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I feel like I’ve hit the movie jackpot this fall. Not one but TWO of my favorite books of all time, Les Misérables and The Great Gatsby, are being made into films. I am so excited to see Lincoln and Anna Karenina.


I’d have to say the one I just can’t wait to see is Les Mis. I’m actually quite giddy about it. Not only do I love the book and Hugh Jackman is in the movie, but I am over-the-top crazy for the music. So crazy about it that I know every word to every song, which essentially means I know every word to the entire play since it is a “sung-through” musical. And I can sing along. If you read my post to Shana’s Bad Ideas blog (November 5, 2012) you know I’m a terrible singer. Still, I can’t contain myself when it comes to the music from Les Mis (though I do try to be polite when I’m in public – most of the time).


Last night, I was in the kitchen and heard the intro to Castle on a Cloud and I nearly broke my neck to get to the TV to see the commercial for the movie. It was breathtaking and gave me goose bumps. I just know the movie will leave me breathless too. I already know that this is a film I will see over and over and over.


I can’t find a clip of the commercial I saw last night, but check out the trailer, which is equally stunning. You’ll have I Dreamed a Dream stuck in your head instead of Castle on a Cloud. Doesn’t Anne Hathaway do a fabulous job?



Apparently, it opens Christmas Day. Not sure if that means midnight as Christmas Eve clicks over to December 25 or a more reasonable hour. My poor husband would appreciate a later show time, because our daughter and I plan to be in the audience of the first showing. That’s a funny thing because I’ve never been compelled to go to the premiere showing of any move – ever – not Harry Potter or Twilight or The Hunger Games or anything else that tends to draw a rabid fan base that can’t possibly wait a moment longer than the instant their favorite film debuts. I finally know how they feel!


In other exciting news, I just learned that TEXAS CHRISTMAS has been on BookScan’s top 100 list for the past two weeks!


What are you excited about these days? Is there a movie or book that’s mesmerized you? Or has something else good happened in your life?



27 thoughts on “I Can’t Promise I Won’t Sing

  1. Nancy, me too. To everything you said. I know all the words to the entire musical too. I can’t wait for it. I’ll be at that first showing too. Its like the Universe’s Christmas Gift to me. 🙂

    1. I know, Kathy!! It is the best present ever! 🙂 I can’t wait!

  2. MiaMarlowe MiaMarlowe says:

    I ADORE Les Mis–the music, the costumes, the setting, the themes. My DH and I got to see it in London many years ago. What a wonderful story of redemption and hope. The book is a doorstop–a monumental work, but so worth plowing through.

    1. London, Mia? How wonderful! I have Les Mis envy. 🙂

  3. Mozette says:

    I used to be in a choir that was over 80-strong voices in all… and we did Les Miserable for a concert one year along with Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera. What brilliant music to learn! And man!!! What loooooong notes we had to sing – not to mention high! Fortunately, I’m a second-alto (this means I can sing gospel music as I’ve wrecked my high registers when I smoked earlier in my life – don’t worry girls, I gave up that filthy habit yonks ago; but my voice has still yet to recover… not that I want it to).
    But here’s the clincher…. we had to sing all of those pieces of music WITHOUT THE SONGBOOKS! How would you do on stage, in public with that? 😀 Singing without songbooks and with a conductor to lead you the whole way is very hard and a demanding kind of life. I was only with the Southern Cross Singers for around 5 – 6 years before I quit because I was bullied by people in my own section. And none of them saw it coming… one night, I just up and said I wasn’t coming back to the President of our group and turned to the girls who picked on me and told them to get… well I can’t put it here… I was at a Buddhist Temple and I think I shocked a monk. 😉 Then, I walked up to main temple, lit an incense and mediated until I calmed down a little. 🙂

    I still sing and enjoy singing to music on the radio… but I no longer sing in public. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry for the trouble you had, Mozette. That makes me sad, especially since it drove you away from your art. Les Mis has A LOT of lyrics to learn and perform without a songbook. I wonder why they wouldn’t let you all have that for backup? But please keep singing, even if it’s only to please yourself.

      1. Mozette says:

        I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I went from a very flat, nasal singer to a very good one in a short length of time. And the woman behind me didn’t like it that I sounded better than her (and she was older than me and her voice was starting to go a little wonky too).
        It got to a point where at Christmas, while we performed at shopping centres and other public arenas, she’d pulled hard on my ear rings, yank on my hair until I yelped or pulled a face or poked me in the back so I sang off key. It was horrible. When I found that just removing the ear rings and taking a little step forward to move out of her reach were good remedies for short periods of time, I had to work on something a little more permanent. Other people around us knew she was pushing me around, though. They did try to stop her by holding her hands to her sides during performances but she pulled free. So,I got the point where I mimed whole performances – rather successfully – until one day, she pulled my skirt down at a big shopping centre during a performance. And without missing a beat, I pulled it back up again, took a step back toward her and waited until our last song (We Wish You A Merry Christmas) where we could all jive a little and swing our arms… well, I felt the riser behind me touch the back of my calf and before she could strike, I elbowed her hard in the guts! She barely made it to the ladies before she puked!
        I know that was mean of me. But she had been picking on me for 3 years straight and all I did was stand up for myself.
        And still she picked. The last time I stood up for myself was at the Brisbane Conservatorium of Music where she picked and bugged and badgered me until I grabbed her and let my temper out for a roll – scaring the crud outa everyone except my Mum (who was in the Soprano section) who told me to ‘put her down and let go of her throat..’ I did as I was told and then walked away. I scared her so much – but it didn’t stop her from picking on me again a few weeks later. So, I found quitting was the best thing to do…
        Sad but true. About a year later, she also quit; would you believe, out of boredom?

  4. I’m not sure I’m going to be allowed to see Les Mis, as I had to be led sobbing out of “Up.” The trailers alone make me bawl. A private screening, maybe? A sedative? I’m very excited to see Bond, of course, since Daniel Craig and I have a thing…Congratulations on the book, Nancy! So happy for you!

    1. Kristan, I probably should’ve titled this “I can’t promise you I won’t sing, but I do promise I’ll cry.” Every time I see Les Mis on the stage, I cry in the same darn places every single time, but usually others are crying, too. So, cry proudly! Even if it does embarrass the kids. 😉

  5. Kathleen OD says:

    I love this when I saw it live. and now I can’t wait to see it with Hugh and Russell..

    1. Kathleen, aren’t they the yummy cherries on top of all this deliciousness??

  6. And I’ve been walking around hearing ‘Take Him Home’ – both the Alfie Boe and the Four Valjeans versions in my head for DAYS!!!

    Can’t wait for the movie…. how many days?

    1. 46 days, 8 hours and 54 minutes. Not that anyone is counting. Oh, and Terri, thanks for getting I Dreamed A Dream and Castle on a Cloud out of my head: He’s like the son I might have known, If God had granted me a son. The summers die, One by one, How soon they fly, On and on…

  7. Shana Shana says:

    Congrats on Bookscan, Nancy! I’m excited about this movie too. But mostly I’m excited because Baby Galen is staying with grandma on Friday night.

    1. Thanks, Shana! Have a wonderful Friday night. I hope it’s a nice break. 🙂

  8. Emily McKay says:

    Okay, this totally cracked me up, because I’m terrified that I’ll go see it and accidentally start singing mid-way through! I have a terrible voice! (Robyn, back me up here) and it would definitely ruin it for everyone!

    1. Emily, I wish we lived closer! We could go see it together and sing with abandon.

  9. catslady says:

    Oh, I did not know that is where that song comes from – I’ve only heard Susan Boyle’s rendition which I love. I already had wanted to see this although I’ve not read the book which I rarely do it in that order. And Love Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway (I heard she lost a lot of weight for that roll). We always go to a movie or two with family and friends on New Year’s Eve and I hope we all agree on this one!

    1. catslady, I love Susan Boyle’s rendition, too! Doesn’t she have a beautiful voice? What a gift!

  10. Polly says:

    I’ve seen Les Miserables live a few times, but by far the finest and most exciting time was seeing it in Her Majesty’s Theatre in London a few years ago. Loved it! Being a pianist and former chorus teacher, I’ve been fortunate to play the music umpteen times for choral auditioners. Never tire of it. This time of year I look forward to all holiday films, books and FaLaLaLa Lifetime movies! Sappy but fun and light.

    1. Polly, you and Mia are lucky ducks getting to see Les Mis in London! I definitely have Les Mis envy. 😉 How wonderful to be able to accompany students as they audition. My daughter plays the flute and we know the value of a good accompanist. You provide such a wonderful service. And I’m with you on the Lifetime movies LOVE them!

  11. Congrats on Texas Christmas, Nancy!
    I’m looking forward to Lincoln and the new Bond movie. Will get to those asap!

  12. Thank you, Margo! I think we’re going to see Lincoln over Thanksgiving. We’ll have to compare reviews. 🙂

  13. Melody May says:

    Congrats Nancy! I loved the musical, so I will be seeing Les Mis a couple of times. I’m so excited. I almost busted out the soundtrack to les mis.

    1. Melody, I say bust it out! 🙂 Or just play the video clip over and over until you’ve had your fill of I Dreamed a Dream.

  14. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Nancy, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m so excited, I can scarcely stand it. I’m not so worried about singing all the way through – though I could certainly do that, I’m more worried about weeping out loud. I can’t even make it through the trailers without getting weepy. It just hits me in all the right heart spots, beautiful story, beautiful music, just can’t wait. I got to take my husband to see the musical earlier this year and it was just wonderful to get to share it with him. Yeah, can’t wait!

  15. Robyn, I’m so glad he got to see it! Did he love it?? Please say he did. You are absolutely right about it hitting in all the right spots. After seeing the play/musical I’m always emotionally wrung out – but in a good way. I wish we all lived closer and could go see it together. That would be so much fun!

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