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All things Sweet . . .

Many thanks to the Sisterhood (and especially Cindy Kirk) for letting me drop in today!

Without knowing, my parents gave me a name that fit me perfectly. Until I turned 30, no one called me by my given name, they called me Candi. I don’t know why it changed but I still relate my given name to being in trouble. You know, the mother voice yelling it out the front door–which also included your middle name–and the guarantee you were about to get spanked or put on restriction? Yeah. I know it well.


The first series of romances I wrote for Avon Impulse were “The Sugar Shack” novels, which revolved around a family bakery (and lots of sweet snacks). As I began my new “Sweet, Texas” series (Anything But Sweet will be on sale July 2013) for Avon books I had to consider that maybe deep down inside I have a real confectionary fixation.


With the holidays upon us I thought maybe we could just try to exorcise this whole sugar thing out of my system. Let’s begin with the confession:


First of all, I am a cookie snob. Yep. I admit it. I cannot go into the store and buy cookies off the shelf or even from the in-store bakery. Unless dunked (yep, I’m a dunker) in a glass of milk, I cannot stomach Chips Ahoy cookies. Notice I say unless they are dunked, which means I will still totally eat them. I am also a pie snob, which is to say I favor anything with a crust over anything with frosting. And don’t even get me started on Butterfinger candy. I will be a fan until my teeth rot. I love chocolate—any kind—but sometimes all I really want is a box of Hot Tamales or Mike and Ike’s.


Now that I’ve actually voiced my fixation I find I’m really craving a frozen Snickers bar and I realize there’s no way I’m every going to overcome the sugar cravings. So I might as well share a quick and easy recipe I make around the holidays and I will probably go make right now. You should too.


But first, tell me about your sweet cravings. Dark chocolate or milk? Cake or pie? Red licorice or black?

Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Somebody Like You 

Winner will be post on Sunday by 2pm!!


Holiday Haystacks

One cup peanut butter

Two 12-oz. bags butterscotch chips

One 12-oz. bag chopped peanuts

One pkg. chow mein noodles (the short crunchy ones)

Over low heat in a saucepan melt peanut butter. Gradually add butterscotch chips till melted. Remove from heat. Immediately add peanuts and noodles. Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper. Let cool. Store in zip lock bags.



After 22 years of working at becoming published, Candis Terry is the happy author of THE SUGAR SHACK NOVELS published by Avon Impulse. She is also the first Impulse author to be moved up to mass market with her new SWEET, TEXAS Series—the first book Anything But Sweet will be a July 2013 release. Born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California, Candis now makes her home on an Idaho farm with her very own alpha male who somehow survives a house full of girls. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working as an engineer in a Hollywood recording studio right on down to wiping sheep noses. Only one thing has remained constant: Candis’ passion for writing memorable love stories about the push and pull in the search for a happily ever after. Connect with her on both Facebook and Twitter.


43 thoughts on “All Things Sweet….by Candis Terry

  1. Hi Candis–can’t wait to read Somebody Like You. I’m a dark chocolate person, don’t like licorice but do love both cake and pie. I’m a sucker for any kind of cobbler. Even if I’m stuffed and someone offers it I will eat it. Always with a bit of vanilla ice cream on top except for blueberry cobbler which I eat with chocolate ice cream!

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hi Katherine!

      You hit on one of my most favorite things in life–cobbler! My father-in-law lived on the Oregon coast and every year we’d go over and pick buckets and buckets of blackberries for cobbler. Mmmmm.

      Hope you’ll enjoy Somebody Like You. My editor always has to stop and make brownies or something while she’s reading it. 🙂

  2. I’m like you, Candis…a total baked good snob! Chips Ahoy is akin to cardboard, in my snooty opinion, and on the rare occasion my husband brings them home, I am deeply offended! Your book sounds great! Best of luck!

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Exactly Kristan! Cardboard. Yuck! If I’m going to put on extra pounds I at least want it to taste good!

      Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  3. Laurie G says:

    Hi Candis,

    Your recipe sounds delicious! Best wishes for continued success with your book SOMEBODY LIKE YOU!

    Chocolate- I love Nestle Toll House Morsels semi sweet chocolate. Followed by milk chocolate and then dark chocolate.

    I only eat chocolate angel food cake and apple pie. My favorite dessert is ice cream especially Breyer’s Heath Bar and Edy’s mint chocolate chip.

    I prefer red licorice to black although I rarely eat it.

  4. Melody May says:

    I have a sweet tooth like no other. I love sweets. They can be almost anything. As I said almost anything here’s why there are some stuff that I will try to avoid like black licorice. That stuff is kind of gross. However my all time favorite is a most delectable cupcake. YUM! I’m in heaven with something like that.

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hi Melody!

      Black licorice or black jelly beans are definitely on my toss it list. I will admit to loving cupcakes. Lucky for me because I have a friend who is the Idaho (where I live) Cupcake Queen. No kidding. Great to see you here today! And thank you!

  5. diane says:

    I enjoy homemade apple cake, red licorice and dark chocolate. I enjoyed learning about your writing and wish you much happiness and success.

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hey Diane! Apple cake sounds like it would be right up my alley. Guess I’ll have to find a recipe.

      Thank you very much. The writing career certainly took me long enough to finally find a publisher to say yes, but I really lucked out. And with a little more luck (and hard work!) hope to stick around for quite a while.

  6. Candis Terry says:

    Hi Laurie!

    The recipe is perfect for when you really need something sweet. It’s a must have during the holidays at my house. Holy cow! Breyer’s makes Heath Bar ice cream??? I must go find. Now! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Sandi in OH says:

    I’m very good at baking apple pie and pecan pies. I use to bake cookies when my sons were small. Now I make cookies when the grandchildren are here. I will have to try your recipe. I eat dark chocolate now. I very seldom eat cake, cookies, or pie.

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Sandi I looooove pecan pie. The problem with me is I tend to eat the pecans off the top before anyone else can get to it! 😆

  8. ellie says:

    Your books sounds so appealing and unique. Cheesecake and chocolate mousse are my faves.

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Thank you ellie. I do know reading my Sugar Shack books can make you have a sugar craving!

      Cheescake. Yes! When I lived in California down by the beach there was a place called Grandma’s Sugarplums. The had mile high cheesecake in every flavor you could imagine. Needless to say I rarely passed by without going in. Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate it!

  9. Abby says:

    I am the BIGGEST sweet-toothed candy fanatic you’ll ever find! I LOVE dark chocolate, the darker the better! White chocolate is a sin and should not be called chocolate in the first place imho.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe with us Candis! It’s no wonder you wrote all about a bakery eh. You’re targeting us sweet-teeth! We can’t help ourselves!

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hi Abby! You share a name with the heroine of the book I’m writing right now. Sweet!

      When I was a kid I loved white chocolate, but only the kind that you could buy at the candy store inside the castle at Disneyland. I think it had magical powers. I like dark chocolate now. And if you add in some raspberries I am so there! Great to see you here today!

  10. Anne says:

    Jelly Belly is my downfall. Anything lemon, Lemon meringue pie and lemon bars.

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Oh Anne! Jelly Belly’s. I can’t even buy them because I get obsessed. I eat each one individually so I can enjoy the flavor, but then I can’t put them down!

  11. Shana Shana says:

    I love milkduds. I could eat the whole box in one sitting.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Yep Shana. Milkduds rate very high on my list!

  12. Hi Candis!!
    Thanks for the recipe, I’ve already copied and pasted into an email to myself and am most definitely going to try it out. I can have if I eat just a little. 😉

    I’ve never had a huge sweet tooth but when I do crave sweets it usually centers on something like Turtles – all gooey with caramels, nuts and chocolate. I cannot resist Ferraro Rochers and I can actually have 3 at time for a snack. However, with my last miscarriage, I ate 2 6 packs in one sitting!! Chocolate really does feed the brain and the emotions. You’re so right about store-bought items – I don’t do shelf, sometimes bakery, definitely high end bakery but prefer to bake my own – especially choco chip cookies and my all-time fave, cheesecake. I make a diabetic friendly white chocolate cheesecake that is to die for! 😉
    Thanks for providing us with the best sugar of all – your to-die-for characters, especially the men. Looking forward to the new series. xoxo

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Awww, thanks Amy! And really, anything with caramel? Yeah, I’m there. I’ve lost fillings in my teeth to prove it. 😀

      1. So have I but it doesn’t stop me. 😀

  13. Kathleen O says:

    I love having home baked cookies.. I am not much of baker so I appriate when someone brings me some or I go to the bakery to get them. I do not buy a lot of packaged cookies these days.. I will only eat them.. Not supposed to. So when I am out I usually treat myself to a few cookies from a favorite bakery and come home and make a nice pot of tea and enjoy them..

  14. Kathleen OD says:

    Oh and btw.. I have not read any of your books, but I have check them out and you can bet I will be putting these “Sweet” books on my tbr list..

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Thank you Kathleen!

  15. CateS says:

    M&Ms mixed with nuts…. Sad to report that Hostess is closing… no more Twinkies.. unless you bake them yourself..

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Cate, theclosing of Hostess will really affect the Deep Fried Twinkie booths at the State Fairs! Bummer! Because they are yummy.

      Thanks for stopping by today!

  16. Hi Candis – nice to have you here!
    My preference for holiday sweets is – to avoid them!! Although I love my recipe for peanut butter fudge. It’s amazing, and at the same time – absolutely horrible to have in the house!

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hi Margo!
      Yeah, I really should avoid the holiday sweets too. And now that you’ve mentioned peanut butter fudge, I’m adding the ingredients to my shopping list! So thanks for that!
      Hope your holidays are tasty and calorie free!

  17. Kathryn in Montreal says:

    I love chocolate… Lindt chocolate, Godiva too, right on down to Crunchie bars. Not a huge fan of dark chocolate, though. I like to bake and much prefer home-baked cookies, cakes and yes, a total pie snob here… I rarely eat any apple pie that doesn’t come out of my kitchen or my mother’s.

    I have a fabulous, easy chocolate cake recipe and a few years back one of my daughters asked for strawberry shortcake for her birthday cake, BUT made with my chocolate cake instead of the regular white cake. What an amazing idea and now we rarely make regular strawberry shortcake… I mean, really, what’s not to like about strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream?

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hello Kathryn in Montreal! Waving to you from Idaho. I remember the first time I tasted strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream . . . hmmm . . . maybe I’ll have to use that in a book!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  18. catslady says:

    It’s really strange, but the older I get the less sweets I enjoy. Well, really only the overly sweet treats. I learned to like dark chocolate because they said it was better for you so now I prefer it. I do love donuts though lol.

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Hey catslady! Don’t even mention donuts! I crave them even late at night. Maple bars mostly. Although around here they are now selling maple bars with bacon bits on them and I just haven’t allowed myself to venture down that road. Then again . . . 😈

  19. Terri Brisbin says:

    Candis —

    Thanks for joining us today!

    My cravings? Hmmmmmm — dark, salted chocolate is my favorite…. Salty over sweet….and Gerard Butler…!

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Terri, you have excellent taste!

      And thank you. I’m having a lot of fun here today!

  20. Ann s. says:

    I have to choose cake over pie, I am a sucker for frosting. Dark chocolate is also my choice, I found one that was a dark chocolate bar with chili spice and pop candy. Sounds wired, but it pops in your mouth with a spicy chocolate goodness. Don’t knock it till you try it, lol

    1. Candis Terry says:

      Ann, I’ve actually had dark chocolate with chili spice and it was delicious!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:


    I love, love, love all the talk about sweets!

    Thanks for visiting today!

  22. Barbara Elness says:

    I love any kind of chocolate, dark, milk, white, it doesn’t matter, it’s all good. 😀 I used to eat a lot of licorice and I’d eat black and red together, alternating between them. When it comes to pie or cake, I always have a pumpkin pie for my birthday, does that answer the question? 😀 I love this time of year, because there is pumpkin everything, and that’s just the way I like it.

  23. Carrie E. says:

    I read Any Given Christmas and can’t wait to read the rest of your books!!!! I have a complete sweet tooth as well!!!! This is one of the things we’re making today:
    Coconut Joys
    1 stick butter or margarine
    2 C. powdered sugar
    3 C. coconut
    1 Tbsp. milk (any kind)
    about 1 C. chocolate chips (we prefer dark)
    Melt butter. Add powdered sugar, coconut, and milk. Mix well, then shape into balls (we use a tiny scoop). Dip in melted chocolate chips (or make an indent and top and fill that with chocolate like we do).
    Recipe makes about 2 dozen SMALL candies and takes about 1/2 hr. to make.

  24. Rita Wray says:

    I love chocolate, all kinds. I love Milky Ways, they are delicious. I’m trying to cut back on sugar, it isn’t easy. Why is it everything that tastes good is not good for us? I wish someone would tell me, a Milky Way a day keeps the doctor away.lol

  25. Kirsten says:

    I love milk chocolate but I am addicted to shortbread. That melt in your mouth feeling & that rich buttery flavor… simply magical 😀

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