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Tracy_blueToday I get to host one of my very friends, Tracy!

Tracy and I met through our local writer’s group and we’ve worked together on The International Kissing Club, writing as Ivy Adams. She’s a very close friend and my make-up guru. I asked her to join us today for a fun Q&A.


1. Tracy, you write so many different subgenres. I know you pretty well and I’m not even sure what all you write. Give us a quick run down of what you write and under what names.


Snort, you know me pretty well, huh, Emily?  I think once you write a book with a person, you get to know them EXCEPTIONALLY well 😉  As for what I write—here’s the current list:


As Tessa Adams: Urban Fantasy and Hot Paranormal Romance

As Tracy Wolff: Contemporary Romance and Erotic Romance/Erotic Suspense

As Tracy Deebs: YA Paranormal Romance, YA Sci-Fi Romance, New Adult Romance

As Ivy Adams: … I think you’ve got this one covered, right?  This is the pen name, you, Shellee Roberts and I share for the Contemporary YA Romacne that we write together.


Soulbound22. With so many different genres, is there anything all your books have in common?


Actually, I think there are a lot of things my books have in common, to be honest.  Most  writers have certain themes that appeal to them and those themes show up again and again throughout their writing during their career, and I’m certainly no different.   My stuff usually centers around control (of themselves, their lives, or the situation) at some level—my H/h losing it, my H/h desperate to hold onto it/ someone trying to take it from them … depending on the genre.


My heroes also tend to fall along the same line.  I love the bad boy hero—to the point that we joke about it being a little pathological.  But I’m an American Lit Professor and my favorite topic to discuss with my students is the Gothic Villain Hero (Batman, Anakin Skywalker, Professor Snape, Rochester, Q, Angel … you know the type J)  So nearly all of my books have this kind of hero.  I can only think of a couple (About the Baby, Tease Me) that don’t.


And then, probably, writing style.  I tend to be a pretty dark writer and most of my books—from Harlequin Superromance to Urban Fantasy to YA reflect this in one way or another.



doomed33. Now, you work as a lit professor also. And you’ve got three boys. In addition to being a very productive writer. Do you have any time management tips for the rest of us.

Not really.  I try to limit myself to time on the Internet, obviously, while I’m working—sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Other than that, I’m not a big sleeper—most nights I get about four and a half hours,  But I can’t really suggest that people go without sleep, can I?   So sorry, I think it’s all about finding the rhythm that works for you and going with it …


4. Now you do work time into your schedule to watch TV (particularly with your boys). What shows do you love and why?


Actually, this is fairly new for me—and completely your fault.  For years I was the one who didn’t know any shows people were talking about because I never took time to watch TV.  But then you handed me that Veronica Mars DVD last year …  Well, that and I finally broke down and got Netflix so I can watch what I want when I want (yes, I know, TIVO, but I always forget to record anything).


So when I started watching one episode of Veronica Mars a night, my oldest son (who just turned sixteen) started watching it with me and it kind of became our bonding time.  So every night after I get the younger two to bed, kidlet #1 and I watch at least one episode of some show together.  So far we’ve done Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights, Firefly, and we’re currently on the first episode of season two of Sons of Anarchy—which was so brutal that I ended up sending him out of the room for it and watching through my fingers).  I like it because the shows (particularly Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights, which are teen shows) gave us jumping off points to talk about a lot of different, difficult subjects that we’d only ever touched on before but that I think are important to discuss with my kids, especially teenagers who are just starting to drive, gain their independence, etc.  The cool thing is, he really looks forward to this time (and so do I) and if I have to skip it for work or whatever, it’s obvious that he’s really disappointed.  So I try to make time for it even when I’m on deadline or exhausted.


5. What is your newest release?

I actually have two new releases—they came out back to back in January and February.  My February release is Soulbound, a dark Urban Fantasy that follows Xandra Morgan, a latent witch just coming into her powers.  Unfortunately, those powers are dark—she sees dead people (not ghosts, but the actual dead bodies of people who have died violently) and is compelled to find them.  So it’s a romantic suspense/paranormal romance/urban fantasy set in my home town of Austin, Texas.


My second release is Doomed, my new sci-fi Cyberarmageddon YA.  It’s a modern day retelling of the Pandora myth, where she opens an attachment instead of a box and hearkens technological Armageddon.  There’s a real life scavenger hunt in it, a manhunt from Homeland Security, a romance, a countdown to nuclear annihilation and a Massive, Multi-player online game … It’s the hardest book I’ve ever written and one that I am exceptionally proud of.


Thanks so much for having me.  I’d love to do a giveaway of Soulbound and Doomed, so leave a comment for a chance to win!

12 thoughts on “Welcome Tracy Deebs/Tessa Adams!

  1. Hey, Over-Achiever! I had no idea you were all those people! Loved hearing about all your projects, Tracy! So nice to have you here today.

  2. Shana Shana says:

    Welcome! I am always in awe of your productivity and how you balance writing and motherhood.

  3. Rebe says:

    Wow, 4.5 hours of sleep?!?!?! Holy crap!!! That’s crazy! I think I’d be speaking gibberish or pulling a Shining moment on the DH after a few days of that. And I didn’t realize that you wrote as Tracy Wolff as well.

  4. catslady says:

    I’ve not read you but I love variety and it sounds like you do that quite well. I like the bonding that you do with your son. I use to do that with my two daughter – total opposites. I would watch boy bands and MTV with my oldest and anime dvd’s with my youngest.

  5. Sandi in OH says:

    With so many names, do you ever get confused? You are really amazing. I am always looking for new authors so will be checking you out on amazon.

  6. bn100 says:

    Nice interview and covers.

  7. Janie McGaugh says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine doing all that on so little sleep!

  8. Barbara Elness says:

    What a great interview, I’m happy to learn more about Tracy / Tessa. I’ve had Soulbound on my wish list since I first saw it and I’ve been seeing lots of great things on the web about Doomed, so I’m eager to read both new releases.

  9. CrystalGB says:

    Hi Tracy. I love your books. Your new books sound great. I love the cover to Soulbound.

  10. Ann s. says:

    I have been looking forward to reading Doomed. I didn’t realize that you also wrote under other names. Talk about multi tasking wow!

  11. donnas says:

    Soulbound sounds great. Cant wait to read it.

  12. aperiodic says:

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