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Bring a Friend Friday, Terri Brisbin

from Bring a Friend Friday. . er. . Wednesday is —–

Jo’s Daughter!

Congrats!! You’ve won:


  — a signed bound galley copy of Her Ladyship’s Curse
  — a Victorian heart and seashell wall hanging
  — a pretty set of note cards, and
  — a steampunk pendant designed and handmade by Lynn.


Just email me at terri@terribrisbin.com with your shipping info and we’ll get this out to you! Enjoy!  And thanks again to Lynn for a wonderful visit!

2 thoughts on “Lynn Viehl’s Winner. . .

  1. Connie Fischer says:

    Congratulations, Jo’s Daughter. Enjoy your goodies.

  2. Jo's Daughter says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes and read this a few times, but that IS my name. Wow, thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: I’m super excited and cannot wait to read this story, or decorate my home with the victorian heart, wear the pendant and use the notecards 😀 I’ve got the BIGGEST smile ever and my feet are tapping the floor in tune with the cheerful song that dances in my head 😉 Thanks again ladies! I’m overjoyed….

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