dog that will eat almost anything!

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