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RiceLisaMarie2Hello all! Margo Maguire kindly asked me to come to the Jaunty Quills and blog about my new release, I Dream of Danger, and it’s an honor and a privilege! I’m in such great company here!

I Dream of Danger is book # 2 of the Ghost Ops series. The Ghost Ops are a team of elite warriors who go dark. There is no mention of them anywhere, their pasts are wiped out, they must have no ties. No friends, no loved ones, no family. Thus, when they are brutally betrayed and must flee, they have only themselves to rely on.

They found what becomes a high tech outlaw city, Haven, inside a mountain in northern California and slowly gather a community of I dream of Dangergeniuses and misfits and people on the run around them.

Each man, ‘Mac’ McEnroe, Nick Ross and Jon Ryan, meets his match and finds his mate. They aren’t looking for love, but love finds them. Their women have psychic abilities, gifts they reject at first. In Heart of Danger, Dr. Catherine Young goes looking for Mac on an impossible mission. She is an empath, able to feel emotions at a touch. How would you like to know what people are feeling? I thought not. Catherine, too, has shunned her gift. It becomes much stronger as she falls in love with Mac, because I think that the greatest human connection of all, love, strengthens our native gifts.

In I Dream of Danger, Nick Ross lost his one true love, Elle Thomason, many years ago. He has mourned her for years. When Elle Thomason was lost to him, he joins Ghost Ops, because there will never be another woman for him.

But Elle has a gift, too. She can astrally project and when her life is on the line, she calls to Nick the only way she can—her soul calls to him and he will walk through fire to find her.

WOTR-High-Res-Front-Cover-V4-333x500Catherine and Elle are women with rare gifts, gifts that in the wrong hands can be abused, misused. Both Catherine and Elle are targets for renegade scientists who would turn their gifts into powerful weapons that could destroy humanity.

But the men of Ghost Ops and their women have a powerful weapon, too. Love and a community. When the world comes crashing down, it is not the size of your gun that will save you but the contents of your heart.

When Nick and Elle find each other again, they form a unit so strong nothing can bring them down. Not even a plague that threatens the world.

Nothing will ever tear them apart again.

The book deals with some scary stuff, stuff that could take civilization down, so let’s be very grateful for what we have, considering we have just celebrated the Fourth of July. Our freedom and all those things that allow us to enjoy life and our loved ones. Enough to eat, shelter, law and order. Modern medicine, schools, hospitals. There’s a lot to be grateful for, don’t you think? Because if it ever goes, it will all go, and we will be sorry we weren’t more grateful.

I live in Italy (I know—poor me!) so I might be a bit late in getting back to you but I would welcome your comments! One participant in today’s discussion will receive an electronic version of I Dream of Danger.

For information on more of Lisa Marie’s books, visit her website.

9 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Rice – I Dream of Danger

  1. Shana Shana says:

    Welcome! I just finished a scary book, and I am in the mood for another. Yours sound fabulous. Thanks for joining us all the way from Italy.

  2. This sounds so good, Lisa! Congratulations, and thanks for joining us!

  3. Ann s. says:

    I really enjoy books that make you think. I think we need to be reminded of all that we have and enjoy these days. The books sound really good.

  4. Welcome to the blog, Lisa! Your series sounds great, and I love the idea of a secret, high-tech city built deep in a mountain. And, yes. I am wee bit jealous that you’re in Italy – one of my favorite countries!

  5. Lisa Marie — thanks for visiting us today — all the way from Italy!

    These look like intense, dark romances – just the way I like them!

  6. bn100 says:

    Intriguing premise

  7. Julie says:

    I work with people who are at best, down on their luck, and am constantly reminded of how much I have and how lucky I am. It keeps me humble and grateful for the freedoms I’m given.

    Thanks for introducing your book!

  8. Love the premise, Lisa! My hubby is a bit of a prepare-for-doomsday guy, so I definitely have moments of ‘wow … what would it be like to not have (insert seemingly essential thing here)?’ Thanks for the reminder to appreciate today!

  9. Great to see you here, Lisa Marie! Your books sound fascinating! What an exciting premise…so much on the line!

    And what a thrill to live in Italy! Is this temporary or permanent? How did you get so lucky?

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