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Things are certainly heating up around here!  Its summer time and that means lots of fun stuff.    As soon as its acceptable I’m going to be sipping a mojito and going for a dip in the pool.  I’m lying– I live in England, it’s cold and I don’t have a pool!  But that is my favorite way to cool down.

What’s your favorite way to cool down?

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30 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. If I want to cool down, I sure wouldn’t be looking at THAT picture. YUM! 🙂

    A/C and cold water. Best cool downs.

  2. Cynthia; I couldn’t resist that picture!!! Something about it just says summer. 🙂

  3. eap says:

    ice cream

    1. Love ice cream and sorbet!

  4. Shana Shana says:

    My favorite way is to stay inside. It is way hot outside. Even Daniel Craig looks hot 😉

    1. Staying inside is sometimes all you can do in Texas during the summer. 🙂

  5. CateS says:

    Tall glass of lemonade over ice.

    1. CateS: Sounds delicious!!

  6. catslady says:

    I do the opposite – I have a hot cup of coffee. It works for me lol.

    1. catslady; I’ll have to give that a try on the next hot day we have. 🙂

  7. bn100 says:

    cold drink

  8. Okay, Katherine, that picture did NOT cool me down!! Whew, it sure is hot in here! *fans self*

    1. Vanessa–couldn’t resist Daniel Craig yesterday. 🙂

  9. Thank you for your Daniel Craig pic and question, Katherine. I live in Arkansas, where it gets really hot and muggy. To cool down I turn on a fan, eat and drink cold stuff, and/or take a cold shower. And remind myself that someday, somehow, I’ll be able to afford air conditioning. Keep cool, everyone!

    1. Mary Anne–my parents house still doesn’t have A/C in very hot Florida. I had forgotten how refreshing a cool shower is on a really hot day. 🙂

  10. Fun post, Kathy! My favorite way to cool down is with a tall glass of iced tea. And I agree with the others who said the Daniel Craig post did NOT help in the cooling process. Thank you for that. 😉

    1. I love iced tea as well. My current favorite is a peach flavored one from Celestial Seasonings. 🙂

  11. For me, the best cool down is a dip in the pool….or wherever that picture was taken! Ooohlala!

    1. Kathleen–as soon as I figure out where that pic was taken I’ll let you know and we can jet off there. 🙂

  12. Michelle Fidler says:

    I live in Ohio. Right now it’s cool and rainy. Hot in the house, unless I open a window. Last week it was hot outside. I cool down by turning on the air conditioner and fan and maybe having a cold drink like a Cherry Coke Zero. I might have some ice cream tonight (Triple Brownie or Chocolate Cookie Crumble). If I really need to wake up I’ll have some hot coffee if the air’s cranked up.

    1. Michelle–I’ve never had Chocolate Cookie Crumble but know I will love it.

  13. Hubba hubba! Me likey 😛

    Wait … what were we talking about again?

  14. Melody May says:

    Staying in the house with the AC on.

    1. Melody–A/C is the greatest invention isn’t it? 🙂

  15. Xoun J. says:

    Definitely not going near the kitchen! It gets ridiculously hot in there when its humid AND when somethings cooking! 😯

    1. I’m a big fan of not cooking when its hot. I tend to make a huge salad on really hot days and call it dinner. 🙂

  16. Anita H. says:

    When it’s so hot, I’m definitely staying inside. I’d feel like I’m wilting once I step out into the hot sauna, so I’d rather turn up my air conditioner and be indoors! 😆

  17. Rhonda says:

    It’s in the 90s on the wart cost and very humid. My favorite way to cool down is with a tall glass of water and sitting in the air conditioning.

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