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A recent Romance Writers of America commissioned survey of romance book buyers cited the following:

Top “offline” factors in influencing purchase decisions:

  • Enjoying the author’s previous books
  • Book is part of a series they’re reading
  • Description on the back cover or flaps
  • Recommendation of a friend or relative

I thought it might be fun to give you the descriptions on the back cover of two of my books that were out this year and ask you to tell me which one you’d buy–based on the description.  Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing to win a free book!!

On Sunday, when I post the winner of the drawing, I’ll let you know which one outperformed the other on my recent royalty statement!

1. Jackson Hole Valentine

What Happens in Close  Quarters…

When Margaret  Fisher’s friends were killed in a tragic accident, she suddenly found herself  co-guardian of the couple’s six-year-old son.   Cole Lassiter was the last man she ever wanted to see again after he’d  broken her heart in high school, but she’d do anything –even move into his  house—to be a mother for Charlie.

Successful  entrepreneur Cole still felt betrayed by Meg…and couldn’t imagine sharing anything with her, let alone a son.  But while adolescent wounds ran deep, so did  their very grown-up attraction for one another.   And as they learned to be good parents to Charlie, the mismatched pair  were also learning about forgiveness—and the power of forever love.

2. The Doctor’s Not-So-Little Secret

Pediatrician Kate McNeal  thought she had it all. But the one thing she longed for—the child she’d given  up for adoption nine years earlier—remained just out of reach. So when she  learned the girl was living with her adoptive father in Jackson Hole, Kate  moved her practice lock, stock and stethoscope, to be close to the daughter  she’d never forgotten.

Joel  Dennes used to think he had it all—until tragedy tore his family apart.  Now the single dad needs help with his little girl, and the new doctor in town  seems like the perfect woman for the job—and soon he thinks she may be the  perfect woman for him! But when Kate’s secret comes out, will the betrayal be  the end of their fairy-tale ending?

14 thoughts on “Which Back Cover Copy Do YOU Prefer?

  1. Kirsten says:

    The Doctor’s Not-So-Little Secret sounds very promising & unique. I think I’d pick that one 😀

  2. I like these, Cindy! They do a very good job of letting the reader know exactly what the issues are and why they’re going to be hard to solve. I always read the back cover copy or flap descriptions, and then the first page of any book before buying it (if it’s an author I don’t know, that is). And the cover is the first thing that draws me in.

  3. Connie Fischer says:

    Now that is a difficult choice, Cindy! I like them both but somehow I am really drawn to Jackson Hole Valentine. I’m interested to see how you write the interaction between Meg, Cole and the little boy. All of that is so important to show the reader how successful they will be as parents.

    When browsing in a bookstore, my eyes zero in on several things at once. First, I see the cover and the author’s name, then I fondle – er – pickup the book, look at the back and read the synopsis. If all of those things make me hug the book, then I’m sold! 🙂

  4. EllenToo says:

    I read the descriptions on the back covers all the time. It helps me weed out books that are about something I don’t really want to read. But they are not always the only thing that helps me decide.
    ANYWAY….I choose to read Jackson Hole Valentine and would actually avoid Doctor’s Not-So-Little Secret because I am not so fond of reading that story line.

  5. Melody May says:

    Just reading the back only Jackson Hole Valentine, because it caught my attention.

  6. Laurie G says:

    I agree with JACKSON HOLE VALENTINE! Both Cole and Margaret feel betrayed by their past relationship. It would be interesting to find out what really happened and how they work together to deal with parenting a scared little boy and turn it all around into a loving family.

  7. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

    Lovin’ the comments!

  8. catslady says:

    I’m picking Jackson Hole Valentine. I’m interested in the forgiveness scenario. It’s something I’ve always had a hard time with – letting go of the past – so I find it the most interesting.

  9. Ann s. says:

    The Doctor’s Not So Little Secret would be my choice. I would like to see how they would, as a couple, solve their trust issue. It would be a very interesting story, different than a lot I’ve read.

  10. chey says:

    I choose Jackson Hole Valentine.

  11. Stefanie D says:

    I would pick Jackson Hole Valentine. 😉

  12. Brenda says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I go with “Doctor’s Not So Little Secret”.

    It seems to be a very new twist. Lots of books where a child given up for adoption figures into the plot, but marrying the man who adopted her is new to me.

  13. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

    catslady, Chey and Stefanie,

    Thanks for your comments! I love the theme of forgiveness and the idea of two people who were meant to be together finding each other after years apart.

    Ann and Brenda,

    The Doctor’s Not-So-Little Secret was a hard book to right, because I didn’t in any way want to discount te adoptive mom’s role in her daughter’s life. I felt good when an adoptive mother emailed me and said she read the book and felt I’d done a good job with that…high praise indeed!

  14. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:

    And which book was the better seller?

    While they both sold well….The Doctor’s Not-So-Little Secret really did outperform Jackson Hole Valentine.

    But, I love them both.

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