ImageI’ve been on a blog tour for my most recent release, A Little Bit Scandalous, and I had set up this blog for a certain spot that I thought required original blog material, but as it turned out, they needed an interview. But I’d already taken the time to do this blog so y’all get it today. Without further ado, here are the first five…

Prologue - Monroe Grisham, Sixth Duke of Chanceworth, paced the front parlor of his country estate. If he didn’t get back to London soon he would go mad from sheer boredom. The soft butter-yellow of the room was annoyingly cheerful, and all the furniture felt small and dainty, making him keenly aware of his size. He wasn’t quite as tall as his brother, but Roe’s shoulders were broad enough to make him look as if he sat upon children’s furniture. So he found the largest piece to sit on, the settee. He’d sit in a different room, but damned if his mother hadn’t decorated them all roughly the same.

Chapter One - Caroline Jellico pulled on the trousers over her drawers and fastened them. She slipped the linen shirt over her head and straightened it, then tucked it into the waistband of the tweed pants. Her bound breasts felt strange against the strip of linen that held them tightly against her. She pulled up the suspenders and then donned the coat she knew she wouldn’t take off. Even if it proved to be hotter than Hades inside the gaming hell, she’d leave it on.

Chapter Two - Caroline swallowed the lump in her throat.

Chapter Three - The brown eyes staring back at him were rounded in surprise. Roe cocked one eyebrow. Reggie was doing her best to tempt the boy into some sort of reaction, but Grey sat stone still. “Reggie, I don’t think the boy is interested,” Roe said.

Chapter Four – Caroline did her very best to focus on her cards and the ones coming out of the deck. She felt certain she had an accurate count, but damnation if Roe wouldn’t stop talking. And damnation also that the lighting in his study was so much clearer and brighter than it had been at Rodale’s. She could see his features all the more, which meant he could see her features as well. He was still as bloody handsome as she remembered him being, if not more so. And just as cavalier.

So how about it, do y’all follow blog tours? What’s your favorite type of post on a blog, an excerpt, something personal, a recipe? 

11 thoughts on “The missing blog tour post

  1. My favorite posts on a blog are something personal that either references the latest book or is in the same tone as the author’s writing. I think readers (myself included) also respond to personal things.

    I just love that cover, Robyn!

  2. Connie Fischer says:

    I love something personal or a little story about my favorite authors’ families. It so nice to learn more about you all.

  3. Seeing as I’m writing blogs for my upcoming book release blog tour, I’ll be monitoring all the comments today! There’s a reason I’m on a group blog. I couldn’t come up with a daily topic. :lol:

  4. I like excerpts, but I also like something personal about the writer’s life in a way that connects to the book – maybe her inspiration for the story or why she writes a certain kind of hero. This post is a very fun idea, Robyn!

  5. Kathleen OD says:

    It’s always nice to know more about the authors and what is happening in their lives. And I love knowing more about the books and the story behind the stories.

  6. eap says:

    I usually forget to follow the tour. I prefer a synopsis to the book which was not the choices, I know.

  7. catslady says:

    To be honest I don’t do as many blog tours than I use to do – some sites are just too complicated and they are hard to keep track of but I do enter some and lots of times I enter on some of my regular blog visits. I like a variety of topics – it’s hard when the same question is asked on all the stops but it must be hard to come up with a large variety for some of those big tours.

  8. Marcy Shuler says:

    I follow very few blog tours. When I do, I like to read short excerpts. Not long ones. I just want to be tempted, not read the whole first chapter. I also like to find out about the author and fun things I didn’t know about them. That could be recipes, hobbies/crafts, strange things they had to research for the book, their family/pets.

    I’ve read all three books in the Forbidden Love series, Robyn, and enjoyed them. The covers are just beautiful.

  9. I like to learn something personal about the author, and, since I live to cook, I love recipes, too.

  10. MiaMarlowe MiaMarlowe says:

    I know what you all mean about personal things being of interest. My FB page went crazy when my sister was in labor with twins and had such a rough time. So many people were praying for her and pulling for those precious little ones. And we appreciate those prayers so much. My sister and the babies are all doing great now.

  11. Shana Shana says:

    I actually really love these types of posts. I think it gives a little hint and flavor to readers. I don’t like excerpts because they’re long and I don’t want to commit that much. That’s pretty bad, coming from an author who has to give excerpts all the time, but it’s the truth!

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