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Katherine Garbera


Jaunty Post


We all know that Jaunty has been Na–I mean nice this year but the rest of the Quills might have a little ‘splainin to do!

Kristan had a mixed year. On the Nice side, she mentored a bunch of writers, didn’t sell her children to the gypsies and baked banana bread and chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis. Naughty-wise, she continues to torment her sainted husband, McIrish, by claiming to be secretly married to Derek Jeter, Tom Hardy and Jeremy Renner, among others. She and her twin, Jill Shalvis, wreaked havoc at a veterinarian’s conference in Reno, pictured here. Kristan hopes Santa will overlook her bad behavior and bring her some Fran’s chocolates anyway.



Kathy had a mixed-bag as well.  On the nice side she turned all of her books in on time, didn’t roll her eyes every time someone asked her if she was Canadian (the Brits can’t distinguish North American accents), didn’t complain that her husband and children wanted dinner every night and she was handy with the advice for unpublished writers by critiquing their manuscripts.  Not saying this next act was Naughty exactly but she might have helped empty all the wine bottles at the Mills & Boon luncheon, I mean, it was going to go to waste if not consumed.  And she totally didn’t sneak a photo in the Rock Star Museum of Steven Morrissey despite the photographic evidence!  Maybe Santa can overlook those small infractions and still deliver that new tiara she’s had her eye on…a girl can never have to many tiaras.


Cindy has been more nice than naughty.   She’s exercised regularly all year long, met all of her deadlines, and taken time to be with family and friends.  Santa should overlook all that soda she drank, and not be upset about her witty posts on Facebook when she should have been writing.  Hopefully  Santa will be extra good to her this year and bring her maybe a nice trip somewhere warm.





Shane’s pretty sure she’s on Santa’s Nice List. She’s worked hard, been a patient wife and mother, and kept up with my exercise routine!  Santa’s sure to give her something extra-special this year perhaps more shopping days with Baby Galen where she’s ready for the next store or maybe a Royal visit from The Duchess of Cambridge!






Emily’s was mostly nice this year, because she started (and stuck to) an exercise program.  However, she was at least a little bit naughty because she didn’t lose extra pounds she’s on losing oh…for the past five years. She’s hoping Santa will bring some kind of yummy treat that will make those pounds melt away or what she really wants…


Nancy has been mostly nice this year… if you overlook the minor detail that she still hasn’t weeded out the hundreds of books in her office. Sure, that was the justification for purchasing an e-reader (she would donate many of the traditional books and free up some much needed space…)but every time she started to tackle the project, it felt like she was deciding which of her favorite children to cut loose. And was it really naughty when she secretly purchased the perfume she wanted after her hubby ignored her repeated hints that the fragrance was the ONLY thing she wanted for her birthday? Shouldn’t she get “Nice” points for not getting mad at him and finding a “creative” way to maintain marital bliss? Plus, she smells really good. There’s also the slight infraction that she still hasn’t committed to that exercise program she’s been swearing she’ll embrace. In her defense, she didn’t curse too loudly when she broke her toe earlier this year… and THAT was the main culprit that kept her from getting buff. So, if you do the math, all-in-all she’s been pretty nice. What? Now, wait, go back and check your figures again, please. It really does add up. 😉




Robyn has been quite naughty this year. Though she’s been hard at work on writing her books and met all of her deadlines, she’s inadvertently fallen in love with more than one of her heroes. Though the Professor understands this is part of her job, she feels rather guilty to have having illicit affairs with both an unsuspecting earl and the owner of a gaming hell.

What about you?  Have you been Naughty or Nice?

3 thoughts on “Naughty Or Nice?

  1. Connie Fischer says:

    Oh hell, I’m always naughty! When I was younger and still working, I HAD to be nice. However, I’m retired now and I’ve decided that Maxine of the greeting cards is my heroine. Therefore, I have resolved to do what I like. But things do continue to tick me off. For instance, the scales are constantly broken because there is absolutely NO WAY I could weigh that much. I mean, I only ate a smidge of that ice cream and a little dab of cake so surely I couldn’t have gained weight from that! Maybe if I get a robe like Maxine seems to always be wearing, I can hide the bulges. In the meantime, you girls be as naughty as you want. It’s fun!

  2. catslady says:

    Lately I’ve been boring as all get out. I can’t think of anything naughty that I’ve done this year lol. Oh, maybe sneak off to the casino a few times with my friend (although it really wasn’t sneaking (sigh)lol.

  3. Lorelei says:

    Love this post! Always NICE! I’ve shared lots of great reads on FB 😆 Well, some naughty is I gained weight and should have exercised. Next year will definitely add walking while listening to audiobooks, to make it up 😉

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