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Summer Pimms Party

Moving has one benefit that I really enjoy and that is the chance to meet new people and explore new places. Some of the new people I’ve met in the UK are the New Romantics 4 and they are celebrating summer in a very British style with some Midsummer Madness. I hope you enjoy meeting them as well—Kathy ☺

We’re having a proper Pimms party, well-heeled people, laughing in the gardens of a Georgian house and talking about our latest releases.

First up it’s Lizzie Lamb:

2012-07-005After teaching my 1000th pupil and working as a deputy head teacher in a large primary school, I decided it was time to leave the chalk face and pursue my first love: writing. In 2006, I joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers Scheme, honed my craft and wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted. Born in Scotland, but with Irish and Brazilian blood in my veins I’ve always wanted to write a novel set in the romantic Highlands and Wester Ross and with Tall, Dark and Kilted I’ve done just that. I’ve had enormous fun researching men in kilts, falling in love with brooding heroes and rooting for feisty heroines. I love the quick fire interchange between the hero and heroine – like in the old black and white Hollywood movies, and hope this comes over in my writing. Although much of my time is taken up with publicizing Tall, Dark and Kilted, I have finished my second novel and am editing it for publication autumn 2013. I am a founding member of an indie publishing group, The New Romantics 4 and our watch cry is: all for one and one for all. Our philosophy is: if you’ve got a dream – go for it. Life is not a rehearsal.

Tall, Dark and Kilted

BookCoverPreview (2)-001Fliss Bagshawe longs for a passport out of Pimlico where she works as a holistic therapist. After attending a party in Notting Hill she loses her job and with it the dream of being her own boss. She’s offered the chance to take over a failing therapy centre, but there’s a catch. The centre lies five hundred miles north in Wester Ross, Scotland. Fliss’s romantic view of the highlands populated by Men in Kilts is shattered when she has an upclose and personal encounter with the Laird of Kinloch Mara, Ruairi Urquhart. He’s determined to pull the plug on the business, bring his eccentric family to heel and eject undesirables from his estate – starting with Fliss. Facing the dole queue once more Fliss resolves to make sexy, infuriating Ruairi revise his unflattering opinion of her, turn the therapy centre around and sort out his dysfunctional family. Can Fliss tame the Monarch of the Glen and find the happiness she deserves?

Read the first three chapters of Tall, Dark and Kilted on Amazon Kindle and find out.
universal link (paperback and kindle version) http://t.co/jKpB4WMM4F

Next meet June Kearns
CIMG6903June Kearns is a daydreamer, who spends quite a lot of time staring into space and making things up. She writes historical romantic fiction, currently inspired by the 20’s and 30’s – the music, style and fashion of the time.
‘An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy’ was started after a first chapter won a national magazine competition, and finished after far too many hours spent watching cowboy heroes bring order west of the Pecos.

A co-founder of the indie publishing group – The New Romantics 4 –she is also a NWS member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association
A former teacher, June is married, with five children and lives in Leicestershire.

An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy
AnEnglishwomansGuideToTheCowboy_Cover_MEDIUMTexas 1867. After a stagecoach wreck, buttoned-up Victorian spinster, Annie Haddon finds herself thrown into the company of cowboy maverick, Colt McCall – a man who relies on animal instinct for survival, and lives by his own rules.
Can two people from such wildly different backgrounds learn to trust each other?
Annie and McCall find out on their journey across the haunting, mystical landscape of the American West.

Read the first chapter at  http://tinyurl.com/l4dtyok

Next meet Adrienne Vaughan:

Adrienne in party mode!Adrienne was born in Leicester, a city in the middle of England and brought up in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. She’s been making up stories since she could speak and started writing them down as soon as she could pick up a pen. No surprise she wanted to be a journalist and once she landed a job on a pop music magazine, all she had to do was marry a rock star!
As that didn’t happen today she runs a busy Public Relations consultancy in the UK.
Inspired by Maeve Binchy, she wrote her first novel in the early 80’s and has been writing short stories, poems and ideas for books ever since. Her debut novel The Hollow Heart is set in Ireland, England and New York and the heroine is a feisty, campaigning reporter who falls for an infuriatingly, conceited movie star who hates journalists. He’s gorgeous of course, and lovely too, when you get to know him!
Her next novel, A Change of Heart is the sequel to The Hollow Heart.
She says the New Romantics4 are ‘fairy godmothers’ because dreams can come true!

The Hollow Heart
The_Hollow_Heart_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Marianne Coltrane is a feisty, award-winning journalist who is far from lucky in love. Taking herself to the wilds of the west of Ireland to recuperate, she literally runs into Ryan O’Gorman, the most conceited, infuriating man in the world. He’s an actor who’s just landed the biggest role in movie history and he loathes journalists. One thing they do have in common is they both think their chance of true love has passed them by…but fate has other ideas!

The Hollow Heart

Available from Amazon.co.uk



… and Amazon.com


Lastly meet Margaret Cullingford

Mags Cullingford

As a kid, when not out on my bike having real adventures, I would curl up in an armchair and read a book, lots of books, which sowed the seed, ‘one day I’ll be a writer’. The necessity of earning a living, of falling in love (more than once), and, as a drop-out, catching up with an education, nurturing a family (only one son, but he still needed nurturing), these diversions tended to take priority. I was very young when I struck lucky and landed the job of admin assistant at Leicester University’s new genetics department its reputation attracting scientists from far-away-places like the States. Alec Jeffreys who discovered DNA fingerprinting worked there, and my own job was never boringly routine. I stayed until, as Queen’s Freddie Mercury sang, I felt ‘I want to break free’ so I did, realizing my ambition to write fiction. I joined a Writers’ Workshop – I still belong to one – and the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme through which I met Adrienne, June and Lizzie and we became the New Romantics 4. June says I write grown-up novels for grown-ups. I do tend to write about relationships with issues, and then some, love stories with edge, never more so than in my debut novel, Last Bite of the Cherry. My second, Twins of a Gazelle planned for publication later this year, follows a similar trend.

Last Bite of the Cherry
Last Bite of the Cherry_Cover_SMALLIn affluent Hampstead, London in1969, fourteen-year-old Monica Sommers witnesses yet another violent quarrel between her parents climaxing in her mother attempting to kill her father. In 2000, a psychotherapist by profession and by now Roman Catholic convert and novice apostolic sister, Monica looks to make amends for past mistakes. Based in Northamptonshire, she runs a women’s refuge, and, at the request of Father Malachy O’Brien, agrees to counsel Rosaleen Westlake, the depressed yet indulged wife of a financier. As Rosaleen reveals troubled episodes in her life they echo Monica’s own memories of love’s betrayals. She revisits her tumultuous past, and in so doing confronts her present dilemma. She has fallen in love yet again, this time with Malachy O’Brien, who, although her avowed friend cannot possibly love her in the way she loves him. Or can he?
Read the first three chapters of Last Bite of the Cherry on Amazon Kindle, universal link (paperback and kindle version) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009YFXHT8

Wow, this is shaping up to be one fabulous party. I’ve got my fascinator on and am enjoying my Pimms. Have a virtual drink and tell us what makes a summer party for you? We’ll choose one winner to win an autographed copy of each of the authors books.

21 thoughts on “Midsummer Madness UK Style

  1. Laurie G says:

    Interesting group of ladies! Books have a Scottish hero, a cowboy, an Irishman and a Catholic… quite an assortment!

    Sounds like you are enjoying your time in England!

    I’m sure everyone is anticipating the royal baby’s birth.

    1. Laurie G says:

      OOPS! Summer party = good friends, outdoor setting at a park with a beach, picnic food: hamburgers and brats, fruit, corn on the cob, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, wine, soda and beer and finally great,lively music!

  2. Thank you, Katherine. We owe you a Pimms or three, you’ve done us proud.

    Laurie G – What royal baby? Oh, that baby.

  3. pearl says:

    This summer party is delightful and very special. I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful authors and learning about their writing and books. A summer garden party would be my choice with travel anecdotes that I could vicariously live through.

  4. CateS says:

    Thanks for the party!! It’s so hot and humid here, I’m holding any party indoors! Lovely selection of reading material!

  5. June Kearns says:

    Thank you, Kathy for inviting us here and letting us tell everyone about our books. I love this site, and how its presented!
    Laurie – we’ve so enjoyed getting to know Kathy, and hope she stays in England for a very long time! And you’re right, we are a complete mix of genres!
    We’ll certainly be reading through the interesting selection of Jaunty Quills books.

  6. Maria P says:

    My perfect summer party would include beautiful weather (sunny & warm with a cool, gentle breeze!), good friends & family (all the nieces & nephews HAVE to be there!), &, of course, delicious food to eat & icy cold drinks. I wish I didn’t live in an apartment so I could have one!

  7. Anne says:

    This post is so wonderful. thanks for introducing me to these women and their talent and books. I know that their writing is captivating and would be an experience to read.

  8. ellie says:

    An ideal setting for a party is a secluded backyard with trees, shade and lovely flowers that are colorful and extraordinary. It is beautiful to have a luncheon in the backyard which I love. thanks for this interesting and lovely post.

  9. June Kearns says:

    Thanks again to all you lovely ladies for your comments.
    And today, after months of rain,the sun’s out and we actually could have a party here,in our English gardens!
    Those Pimms look great. Wish you could all be here!

  10. catslady says:

    Oh, all new to me authors always fun. For me it’s the people more than the setting – just like in a book, it’s the characters lol. People that love conversation and a good time!

  11. Connie Fischer says:

    This is so much fun! As I don’t have a real fascinator, I love pretending that I do. I made one out of a paper towel and pinned it to my head. Hoping my husband doesn’t wander through and give me “that look.” 🙂 I have never had a Pimm’s cup but would love to try it one day. OK. My favorite summer party would be one that is held outside on a sunny but not really hot day. Lovely breezes would blow through the ladies’ hair and rustle their skirts just enough to cool them off and offer a sexy peek to the guys. The children would all be playing nicely – no fights – yeah right. The food would be sandwiches with chips, tea, lemonade, beer and wine and perhaps a speciality drink of the house like a pina colada. Some fresh fruit and maybe some cupcakes would be an easy and delicious dessert.

    It was so delightful to meet these lovely UK authors and I’m looking forward to reading your novels! Thanks for coming to the virtual summer party today.

  12. bn100 says:

    good food

  13. Dear Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills, thank you so very much for inviting us on to your fabulous blog. Sorry I’m a bit late getting to the party but I’ve been in London all day at the Society of Authors’ Lunch and, as you know, we don’t really cope too well with the heat in the UK. So I’m just about melting as I write this. If I’d been a character in Gone With the Wind I’d have spent most of my time in a shuttered room being fanned. My party today consisted of sitting in St Pancras Station waiting for the train home but I did at least have a PIMM’S Cocktail – bought at great expense. 😆 My ideal party would be on the beach at Kinloch Mara (the imaginary estate in Wester Ross as featured in Tall, Dark and Kilted). We’d have a barbeque and the smoke would help to keep the vicious midges at bay. They sure know how to bite. We’d be served by kilted heroes and I might even take one home with me. I’m eyeing up the one on the cover of ONCE FORBIDDEN, Terri.
    Connie – I have two fascinators so I could loan you one!
    Laurie – I can’t wait for the royal baby to be born; its very exciting because one day he or she will be our future monarch.
    Cat’s lady and Ellie, your picnics sound perfect to me.
    Pearl, Anne and Cate – the Jaunty Quills selection of books looks fab, too.
    Maria – the best parties are those spent with friends and family, aren’t they?

  14. Just a quick note to say that Adrienne has been onto the blog and read it but is experiencing problems with her internet connection ATM. She wanted me to add how colourful the page looks and its got a great lay out – especially the cork notice board. Great touch. Knowing Adrienne, her ideal party would be on the side of an Irish loch with Pierce Brosnan (sh, don’t tell her husband)feeding her Irish delicacies which would be washed down with a fabulous glass of whiskey. Oh, and her two spaniels Wellington and Winston would be there, too. Great British names, eh? 🙂

  15. valerie jaafari says:

    it’s always nice to discover new author .i already know lizzie but not the others ..i live in france and can’t find new authors like if i was in the uk and pop in a bookshop and have a look at all new books ..
    thx for this place 😉

  16. Rushes in, holding onto sunhat, heels too high as usual! How thrilling to be at a summer party in the US. I’d exchange my Pimms for Mint Julip (spell?) and my salmon and cucumber sandwich for some grilled ribeye steak and corn on the cob. Probably embarrass everyone by singing Summer Time in dreadful Billie Holiday impersonation and be thrown in the creek for misbehaving! Thanks Kathy for inviting us all, it’s been a hoot! X
    PS Lizzie’s note on my Irish summer party spot on…don’t tell Pierce Brosnan more like!

  17. I must say I have come across these talented authors before. What a lovely way of sharing a little bit more about them. Fab blurbs, fab covers!! Love it, ladies. Cheers m’dears! 🙂 xx 😀

  18. Back again to say how much I’ve enjoyed everyone’s kind comments about us and our books, and the descriptions of ideal parties – scrumptious food. Like ellie, I like parties in secluded backyards, gardens we call them here, or patios if they’re small like mine, and you want to be posh. I’ve always called it ‘the yard’ which reminds me of my favorite version of Summertime. Lovely words, Adrienne, but Charlie ‘Yard-bird’ Parker’s sax does the singing. I have a very old vinyl LP – Charlie Parker with Strings [Columbia] which I still play from time. Magic on a warm summer’s evening like we’ve had lately. Let’s party on.

  19. Michelle Fidler says:

    They sound like interesting books. I’m an Anglophile.

  20. Hey Leicester ladies and Kathy! Missing you all loads now I’ve moved to Cornwall. (Though the Exeter Chapter ladies are lovely too!!) But I do miss my old Midlands writing buddies. Love Jane aka Victoria Lamb aka Elizabeth Moss aka that would be telling … ! 😉

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