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I really love picking out gifts at Christmas and taking my time to find something that the recipient will really love. For me there is nothing better than spending hours at the mall (in the US) or walking along the High Street (In the UK) and searching for that perfect present.

Sometimes I find a gift that I know will be perfect for a friend or family member and desperately want one for myself as well. And to be honest, I have actually bought two of certain items so I could keep one.

This year I was the US for Christmas (yay!) and got to have lunch with my two besties. These women are sisters of the soul for me. And the meal was four hours long and still seemed too short but we all know each other very well and Nancy and I had a good laugh when we opened our gifts and saw we’d bought each other the exact same book.

Nancy and I and our Paris Fashion Book!

Has anything like that ever happened to you? Do you like shopping for presents or think a gift card is fine?

I’m giving away a copy of One More Kiss my current release from Harlequin Blaze which features two really good friends Staci and Alysse.

13 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift

  1. Not the same gift, but… Years ago, I bought my brother a dress shirt with some seriously stand-out stripes. He joked about it (“what is this – prison garb,” etc) – we all had a good laugh, and then he locked his gifts in his car while we got ready to have dinner. At the same time, another brother (a locksmith back then) opened up his car and took out the striped shirt, re-wrapped it and gave it to Brother #1 again. Big Brother was speechless. But the rest of us were all in on the joke. It was hilarious at the time.

  2. And btw – after all the joking about the striped shirt, it turned out to be one of his favorites, for years!

  3. Connie Fischer says:

    How funny that you bought each other the same book! To me, that really shows you DO know each other quite well.

    I prefer finding the perfect gift if I can because I hate to resort to a gift card. However, most people would love that! I guess I can’t help but think it’s a bit of a cop out. While I have not given and received the same gift before, I do have a friend who gave me the exact same gift for Christmas two years in a row. I didn’t have the heart to tell her. It’s now just my private little giggle.

  4. Shana Shana says:

    I do like finding the perfect gift, and I get frustrated when I can’t. If I can’t, I’ll go for a gift card and resolve to do better the next year.

  5. Kathy, you are always a great gift-giver! You put so much thought into your presents! The moment we opened our gifts at our Christmas brunch and discovered we’d picked out the same thing for each other will remain one of my favorite memories! XOXO

  6. catslady says:

    I really try to find that perfect gift but I’m not always successful. When my children were young, it was very easy. Now I make them give me long lists so I know I am getting at least some of the things I know they want. I only have one couple that I have resorted to gift cards and that is because they really do have everything and can afford to go out and buy whatever they want and they do lol. So I try to find a different restaurant or a different kind of GC. This year it was movie certificates because they go to a lot of movies!

  7. May says:

    I don’t like giving giftcards. I find them impersonal. I prefer finding the right gift but it’s hard sometimes!

  8. bn100 says:

    It depends on who the gift is for when I give gift cards.

  9. Melody May says:

    Nope it hasn’t happen, but I LOVE getting gift cards. That way I won’t get disappointed. One christmas I got a shower head, so the gift card is perfect.

  10. Kirsten says:

    I once got exactly the same gift as my sister. A friend of ours had bought us (and some other friends aswell) the same book. She said: “you can read it at the same time and have your own little bookclub… Well, it wasn’t my idea of a great gift but, she meant well. I did not end up discussing the actual book with my sister, but the year after that we did wonder if we would all get matching gifts from that friend again.

  11. Josette Schaber says:

    I’ve bought the same gift for several of my friends, but can’t remember the time where me and someone else bought the same thing for each other. That’s amazing and will make that book even more memorable. Not to mention the fact that every time you see that book you will think of your friend and that great meal.

  12. Ann s. says:

    I am happy when I think of a gift for someone that I know they will like. If a gift card is all I can think of I try to wrap it in a fun way. My brother wanted a Walmart gift card and they had one like a lump of coal. He received a stocking with the gift card and I packed it full of coal shaped chocolates.

  13. Lorelei says:

    I prefer finding the right gift or something memorable for a friend/family. I also use giftcards but for my sons friends, or maybe to give a treat, such as Starbucks or Bath and body works, B&N if I don’t know the person well. No same gifts that I can recall ;D That’s cute, though!

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