Who was your first hero?

Like a lot of young girls, my first hero was my father.  One of my earliest memories is when I was a very young child and my dad was carrying me into the house from the car.  We’d been on a long trip; it was night time.  I buried my head against his shoulder and he carried me and there was simply no better place in the world.  He has been a military man, a half-dozen other things it seems, including a private pilot and flight instructor…and he still rides a motorcycle.  (Of course, the older we all get, including me—with fully grown children of my own–the more that last point just simply amazes and scares the bejabbers out of me!)  When I was young, Mom was the one with the quicker temper, but Dad was the one who could merely tilt down his eyeglasses and peer at me over the top, and reduce me to misery.  One glance.  All it took.  It’s been a lot of years since I needed to have that one glance from Dad, but I have a strong hunch it would still be pretty darn effective.  He’s a man of incredible patience who worked with his hands, checked our tires, came to my rescue more than once with most of the pathetic vehicles I’ve owned as a young woman.  He called my mom “Honey” so frequently that my older brother called her that, too, for a while when he was a little boy.  Dad was often gone for work—always taking care of his family—and always was the rock of my childhood, and probably every hero I’ve ever written has had a piece of my father in him.

So when it came to writing Fortune’s Perfect Match, whose hero, Max Allen, is a flying enthusiast, it was a whole lot of fun to pick my dad’s brain about flying.  He doesn’t get behind the wheel (maybe that should be rudder?) anymore, but it’s all still in his head, and I suspect, his heart.  Both of my parents have often been a resource for some detail I need about life out on a farm—city girl, here!—or some other area, but this time, it was more than just a detail.  It was pages and pages of notes and long conversations; I dearly loved it; and once again, my father the hero, came through.

I’ve married a hero of my own.  He holds my hand and he can slay me with a single glance, eyeglasses or no.  Most of all, he makes me laugh, and makes me glad that I had Dad’s example to look for, so I could recognize a gem when I found him.


Growing up, Allison wasn’t overly thrilled moving from one home in one state to another and another and another.  By the time her family settled in Arizona, however, she came to learn that each experience—from the orange grove-scented air of Southern California to the wild beauty of Wyoming, from the verdant land of Minnesota to the inexplicable appeal of the Arizona desert—proved wonderfully useful when it came to letting her imagination run riot while putting pen to paper.  She continues to make her home in Arizona with her husband and family, whom she credits with remarkable patience for the hours she spends parked in front of her computer, and more importantly, for blessing her life with the kind of love and happiness that she wants her readers to continue sharing with the characters living in the pages of her books. She loves hearing from her readers at Allison@allisonleigh.com or PO Box 40772, Mesa AZ  85274-0772.

16 thoughts on “Please Welcome Jaunty Guest Allison Leigh!

  1. Kathleen O says:

    Allison, my father two was in the Air Force the RAF, and I always to used him as a measuring stick for the the men in my life.. Too bad I have never found my hero like you did. I will look forward to reading this new Fortunes of Texas book… I always love these stories.

  2. Hi, Allison! Welcome and thanks for joining us today! 🙂 Like Kathleen, my dad was an Air Force man (US AF, though), and he was definitely my first hero. Every girl should be so blessed that she calls her dad her hero. 🙂

  3. Good morning, ladies! My dad was in the Air Force at one time, and the Army another. Kathleen, hope you enjoy Fortune’s Perfect Match when you get to it. It was great fun writing on another Fortune’s continuity because I get to work with such great people like Nancy! 🙂

  4. CateS says:

    Airplanes have ‘sticks’ or ‘yokes’ to fly with… my dad was a private pilot…
    Thanks for the Fortune’s!

  5. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    My first hero was definitely Han Solo. I’ve always liked the bad boys 🙂

  6. Now see, CateS? That’s why I need my pop. There’re more Fortunes on tap for 2013, too. Emily Fortune’s brother, Michael, and his cousins…an entire bunch of hot new Southern guys!

  7. Ooh. Han Solo. I share your taste, Shana 😉

  8. Dad was definitely my first hero! What a nice post, Allyson! Congratulations on the new book!

  9. Cindy Kirk Cindy Kirk says:


    I didn’t know you lived in Arizona. I visited that lovely state for the first time in April (Flagstaff, Sedona, Tucson and Phoenix)

    Such different topography than I’m used to but incredibly lovely. All the cacti were blooming…I can’t wait to return!

  10. Thanks, Kristan. I just saw that “Match” hit the USA Today list at 110. Little happy dance here… Hope that means that Max and Emily are finding nice homes in people’s hearts.

  11. Cindy, you visited at a good time. We’re in the Phoenix area and April is usually still really nice. Today, we’re looking at 104 or so. It’s when it gets toward 110 that I really start to get a little, um, cranky. (My husband would have an entirely different description for me) Fortunately we have a pool that makes it bearable, plus a weekend retreat up in the considerably cooler White Mountains.

  12. Cathy P says:

    Hi Allison! You are a new author for me. I love the Fortune families, and look forward to reading your book. My husband was in the Air Force and is my hero.

  13. Allison —

    Great to see you visiting us today!

    I was also in Phoenix in April but have been there in July and August — ouch on the temps then!


  14. Hope you enjoy, Cathy 🙂

  15. Hey there, Terri! Yeah. July-Aug. Blech. Unfortunately, these days, that nasty heat has been creeping well into September, too. Still, I love it here and don’t have any intention on trading it for somewhere else.

  16. Elise Rome says:

    Hi Allison! My stepdad was in the military, and I know what you mean about one needing one look. He didn’t have glasses, but he had the coldest blue eyes when he meant business, lol. Your dad sounds like a wonderful guy, and I can’t wait to read FORTUNE’S PERFECT MATCH. =)

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