A few years ago I wrote a series for Desire called King of Hearts. It featured a mob boss who’d asked for forgiveness with his dying breath and was granted a chance to redeem himself by God. I think its no secret I’m Catholic so this was a storyline that appealed to me since I have been praying for redemption for “the poor souls in purgatory” all my life.

He can earn his way into heaven but only if he unites in love as many couples as enemies he once murdered in hate. So there is Il Re (the King) in the afterlife and he’s caught kind of like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap. In each book I had him take on the guise of a different person. Sometimes he’s a chauffeur, sometimes a radio show producer and in my Christmas story Cinderella’s Christmas Affair, he’s a secretary (I used to be one!) and a woman.

Here’s a sneak peek:
It hardly took the stroke of midnight to remind CJ Terrence that, despite colored contacts and haute couture, she was still the mousy schoolgirl disposed to fairy-tale delusions. All it took was a chance holiday encounter with Tad Randolph. Years ago, the tycoon whose business could make or break her career had befriended her, then betrayed her. Now he wanted redemption–and more than a kiss beneath the mistletoe.

Heaven help her, so did CJ.

She craved Tad’s taste and touch–always had. And something told her that fate in the form of an unlikely fairy godmother had delivered this second chance. Still, CJ wondered if she dare believe this Christmas affair could lead to ever after.

So here’s my question to you, who do you most want to meet under the mistletoe?  In real life, my darling husband.  In my fantasy life I think I’d like to meet Gerard Butler there!

Three lucky winners will receive the e-book version of CINDERELLA’S CHRISTMAS AFFAIR.

13 thoughts on “Tis the Season…For a Christmas Story

  1. krissy says:


    Hm, I wish I could take back a mistake that lead me to lose my ‘Mr Right’ and get to kiss him for christmas.
    If I had to chose someone else it would probably be Jimmy Thomas or Charlie Hunnam. 🙂

  2. Hm…I guess I’d have to go with Tom Hardy (actor, not author). Because McIrish and I have already smooched under the mistletoe this year, a couple of times. 😉

    Love the concept of your book, Kathy!

  3. Shana Shana says:

    My husband, of course! 😉

  4. sue says:

    my husband of 53 years!!!!

  5. My boyfriend of course.

  6. Connie Fischer says:

    In real life, my “46-year” husband but since every person is allowed a fantasy, it would without a doubt be Henry Cavill. Sigh…

  7. Fran says:

    Talking fantasy here 🙂 I have to say Brad Pitt ( before that awful beard) :mrgreen:

  8. Ann s. says:

    My husband, but I wouldn’t push Chris Hemsworth out from under it. Actually I might push Thor under the mistletoe, sorry hubby.

  9. chey says:

    In fantasy–George Clooney.

  10. bn100 says:

    Paul Walker

  11. Kathleen O says:

    Hugh Jackman would just make my fantasy Christmas wish under the Mistletoe..

  12. Lorelei says:

    In real life, my hubby. In fantasy-Kathleen O, is going to have to share Hugh Jackman 😉

  13. Miranda Mason says:

    In real life, my hubby. In fantasy, Channing Tatum… without a shirt on…

    I’m suddenly in search of some mistletoe.

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