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Lately I have been plagued by awkward situations. Maybe it’s because I have a young child who is now at the age that she notices and comments on everything. If only I could blame them all on her. I’m not the only one who suffers these endless moments where I wish a hole would swallow me up, am I?

Situation #1

Baby Galen has decided to walk out of preschool with her latest BFF and her BFF’s mother, who I don’t very well. What I do know of her, I don’t like. I don’t particularly like Baby Galen’s sassy, whiny new BFF very much either, but it’s just a short walk to the car. What can happen? I’ll tell you what can happen. Before I can even think of some inane small talk to exchange with sassy, whiny BFF’s mom, the girls have already cooked up a play date! The next thing I know, Baby Galen is saying, “Can my new friend come to my house and play?” I want to say no, but I’m totally in a rough spot, so I say, sure. “Maybe her mommy can drop her off some day.” And instead of playing along, the other mom says, “No, I don’t think so.” Sheesh! She could have at least waited until we were near the cars before saying that. It seemed like ten miles to the parking lot as we walked in silence and the girls boo-hooed.

Situation #2

I’m out at dinner with a friend of mine and a mutual friend of ours is throwing a party the next week. So I ask, “what are you wearing to the party?” She says, “What party?” And I still don’t get it, so I say, “Abigail’s [names changed to protect the guilty] party.” You already know what she said, right? She wasn’t invited. Oh, why haven’t I learned to keep my mouth shut?


Situation #3

This one is not my fault, but it’s one of those instances when you want to pretend you don’t know your child. Every Sunday at church there’s a children’s sermon, given by the youth leader that Baby Galen sees on a regular basis at her preschool. She’s comfortable with her and not at all too shy to speak up during the lesson and share her thoughts. In front of the whole church. So recently Miss Julie said something that made Baby Galen think about bugs. Unfortunately, we had a cockroach in our house a day or two before, and we’d had to kill it. We live in Houston. We get the occasional roach in the house. But as soon as bugs were mentioned, I knew what was coming. “Miss Julie!” a little voice boomed through the fellowship hall. “We had a roach in our house, and mommy said eek and daddy stomped it and sent it to live with Jesus.” Oh, just send me to Jesus now too. Because everyone knows she’s our child, and they’re all laughing and looking at us, and Ultimate Sportsfan and I were sinking in our seats. “We called the exterminator,” I whispered to our neighbors. “We don’t usually have roaches!” But I’m sure everyone is envisioning an episode of Hoarders now.


I shared, and now it’s your turn. Tell us your embarrassing moments. I have a copy of Reality TV Bites, one of my backlist contemporary books full of embarrassing moments to give away.

22 thoughts on “Awkward Situations

  1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    I’ll be away most of the day today, but I’ll stop in later and respond to comments.

  2. Kristan Higgins Kristan Higgins says:

    You can count on kids…We were in church years ago, when Princess Daughter was a toddler. I was holding her, and she was stroking my neck, and then announced, right at a quiet part of the service, “I love your bumpy mole, Mommy!”

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      Kristan, somehow I knew you’d have an embarrassing moment.

  3. Karen Johnston says:

    Omg, I love the roach one! lol I would have died! I have a good one for you! hehe Im not a great writer like you all but hopefully I can type this out and it be as funny as it was when it happened. When my husband and I were dating my daughter who was 5 and I had stopped by his house for something.. He was outside working on something mechanical (I don’t have a clue what!) I was standing there chatting with him and she was off playing. Well he had squatted down and was tinkering with whatever it was he was fixing. He was wearing sweatpants…and you know how certain male parts are more noticeable in sweats? soooo… my daughter is done playing so she runs over to where we are and stands there. She looks down and him and I was talking and talking. Absolutely unaware of what was going thru her mind. She looks at him and says “Whats in your pants?” He of course, looks at me and then at himself and then promptly jumps up and says “What??” She said “you have something in your pants. Whats in there?” I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me!!! I was so embarrassed and bless his heart, he had no clue how to answer her. So we took the cowards way out and just said nothing and distracted her.
    Its by far one of our funniest memories now. And naturally have retold this story to every young man she brings home. 😉

    1. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

      OMG, Karen, Your example should win some award!

    2. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      You got her back, Karen! That’s very funny, and I’m sure super embarrassing for you and him at the time.

  4. catslady says:

    Oh, my kids are grown now so those things don’t happen but I can still embarrass them once in a while. We found out that my daughter’s new boyfriend is a very distant cousin and I had no idea she thought that was a secret and I have no idea why she is so aghast over the whole thing. I need to be told when something is a secret lol.

    And I think that first mom was very rude. All she had to say was sure and then never get back to you or at least we’ll see! I am surprised your daughter didn’t ask why not lol.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      I too like to be told when something is a secret, catslady. I have a knack for mentioning it otherwise. I think my daughter is used to hearing no and taking it as law, so that’s probably why she didn’t question the mom.

  5. girlygirlhoosier52 says:

    You’re too young to remember “Kids Say the Darnest Things” on tv… but boy can they just blurt out stuff!! No filters yet… And they remember everything you say that SHOULDN”T be shared outside the home. Which is what my parents taught us…

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      So true! One minute they are shy and the next telling everyone all about you.

  6. Sue Gorman says:

    It gets better! 🙂

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      Well, it can’t get worse.

      1. Sue Gorman says:

        My husband got a chuckle when he read the cockroach story! Fifteen years from now, you will laugh about this–I promise!

  7. Amber Zade says:

    My son used to wait until we were in front of my Dad and Step Mom and then he would out me to them – telling them things that I did that he SOMEHOW knew I wouldn’t want them to know. Now that he’s older, it’s payback time and he’s done a thing or two that I can hold over his head.

    But I’m not telling the things that I did.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      My daughter is like that too, Amber. As soon as my husband gets home, she tells him all about the things mommy bought.

  8. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

    The roach example is classic! Normally I never ask anyone when they’re due to have their baby…but I was 99% positive that this woman (standing behind me in the grocery store line was pregnant) Yep, you guessed it. She wasn’t.

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      Oh, no! That’s the worst.

  9. Vanessa Kelly Vanessa Kelly says:

    Mine don’t involve kids – rather, it’s now my 90 year old who’s kind of losing his “filters.” Fortunately, he’s also pretty hilarious although he does come out with some politically incorrect comments on occasion!

    1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

      My grandparents are 95, Vanessa. I understand!

      1. Vanessa Kelly Vanessa Kelly says:

        Wow! That’s amazing, Shana! We obviously both come from a good gene pool.

  10. Lisa Hutson says:

    OH yes, they do love to keep you on your toes, don’t they? The funniest thing is, they really don’t know they are embarrassing you. haha They aren’t even trying. haha

  11. Nancy Robards Thompson Nancy Robards Thompson says:

    This one was just slightly awkward at
    the moment and thank goodness this was someone else’s child… I used to
    volunteer in my daughter’s class when she was in elementary school. I would
    help a little girl who was having trouble learning to read. One day she was
    very excited to tell me that her babysitter was picking her up from school that afternoon because
    her mommy was getting her new boobs. 😮

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