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In my new book, CELEBRATION’S BRIDE, which will be available June 18, the heroine, Sydney, has a history of being somewhat of a vagabond, moving every few years. Because of her tendency for itchy feet, she usually doesn’t accumulate many personal possessions so she can travel light.

Lately, the Norwegian has been contemplating retirement and we’ve been talking about downsizing and traveling. Naturally, that means I’ll have to pare down. I’m making peace with buying books for my Kindle. That way I’ll be able to take my library with me wherever we go because I couldn’t live without my books. There are several other special things I won’t be able to part with either.  Here are just a few of them: photo (2)

My animals (Marie is the cat; Samantha is the corgi). Of course, it’s a given that the animals will come with us.  Or if we travel abroad, the Crown Princess will care for them. Still, it will be difficult to leave them even temporarily.

photo (1)







My office is my sanctuary. I love going to work every day, and it’s a pleasure spending a lot of time in here. I have a huge glass-top desk. It’s not only great for working, but it also cleans up easily when I art journal on it. I have it sitting a third of the way out into the room, so that I face the door and my back is to the wall (my art table is in front of the deskphoto (4) along the left wall). I’ll probably have to downsize the desk when we move. But for now, here’s a picture of the left side and some of my favorite things I will definitely be able to take with me. That’s an inkwell with a feather pen that the Norwegian gave me for Christmas a few years ago; the “N” is a paperweight the Crown Princess gave me for Christmas; next to that is a “magic wand” Kathy Garbera gave me (and yes, it really works :)   );  behind that are two tea cups my good friend Mimi gave me; that’s a picture of the Norwegian and me in Paris; the smaller photo is me with the Crown Princess many moons ago, back in my auburn-hair days); that’s my prized Eiffel tower lamp and on it is a magnet of Berthe Morisot that Kathy G. sent me from London and a small beaded change purse that I found in an antique shop and couldn’t live without.


photo (3)I have an art table in a corner of my office. The picture shows just the tip of the art supply iceberg. I have so much paint, paper and ephemera and stuff that might come in handy for a future art journal project. I don’t know how I will part with it. However, since the definition of  ephemera is transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved, maybe that’s all the more reason I need to let it go…in due time. I mean, not tomorrow… or even next year… But I do need to think of what items I should put in a portable art journal kit.

Here are a few more of my favorite things that I will take with me:

Crown Princess made this for me for Mother’s Day. I wouldn’t part with it for anything.

photo (5)










This is a little tray of candles shaped like sweets. They are so pretty and absolutely calorie free. :) photo (6)






photo (7)I love the double heart ornament that hangs from the ceiling fan in my office.


The Norwegian gave me these whimsical pens years ago. I’m not even sure they write anymore. Still, I keep them on a shelf in my (8)





Stepping outside my office, into our backyard, we’ve planted a fabulous little herb garden. I’m so spoiled by the fresh herbs; I’ll have to buy potted ones since I won’t be able to take the garden with me when we go.

herb garden








Finally, there’s my Don Juan rose bush. The Norwegian gave it to me for Mother’s Day several years ago. It’s in a large planter. So, we were actually able to bring it with us when we moved into this house five years ago. We’ll take it with us when we move again.Rose bush

What do you have that would be difficult to give up?




Celebration's BrideBe sure to check out CELEBRATION’S BRIDE, which will be available June 18. It’s book four of my Celebrations, Inc. series from Harlequin Special Edition.

22 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things…

  1. Nancy; I love all of your favorite things. I’m so flattered to be included in a few of them. :) I’ve moved a lot in the last few years and I have to say that paring down all the stuff has made me focus on the things that are really important. :) The most difficult thing I’d have to give up is some cookbooks that were my mom’s and my grandmom’s and anything by my kids but I wouldn’t let them go.

    1. Kathy, you are the Goddess of Moving and you always make each place you go a home. When it comes time, you can bet I will ask for all kinds of advice. You can also bet that all of the fabulous gifts you’ve given me over the years will be in the nonnegotiable box. You are also the Goddess of Gift Giving. <3

  2. CORGI! SQUEEE! (I had a fabulous tri-colored Pem and a goofy red-and-white Cardi back in the day. Will have another when the time is right.)

    Love your ‘must haves,’ Nancy, especially because they’re all about relationships and experiences over stuff. That’s lovely!

    I went through A Big Purge a few years ago, so am pretty pared down. The non-negotiables are the cats, a few photos, and the curved-wood rocking chair where Arizona’s mom used to rock him to sleep.

    1. Jesse, any corgi lover is a friend of mine. Automatic bonding! Signed and sealed. My Pembroke Welsh has become my daughter since the Crown Princess went off to school. But don’t tell her I said that (and don’t tell the cat). ;)

  3. Mia Marlowe says:

    Interesting that your DH is the “Norwegian.” Mine is of Scandinavian descent too. Stubborn lot, aren’t they?

    I’m not attached to very many things, having bopped around often enough to keep the extra stuff to a minimum. We’ve lived in 9 different states, 4 time zones! But I do have a few treasures. One is a painting my dad did when he was a teenager (it’s softly impressionist with a nod to Van Gogh’s early palette). It never fails to take me home.

    1. Mia, stubborn? Holy cow! They make mules look passive. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but I so admire your travels. You are the JQ resident jetsetter. :)

  4. I can’t imagine moving, Nancy, though I fantasize about it all the time. Like everyone else, I loved seeing the things that mean so much to you. Good luck on the move! And congratulations to the Norwegian!

    1. Kristan, it’s funny, I’m so torn. I love the romantic notion of a family homestead that’s been passed through the generations, but I have another romantic fantasy of being a complete gypsy and traveling the world. Alas, I’m a homebody at heart; so I’ll have to split the difference — travel some, but have a home base.

  5. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Nancy, what a wonderful glimpse into your beautiful, whimsical office. It’s so you, and so charming! (Though I’m not sure it’s yet reached the portable stage… ;-) ) Your art table is giving me serious envy issues!

    I haven’t moved in almost thirty years, and it gave me hives to try to pinpoint only a few things that I couldn’t live without. If I *had* to choose, I’d probably say a brown leather armchair in my office that used to be my fathers–and the painting my mother did eons ago of him napping on it. He’s sitting up in suit and tie–what he always wore, even to dinner at home–and a few vinyl albums lie on the floor beside the chair. As a little girl, I saw him just like this so many times. I hang the picture above the chair in my office, and even a quick glance at it takes me home again. :lol:

    1. Kathleen, we were fifteen years in the house we lived in before this one. Before we moved, I sorted and scrapped so much stuff. We have nearly twice the space in this place. So, I shudder to think how long it will take to pare down…

  6. Connie Fischer says:

    I have recently adopted two gorgeous kitties and I am so wrapped around their little paws. There is absolutely no way I would give them up. Currently, I’m in Asheville, NC for my granddaughter’s wedding and I’m heading back home in a few days. I miss my babies so much and can’t wait to get back to them. My sweet neighbor is kitty sitting for me. I have to keep taking my phone out and looking at pictures of them. I guess you can officially call me a Crazy Cat Lady. I love my kitties! ;-)

    1. Connie, I *so* know what you mean about missing the animals when you’re away. We’re going to the beach soon and I already miss my furry babies.

  7. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Oh great blog, Nancy, and what a great list of treasures to keep. I must pick you and Kathy’s brains at National about this art journaling, I’m so intrigued…

    My list of treasures…

    my cats – obviously can’t leave the furry loves behind
    my wedding scrapbook – I loved making it and it’s so important to me
    a bound copy of The Illustrated London News from 1865 – I used this as research for Courting Claudia and it’s definitely a keeper
    my Harry Potter books – I know it’s probably silly, but these are the copies I read as the series was unfolding and somehow it feels as if a little of the story magic (pardon the pun) is there inside

    I know there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

    1. Robyn, I love your treasures, too! <3 We will definitely talk art journaling in Atlanta. It's such a great way to refill the creative well. Kathleen is an art journaler, too!

  8. Shana Shana says:

    I definitely have a thing for pens. I would be hard pressed to give up some of my favorites, especially any as pretty as those. Also, my signed Julie Garwood books and my complete set of Marsha Canham books.

    1. Shana, I am a pen klepto! You have to watch me. When I get a pen in my hand it becomes a part of me and I am prone to walk away with it. Not on purpose. It just…happens.

  9. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

    I don’t think I have to worry about moving. My husband moved frequently as a child and hates change. Luckily I love my house and the serenity of living in the country.

    Another reason we could never move–our blue heeler loves running wild!

    But if I did move, the dogs and cat would definitely have to come with us.

    1. Cindy, I’ll move in with you and your house can be the old homestead. ;) Do you have room for several (dozen) boxes of books and art supplies?

  10. catslady says:

    I couldn’t possibly move lol. It would have to be a matter of life and death. Besides being a pack rat (and tons of books), I care for ferals/strays and currently have two 16 yr. old fixed outside cats that I care for. Of course I know they won’t be around forever but there’s always strays…

    1. Catslady, you are such a good soul for taking care of all the cats. Thank you for being so kind.

  11. Nancy, hubby and I downsized from a full-size house to a condo four years ago. It was tough!! We did give lots of stuff away, which was pretty satisfying, and sold some things, too. The entire exercise forced us to pare down to those things that we truly wanted. For both of us, the toughest thing to let go were the books. We compromised by having tons of bookshelves built in the new place, which made us both very happy. But the rest of the stuff? It actually felt great to let it go once the move was finished. Life is a lot less cluttered now.

    1. Vanessa, I can see how it would make you feel lighter and freer. I mentioned above in my reply to Kathleen that the last time we moved we had been in that house for fifteen years. We “staged” the house when we put it on the market and that involved putting lots of stuff in a rented storage shed. All total, by the time we moved into the new house, the stuff was in storage for about six months. I didn’t miss or need one single item in those boxes. If I’d been smart, I would’ve simply dropped the boxes off at a charity. But there were things I was saving for our daughter…and I guess I just wasn’t ready to part with it then. Will be interesting to see what happens when we’re ready to move this time. Want to come over and help me sort? Hahaha!

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