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It’s May which means it’s my birthday month, though that’s not really what I want to talk about today (but feel free to send gifts b/c I love presents.) May also is the month when Brenda Novak hosts her annual on-line auction for Diabetes research. To date her auctions have raised over a million dollars. You can bid on anything from meet & greets with authors to fabulous vacations to jewelry. There’s truly something for everyone. I’ve donated to this auction for many years, but a few years ago the cause came near and dear to those I love and now it means so much more. of=50,299,443-2

When The Professor and I started dating he was finishing up his PhD and living with his best friend since 2nd grade who was also completing a PhD – my fella had moved to Austin (from their native OH) before Jeff came, but then they were roommates until Jeff got married. While the Professor and I were falling in love I got to know Jeff and his then fiancé, Rendy – they were planning their wedding and their future. He was one of those big dreamers, lots of plans for the future, wanting the best and the most of everything. He was fiercely smart and though he could be a toad at times (what man can’t?) he was crazy about the Professor and I know would have done anything for him.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe stood next to the Professor at our wedding, gave an amazing best man speech that made me cry. There we were two married couples and for a while we all lived in the same city and we’d have dinner on occasion. Then we all moved, us to Tennessee and them to Ohio. First jobs, first homes, we were on our way. We visited each other in our perspective homes, saw each other for holidays and the guys talked for hours on the phone every month or so.

Then we moved back to Texas and the week The Professor started his job here we got the call. Jeff had died. A victim of his juvenile diabetes. He was 33 and he and his wife had just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. The Professor was heartbroken. He gave the eulogy at Jeff’s funeral. And all of a sudden this auction that I’d donated to because I knew it was a good cause came home to the DeHart house.

So here we are in May once again and I don’t know if you’ve had Diabetes affect anyone you know and love, but it is a devestating disease that affects millions of children and their families. If you are so inclined I’d encourage you to go over and see if there’s something you would be interested in bidding on – or you can also simply make a cash donation. I’ve linked the image at the top of this post to the auction. Also, here are the two items I’ve personally donated.


The winner of this auction will receive a complimentary copy, in the winner’s choice of digital file, of all of Robyn DeHart’s Entangled Scandalous titles

All the books in her current Forbidden Love series:

Also included will be copies of her upcoming trilogy (releasing in 2014), THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE SWORD.


One-on-One Character Mentoring from award-winning author Robyn DeHart


Popular writing instructor and award-winning author Robyn DeHart is known for creating authentic characters that readerslove. Here she’ll offer one-on-one character mentoring. Get personal assistance with creating your characters from the GMC to character arcs to how to use your characters to grow the plot of your book.

**If you’re attending RWA National Conference this summer in Atlanta, GA (July 17-20, 2013), Robyn will even throw in a short meeting for coffee to get the ball rolling.

So what’s your favorite charity to donate to, whether it be time or money? I’m giving away 3 copies of the first book in my Forbidden Love series, A Little Bit Wicked, so comment and you could win! 

17 thoughts on “For the love of a friend

  1. What a sad story, Robyn! So sorry for your loss; Jeff sounds like a wonderful, wonderful friend. I’m also donating to Brenda’s auction…met her on a book tour years ago, and a lovelier, more dedicated person you couldn’t find. A fantastic cause!

  2. JenfromTexas says:

    Make a Wish foundation.

    So sorry about your loss — friends like that are precious.

  3. Kathryn in Montreal says:

    So hard to lose a special friend, so sorry for your loss.

    I have bid on and won items at Brenda’s auction over the past few years. It truly does have something for everyone, not just readers and writers. I am amazed by the auction items, the organization and the time devoted by Brenda and her staff to make it possible.

    I like to donate to the Montreal Children’s Hospital (with four kids I spent my fair share of time there…) and one of my daughters has become involved with Hopeful Hearts, a dog rescue in the Ottawa area. She fosters dogs while they wait for their forever home, she has adopted one (they call it a foster fail, lol) and I donate to them too.

  4. Terri Brisbin says:

    Robyn –

    What a wonderful man and a great way to honor his memory! Diabetes is a terrible disease and Brenda’s yearly auction raises money for needed research.

    Thanks for sharing about your friend Jeff.

  5. So sad, Robyn. I’m sure Paul and you miss him every day.

  6. Shana Shana says:

    I remember when you lost Jeff, Robyn. I’m so sorry. That’s a great donation to make. I like to volunteer for animal causes.

  7. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

    What a lovely tribute to your friend!

    I donate the most to our local city mission.

  8. eap says:

    I try to donate in small ways–click daily at the Animal Rescue site (doesn’t cost me a thing) but they get a donation from their sponser, give food to the STAMP OUT Hunger (US) this Saturday. (all I do is leave a few canned food items out by the mailbox, donate used books to the library book sale, give unused stuff to charity shops, etc. I usually can’t afford to give cash so for me it’s the little things.

  9. CateS says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss of a good and special friend. I contribute to a local community kitchen that also supports feeding children all year round.

  10. CrystalGB says:

    So sorry for your loss. To lose someone dear to you at an early age is so hard. I support Ronald McDonald House for the great services they provide to families.

  11. catslady says:

    So sad, he was so young! When young I was a Candy Striper and loved helping others. Then when grown I joined a women’s group that did community service. For the last 15 years my husband and I have been working with our local American Legion – he has been an officer on and off when possible and I help out on the committees whenever possible. We contribute to The Thon which is a Penn State cancer for children charity which my one daughter got very involved in. Both my children were in a school group that did community service too. It really does take a village.

  12. bn100 says:

    the Red Cross

  13. Marcy Shuler says:

    Robyn – I’m so sorry to hear about your friend Jeff.

    I have bid on and won items from Brenda’s auction over the years. I also like to donate to animal causes.

  14. Quilt Lady says:

    My husband has diabetes but not bad. My sister has it pretty bad so I always watch and check my blood pretty regular. I just donated to breast cancer because I have a friend that is going though that right now. Also to ST Jude’s sometimes. There are so many you never know what to donate to.

  15. So sorry to hear of Jeff’s loss. Diabetes is horrible; when I found out I had it, my first silly thought was of food I’d miss–but it becomes a question of wanting to stay well enough not to miss life’s real things, like being there for children and grandchildren’s birthdays, school awards, graduations…

    Thanks for the post and your generous donations to such a worthy cause.

  16. rhonda says:

    Very sorry about your friend Jeff. I donante to the American diabetes assoc. I also contacted to a charity for glaucoma/blind patients.

  17. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Thank you all so much. And what wonderful charities you all donate time & money to.

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