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I just finished a book about a week and half ago. It was a long haul.

I mean, sure, I’m a writer. I’ve finished lots of books. (Twenty something now.) So finishing a book shouldn’t be that big a deal. But some books are harder to write than others and this book (the sequel to the Farm) was a bit of bear to write–for several reasons, none of which I’ll bore you with. The end result is that I’ve been writing my little fingers to the bones for the past couple of months.

Once I was done (for now–there will still be revisions and editing and tons more work), I felt like a deserved a much needed break. A chance to kick back and relax for at least a couple of weeks. Here’s how I decided to reward myself:

  • Read a good book. Or Six. – Technically, this is still work. I had books to judge for the Ritas, so I had a nice stockpile of books that I really9780062072030_p0_v1_s260x420 did have to read. I finished those up just tonight. And while it’s still been work, it was loads of fun. I still have a few more books I want to read before I dive back in. I had downloaded a sample chapter of Under the Never Sky a couple of months ago and I can’t wait to get back to it. Plus, I have a book to write a cover quote for. So I’ll be reading that one too. (And I’m super excited about that because it’s going to ah-mazing!)
  • Shopping – I needed a new purse. Somewhat desperately, actually. And, this is the first time since kids that I’ve bought a really nice purse. It’s leather and everything. And it doesn’t have pockets for carrying sippy cups. I feel so grown up.
  • Getting a pedicure – okay, I haven’t actually done this yet. But I’m gonna. Soon.
  • Exercise – you know, that strange thing where you move your body around. Yeah. I did some of that. I actually didn’t gain weight this deadline, despite massive cookie eating. So I can only assume I lost muscle mass during my months hunched over the keyboard. Boy, today, when I was doing burpies, I sure felt it. I thought I was going to have some sort of a asthma incident. And no, I don’t have asthma. Just saying that I could imagine…
  • Bake! – my love of cooking and baking is well known. So naturally, I’ve been puttering around the kitchen to my heart’s content. Plus, my neighbor just had a hip replacement surgery, so I’m bringing food over to her. And it’s nice to cook for someone new, you know? My family’s familiar with my schtick. New people are easily impressed and appreciative!
  • Clean :shock: – shocking, I know. But my car looks like a transient lives in it and my office is worse. Like … there are just no words, worse. So, I’m starting with the closet in my office and working my way out. Progress is slow, but … baby steps, right? Next up is the pantry. Those ten year old spices are going down!

How do you reward yourself when you’ve been working hard? Since I’m suddenly painfully aware of how many spare books I have, I’ll send a copy of my latest two Desires to one lucky commenter.

14 thoughts on “How do you spoil yourself?

  1. Congrats on finishing and good luck with your list! I start with a little retail therapy and then would go on to a pedicure and believe or not cleaning the house makes me feel good when I have everything caught up. Like a sort of visual representation of my accomplishment. 🙂

  2. Shana Shana says:

    I definitely get a pedicure. And I might NOT do burpies! It would be a reward to sleep in.

  3. CateS says:

    Um… new books!! or something new for my gardening efforts. congrats to you on finishing a tough write! I’m sure we’ll enjoy your efforts.

  4. Just the joy of NOT sitting down at my computer is a guilty pleasure.
    And what I’ll do at first is just catch up on all those Walking Dead episodes I recorded but didn’t have time to watch.

  5. Maria P says:

    I sometimes buy myself a book that I’ve wanted for a while but have either put it off or found some lame excuse not to buy it. My other treat is an expensive candle or I buy myself a few candles. I love the way my apartment smells when they’re burning, & they add a soft glow to whatever room they’re in!

  6. eap says:

    I buy some books

  7. CrystalGB says:

    A girls day out my best friend.

  8. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    I definitely binge read. And I put real clothes on and some make-up.

    Congrats on finishing the book!

  9. catslady says:

    Well besides buying and reading more books, playing games – any kind. For a real treat a friend and I make a trip to our local casino 🙂

  10. Stefanie D says:

    Read one of the books that have been shouting at me to be read. Relaxing in a sunny spot in our garden. plan a trip (I enjoy planning the trip as much as I enjoy going on a trip).

  11. bn100 says:

    eating dessert

  12. Ann s. says:

    Eating chocolate and exercising so I can eat the chocolate are two ways I relax. Reading while eating chocolate is the best.

  13. Liz V. says:


    I catch up with friends.

  14. Rhonda says:

    I don’t know if I’m too late but 13 comments…I had to make it 14, just because! I usually go out to dinner to relax a treat myself, followed by my nightly reading. 🙂

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