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The Jaunty Quills are excited to welcome back New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Sophie Jordan. You may know Sophie from her YA series Firelight or her lush, sweeping historicals. But Sophie Jordan has dipped her toe in yet another subgenre of romance: new adult. She’s here today to chat about her upcoming release, Foreplay, which is on sale November 5th!

foreplay cover

Keep reading to find out how to win your copy of Foreplay.

Shana: Welcome back, Sophie! You’ve written historical, paranormal, and YA. Why did you decide to write a New Adult series?
Sophie Jordan:  As usual, I read a couple NAs that I really loved and I wanted to write one of my own! That’s how it always starts for me. 😉 I read historical romance … then wanted to write it. I read some great YAs … then I wanted to write it. I read some NAs … you get the gist.
Also… to me, NA is simply romance with a heroine and hero who are a little younger than the average heroine/hero in a romance. novel They’re in their early twenties. Given their age, the setting usually on a college campus. On a personal level, that was just an exciting time in my life … full of firsts. It’s where I met and fell in love with my husband. 
New Adult features the first real “grown-up” relationship for the heroine/hero. I like to call it the first romantic relationship in their lives that actually “matters”. That said, everything is more intense. And in a romance novel intense = good! 

Shana: I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of Foreplay, and I seriously could not put it down. It was fabulous! Readers, Sophie was generous enough to share a trailer of the book. See what you think!

Shana: (fanning self) Sophie, without giving too much away, tell us a bit about Pepper, Reece, and Pepper’s roommates, who feature in the upcoming books, right?
Sophie Jordan:  I love that trailer! It really captures the flavor of FOREPLAY!
Pepper is “hung up” on a childhood friend, Hunter … and has been ever since she was a little girl. For her, he’s the key to the future/stability she has always craved. In order to get him to notice her, she decides to get some pointers from sexy bartender, Reece. Of course, Reece is nothing like she expects. Hm. I better stop there and not give away too much. Suffice to say, she gets a thorough education on foreplay, love and how what you think you want isn’t really what you need. It brings to mind that old Garth Brooks song with the lyrics about thanking God for unanswered prayers.
Foreplay is book #1 of this series … to be followed up with Pepper’s roommates’ stories. You meet Emerson and Georgia in Foreplay. The next book is titled TEASE and it’s Emerson’s story, scheduled for release May 27, 2014. Georgia story will come next.

Sophie Jordan2

Readers, now it’s your turn. Have you read any New Adult books? What do you think is the appeal of a book set on a college campus? One reader who comments will be randomly chosen to win a copy of Foreplay (U.S. only).

And learn more about Sophie (and all her alter egos) on her website on Facebook and Twitter.
Click here to read an excerpt from Foreplay!

23 thoughts on “Bring a Friend Friday with Sophie Jordan

  1. MaureenE says:

    I have read and enjoyed several New Adult stories. I think the appeal is that it is an exciting time in a person’s life with changes and big decisions that being made.

    1. Sophie Jordan says:


  2. Rochelle says:

    Loved the promo video. I have recently been hearing quite a bit about the NA genre but have not yet read any of the books.

    1. Sophie Jordan says:

      I’m in love with the trailer, too, Rochelle!

  3. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    Thanks for stopping by Sophie. I’ve read quite a few NA books and some haven’t bee so great. A couple, like yours, have been fabulous! Can’t wait to read more.

    1. Sophie Jordan says:

      Thanks for having me, Shana!

  4. Maria says:

    No, I haven’t read any NA books. But from the sample, I was persuaded to buy Sabrina Darby’s PRIVATE RESEARCH & this one sounds intriguing as well. Not sure about the name, Pepper, though…I’m willing to read any new type of romance book if the writing is good.

  5. jcp says:

    No have not read any.

  6. Melissa Cowling Terry says:

    I recently read Cora Carmack’s Losing It series. I enjoyed the books a lot. I like finding new books and genres to read. I am really looking forward to reading Foreplay next week.

    1. Sophie Jordan says:

      I love Cora’s books, too, Melissa!

  7. Vanessa Kelly Vanessa Kelly says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Sophie! You’ve written one of the best explanations of NA that I’ve read, and why it’s such a great genre for romance. Congratulations on the new book – it sounds wonderful!

  8. Sophie Jordan says:

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for having me here to talk about my foray in the “new adult” genre! Truly excited about the book! I had such a great time writing it! If you’re a fan of romance, then this book should be right up your alley.

    Maria — don’t be turned off by the name! LOL! “Pepper” suits her … she actually started out as a different name, but halfway through the book she suddenly became Pepper. It fits … especially considering her back story and who her mother was…

    And thanks, Vanessa, I’m never sure if I explain NA well!

  9. Gaby says:

    I’ve been wanting to read this one SOOO bad! Trailer looks amazing by the way 😀

    I started to REALLY read after I graduated from High School. Back then I only read YA, but when NA came out I was addicted! I seriously love read NA! I could in some ways relate to them because the characters are around my age. Some of my favorite NA authors include Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, and Jessica Park!

    1. Sophie Jordan says:

      Thanks, Gaby! Did you read/like EASY? I loved it!

      1. Gaby says:

        Yes, I did! I loved it too! My favorite though has to be Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines. I love that series!

  10. Rebecca Thomas says:

    The appeal of a book set on a college campus for me is memories. Good and bad and funny and everywhere in between. So many firsts happened for me in college. It’s exciting time because finding true love might really be forever. The HS sweetheart is very memorable as well, but college…without parents and making all your decisions yourself–its just an absolutely memorable time of life. I love love love NA!

    1. Sophie Jordan says:

      Well said, Rebecca!!

  11. Michelle Fidler says:

    No, I haven’t read any new adult books. I first heard of that category when I was browsing on book blogs so I finally had to Google that to find out what it was (Steampunk, too, earlier this year). Isn’t it weird how new genres like that can just pop up?

  12. Melinda B. Pierce says:

    I haven’t read any NA yet. I guess since I joined the military at 18, married at 19 and didn’t start college until 22, I find it hard to relate to the issues that some of these gals face. But, like someone else said, I’m open to a great story.

    Thanks for sharing and great book trailer ~ Melinda

  13. Laurie W G says:

    I have not read any of the new adult books yet. I have enjoyed several YAs over the past couple of years so I will give new adults a try. I like college settings. These young people are trying out new things and searching for careers and searching for love. It’s an exciting time time in a young person’s life. They’re responsible for making important decisions and choices good or bad.

    I loved my college experience so I would read a new adult book.

    Best wishes Sophie!

  14. Kristan Higgins Kristan Higgins says:

    Hi, Sophie! Sorry to be late popping in…just wanted to say what a fan I am, as is my 17 year old daughter (as I think you know!). I love the idea of NA books…heroines who can make more mistakes because of youth and inexperience. It opens up a whole world of fun, methinks.

    1. Sophie Jordan says:

      Thanks, Kristan! It’s definitely a time ripe for drama!

  15. ki pha says:

    I haven’t gotten into it much but I really do like them. I have many authors I enjoy moved to this genre for a bit and found new authors too. The appeal to me is maybe because it’s in close relation to my age??? And because I understand what is going on in this transition to adulthood? I guess it just brings back the memories of college life and how tough it was moving from a well structured or not home to being an individual and finding one’s self. And figuring out who’s a friend for life and what not.

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