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It’s been a very busy couple of months! My daughter got engaged at Thanksgiving, and the wedding planning has begun. Her dream has alwaysimages been for a summer wedding (or so she tells me), but she is a law student and will graduate in May. She’ll start her prep course for the bar right away, and then take the bar exam July 30-31. Which doesn’t leave much time for fitting in a wedding. So she decided October would work.

Since she’s so busy, I’ve been doing a lot of the footwork for her. I checked out numerous venues for the wedding before I made her come along to check them out, and finally, we settled on one. Luckily, it had one October Saturday open – the 26th. That should be enough time to plan a big wedding, right? Right?

Next was finding a gown. Again, I visited a few bridal salons before she made her appointments, and we were lucky enough to find her gown on our second appointment. My sister came with us, and found the perfect dress after trying on (only) about ten. It’s spectacular, and I would love to post a picture of it, but I don’t dare. She would kill me! 🙂 (To see a picture of the happy couple, check out my Facebook page).

Now, we’re on to the next thing. I don’t know what it is yet, but luckily, there are some great websites like The Knot and The Wedding Channel that help keep us on track. I think it’s probably bridesmaids’ dresses and Save-The-Date cards, but I’ll soon get my instructions. 🙂

If you were involved in planning a wedding – what were the pitfalls? What kinds of things should I be on the alert for? (I need all the help I can get!)


14 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride

  1. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Much of my wedding planning fell to my mother because I was on my first ever book deadline – the book due 2 weeks before the wedding. And I was still working full time. Our church was building a new building and the one they were using was totally unacceptable (there was a huge stain glass window of Jesus where he looked like one of the Bee-Gees). In any case my mom found the church for us and put the deposit down without us even seeing it and it was PERFECT. Weddings come with their own unique problems but I decided I wasn’t going to care about any of that because at the end of the day I’d be married to my soul mate. Our wedding was wonderful. And I forgot to throw the bouquet… 😳

  2. Karin Anderson says:

    If you have a photographer, make sure you leave enough time for all the photos to be taken. You don’t want to be rushed and have the guests waiting for the wedding party. I went to my friends’ wedding and they had the reception planned for right after the wedding in the meeting hall of the church. They ended up rushing the photos and had lots of people waiting on them. In the end, they didn’t get the pictures they wanted and were breathless at the beginning of the reception.

  3. Polly says:

    If flowers are super important make sure you go with a reputable florist. I wanted yellow and white roses for my April wedding in New Orleans and figured, easy enough, good time of year for roses. Come to find out the florist ordered them from California and a month before there was a freaky freeze that pretty much killed all the roses. I didn’t find out until the flowers for me and my three bridesmaids were delivered to the church two hours before the wedding. My bouquet had the most ginorormous tulips I’d ever seen, like they’d eaten every other flower they’d been planted with, and my bridesmaids had PAPER posies. A huge disappointment!

  4. Ooh – Good advice, Karin!
    And Polly – I think she’s got a good florist. The place has been recommended by numerous people, so I think we’re ok. But I’ll have my daughter check with her on what flowers will – for sure – work in late October in Michigan.
    See, Robyn? Moms know exactly what needs to be done. Right?

  5. Shana Shana says:

    Is that the dress? It’s fabulous! I know my husband’s family was insulted we didn’t want kids at the wedding, and my parents didn’t want to pay for an open bar, but my husband insisted on having one, even if we paid for it. I think negotiating some of the details with everyone is the hard part. Make sure your daughter and you and she and her fiancee are on the same page.

  6. No, Shana – that is not the dress! I’m not allowed to say or post anything about it, lol.

    What great advice on making sure everyone knows who is responsible for what. I’ll make sure we do that.

  7. I’d say try to enjoy every minute. That’s all!

  8. Aw, what a good mom you are!

    No useful advice here on the planning–Arizona and I got married at a local historical site, had family members take the pictures (bonus when we interrupted the ceremony so he could run back to the car for the rings and I got to field catcalls of ‘is he coming back?’) and then immediately adjourned for a BBQ. It was very ‘us’.

    The one thing I feel qualified to say is: Your friends and family are coming to witness the birth of a new family. The rest is gravy. Have fun with it, and best to all!

  9. Kathleen OD says:

    I am not planning any weddings, but when my first niece gets married, I hope I will be in on the plans, at least I would like to go with her to see her pick out her dress.
    Have Fun and enjoy all the moments of your daughters wedding.

  10. Definitely enjoying it, Kristan!

    Thanks, Jesse – trying to be there for my kid, ya know!

    Kathleen – it was so great having my sister there to try on wedding gowns. She’s my only sister (we have 3 brothers) and her kids are a girl and two boys the same ages as my girl and two boys! We share a lot! I hope you get to go when your niece tries on gowns.

  11. eap says:

    People do not know how to RSVP properly so allow plenty of time and expect to make phone calls to get an accurate head count.

  12. CateS says:

    I’d start some sort of book to keep organized.. tabbed sections for invite list, reception, photos [consider also a videographer, music for wedding & reception, lodging available for out of town guests… The Knot etc, have been really helpful for the kids of my friends..

    And keep a running budget… you’ll be amazed at some of the costs…

    I think it is most important that the wedding speaks about the couple..

  13. Good point, eap. I have a feeling his mom and I will be making a few calls. He is European, and a lot of his aunts/uncles/cousins will be coming. But we need numbers!!
    Cate – great idea. My daughter is pretty organized and I know she’s got a spreadsheet of everything. But I think I’ll keep my own, too.

  14. Lorelei says:

    Well, my pitfall was with the flowers. I didn’t marry in the US but the day before my wedding (Oct. 1st.), was secretary’s day, and the flower shop didn’t order enough, so instead of my bouquet being made of roses, they had to use carnations. Now, I had two ceremonies (yes, the same man) and the previous ceremony was 2 weeks before, and that bouquet was made with orchids, beautiful! So my advice, just be sure no holidays interfere with things you want to order or plan for. Be sure to double check. Also, be sure you have a good photographer. My pics from one of the weddings turned out better than the other, which I was lucky! Hope everything turns out beautifully for your girl! Enjoy the process and make it special!

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