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photo(6)I’m pleased to welcome Sue Moorcroft to the Jaunty Quills today.  She’s one of the many fabulous authors I’ve met since moving the UK and she’s coming to America!  Well, I’ll let her tell you all about it.


I’m really excited. At the end of this month I fly out to attend the RT Booklovers Convention. My first time! And first times are so special …

The RT takes place this year in Kansas City, Missouri, and I have booked my flights, my place at the convention, my hotel (the Sheraton, the conference hotel), my trip to and from airports and have that happy ‘Wow! I can’t WAIT!’ feeling tempered with that ‘What have I forgotten or left undone?’ feeling. I’m really trying not to give the latter free rein or I’ll be waking up feeling squiggly in the dark hours of the night and will be exhausted by the time I arrive. Whereas I’m hoping only to feel exhausted when I leave.

One of the most exciting things has been planning my agenda. First, I put in the panels I’m actually a part of:

Wed 1 May Creating Irresistible Heroes (fun workshop)
Sat 4 May Choc Lit Tasting (Yes, you actually get to eat chocolate. Do come)
Sun 5 May ‘So you think you know about Britain and its heroines?’ (Lots of Brit-themed gifts and giveaways)

Then I signed up for every single party. I won’t list them all but from Kathryn Falk’s special reception for international visitors on Tues 30 April to Romance at Twilight on the Sunday evening, I have signed up for it. I’ve bought a tiara for the 30th Anniversary Formal Ball, I have my cowboy boots for Rosie Gulch’s Gals’ Get Together, I have cocktail dresses, dance dresses and my shoes … I have a bit of a thing about shoes.

Then I went for promo. There are a LOT of promo opportunities; some are appearances such as the Giant Book Fair and Club RT, some are enticing workshops with titles such as ‘Sell Fast! Sell Often!’ (Yes please to both of those things) or ‘Blog Tour Like a Rock Star’, which sounds like such a fun way to do it.

And that just about left room in my schedule to sleep and eat – occasionally. And probably to have a swim in the rooftop pool. Oh yes, and I’ve allowed a day each end of the trip to get over/prepare for jetlag. (Also known as shopping.)


Anybody have any good tips to avoid jetlag?

Portrait of Sue MoorcroftAward winning British novelist Sue Moorcroft writes of dauntless heroines and irresistible heroes, writing ‘how to’, courses, short stories, serials and columns and is creative writing tutor.
Check out her website www.suemoorcroft.com and her blog at http://suemoorcroft.wordpress.com/, befriend Sue on Facebook sue.moorcroft.3 or follow her on Twitter @suemoorcroft.

6 thoughts on “Jaunty Guest–Sue Moorcroft

  1. catslady says:

    I rarely travel anymore but when I did I learned to not just assume the new hours right away. If possible try to ease into it a few hours at a time – normally that means by the time you are insinc it’s time to leave and you have to start all over again lol.

  2. Mia Marlowe Mia Marlowe says:

    Looking forward to meeting you in KC!

  3. Shana Shana says:

    Oh, how fun! I’ll be there. I’m one of Rosie’s Gulch Gals (Mia too). I’ll have to come to the chocolate tasting and the British Heroines. They sound great!

    In my experience, it really is true that if you try and stay up that first day, you get acclimated more quickly.

  4. Connie Fischer says:

    A strong cup of coffee upon arrival and an early bedtime.

    Enjoy yourselves. Would so love to be there. Hope everyone will post updates.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. 🙂
    Catslady, I’m not sure that I’ve ever tried acclimatising slowly – but I’ve certainly got to the end of a trip and still haven’t acclimatised!

    Mia – thank you! I look forward to meeting you, too.

    Shana (and Mia) – I’m really looking forward to Rosie Gulch’s Gals. I don’t like boas so I’ve bought a red cowboy hat with sequins. I hope that will get me in OK. We’d love to see you at the chocolate tasting and the heroines. Both are going to be a lot of fun and there will be fun giveaways.

    Connie, I don’t do coffee so it will have to be tea. I like tea a lot … Sorry you can’t be there. I hope you can make it another time.

  6. CateS says:

    I don’t fly great distances, but do know that you need to sleep on the flight if possible. However, shopping upon arrival does help with jet lag… who cares that you’re tired, you’re finding such great deals!!

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