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My teenage daughter loves shoes.  What girl doesn’t, right?  However, she and I both have the same problem in that sometimes great-looking shoes, while stylish, just don’t fit right.

I could tell her mind was on shoes last Saturday as she gathered her outfit for the year-end dinner and dance that she was to attend that night, which was sponsored by a school club.  She had nice dressy heels to wear, but they were a bit high for dancing.  Her flat shoes pinched her feet.  She could, however, make either pair work if she needed to.

She and I went out to our favorite sushi restaurant for lunch that day, only to find we’d arrived fifteen minutes before it was due to open (their Saturday hours are different from their regular weekly hours).  Since temperatures are already volcanic here in Florida, we didn’t want to stand around outside.

“Want to look at shoes?” I asked, pointing to the DSW across the parking lot.

My daughter shrugged, still preoccupied with plans for the evening.  “Sure.”

Truth be told, I’d never been inside a DSW.  Wow.  Talk about shoe overload.  As I wandered the aisles of sandals, boots, dressy heels, and more, my daughter started trying things on.  A big grin on her face, she waved me over to where she was tottering around in a pair of lacy black shoes that were a cross between an ankle-hugging boot and an open toe shoe—and at least five inches high.

“I really like these,” she said.  I sensed she was thinking about buying them to wear to the dance.

“They’re cute, but can you walk in them?”  I answered.  She could walk, sort of, but we both agreed we’d set those aside and think about them while we looked at other styles.

During our browsing, we came upon a pair of flat black sandals with glittery rhinestones and a lacy bow.  She slipped them on.  On her slender feet, they looked fabulous.  She could walk in them without effort.  She moved with a sway in her stride, as though those shoes had given her a much-needed boost of confidence.

We bought the shoes.  We painted her toenails black, to match her black fingernails, and off she went to her dinner and dance.  The shoes worked our perfectly and I have no doubt they are “keepers.”  How wonderful, that the right pair of shoes can make a gal feel super special.  I hope all of us have shoes in our closets that make us feel that way.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?  Are they practical flats or designer heels?

26 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits…

  1. I love shoes! And I’ve been to DSW many a time. I do have a fav pair of shoes and they aren’t flats. See I’m not tall and I don’t like the way I have to look up to everyone when I’m not wearing heels even my flip flops are wedges! My favorite pair of shoes are a leather wedge heel that I can wear with everything!

    1. Kathy, those shoes sound super cute! 🙂

  2. kris says:

    I have almost 150 prs of shoes. I love them all! From my $5 walmart flip flops to my $800 designer boots.

    1. Kris! 150 pairs of shoes? Oh, you lucky duck!

  3. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    I have a pair of brown sandals with “jewels” as part of the strap. I love them. I think my feet look so pretty and dainty (and they are not dainty!).

    1. Shana, these sandals sound wonderful. I adore shoes with jewels on them.

  4. Emily McKay says:

    What a great story. Catherine, I love reading about your and your daughter because it always seems like you have such a great relationship! As for shoes, I have a pair of Clarks sandals that I really love. They’re comfortable, but still dressy enough I can wear them with a nice dress. They make my feet feel feminine.

    1. Emily, thanks for your lovely comment; I feel very blessed to have my daughter in my life, and yes, we get along great. My husband really likes Clarks shoes. Of course, he’s a Brit, and Clarks shoes are made in England. 🙂

  5. CateS says:

    I’m a Clarks gal also… but my BFF from high school rivals that Marcos woman… I never saw her pass up a shoe store/department…. and her closet proves it!!

    1. Hi, CateS! Your friend sounds like she’s addicted to shoes. 🙂

  6. Sandi in OH says:

    I love to shop for shoes but unfortunately I seldom buy any. I have one pair of heels for church, dressy sandals for church, and sandals for other times. I also own a pair of New Balance for blue jeans. I’d rather buy books.

    1. Hi, Sandi! Books are good…

  7. Kathleen O says:

    I love shoes too, but like you both, I have a hard time with certain dress shoes not fitting right. When I find a pair I like I should buy them in all the colours they come in. I like Naturlizer shoes, but I think they have gone out of business.. At least from the store in my Mall.. With a lot of my shoes, i have to wear a heal lift. I always have trouble with my right heel.. Ah the things we go through to wear shoes we love.

    1. Hi, Kathleen! I have the same trouble finding dress shoes, partly because I’m a narrow 2A heel. Naturalizer does nice narrow fitting shoes, though. I have quite a few pairs of Naturalizers in my closet. 🙂 You can order them online, if you can’t buy them locally.

  8. catslady says:

    I’ve always hated shoes – not because I hate shoes but because I had an extremely skinny foot so nothing ever fit. Shoe shopping was torture just to find anything that fit and they always had to have straps to stay on so I’d have to buy it and sometimes got the same one in different colors. Luckily they expanded somewhat with age and I can wear some different styles but it takes forever still to find anything and I usually have to settle. Now my oldest daughter just loves, loves, loves shoes lol. She has a petite foot but not too skinny. My youngest daughter has a fatter foot so she usually ends up with boots lol but she doesn’t care.

    1. Catslady, I can relate! I have a narrow foot, too. 🙂

  9. Polly says:

    I’m pretty sure the shoe, purse, makeup and shop till you drop genes took a detour away from my DNA. I admire pretty fashions, ooh and aah over some of the outrageous styles, shoes especially, but don’t have the inclination – or coordination – to wear anything taller than flip-flops or heeled tap shoes. My favorite? A pair of black Ughs I got for Christmas. Fuzzy insides, perfect fit.

    1. Hi, Polly! Those shoes you got for Christmas sound wonderfully comfy! 🙂 I’ll bet you never want to take them off.

  10. I used to LOVE shoes. My nursing career put an end to that. If the shoes are not fairly flat and totally comfortable – I just don’t buy ’em. Sigh.

    1. Margo and Robyn, I’m with you on being comfortable. 🙂 I can’t wear high heels; they’re too much torture.

  11. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    My favorite pair I own are some Allegria mules, they’re kinda crazy looking, but ohmygosh, they are so comfy. I’ve tried some of their sandals, but so far haven’t found the perfect fit. I’m picky with shoes, I feel like life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes so no heels at my house.

  12. I’ll bet she looked adorable, Catherine! My daughter is also a shoe addict. She’s tall – and her school is in a two-story building – so she usually opts for flats. But she LOVES to look at and try on heels. This past fall, her date for the homecoming dance was VERY tall. He probably had a good seven inches on her. So, the sky was the limit when it came to shoes. Of course, when we went shopping, she beelined for the highest heel she could find. When she tried to walk in them she sort of resembled a giraffe on stilts. She walked like one, too. The sales girl said, “Honey, no offense, but I’m not going to sell you these shoes if you’re going to do the robot walk in them. It’s just not attractive.” My daughter compromised, opting instead for a 3 1/2 inch heel, which was still a challenge to walk in, but easier than the 5-incher. On the evening of the dance, she looked gorgeous, like a model, and having practiced walking in her heels, almost moved like one, too. I was so proud of her. She made it through the pre-dance photos with her group of friends and her feet were killing her. Before they left for the dance, she ended up trading in her new high heels for a pair of flat sandals. She still looked like a model, and she probably enjoyed the dance much more than if she would’ve toughed it out in the heels.

    1. Nancy, I loved this story about your daughter. 🙂

  13. Am a well known shoe whore. Favorite pair: silver sparkly magical high heeled pumps. Do they hurt? Yes. But I wear them maybe twice a year. Worth the pain!

    1. Kristan! Sparkly silver pumps? I’m jealous.

  14. Woot! I’m loving all of these comments about shoes! 🙂 They make me want to go shopping… While I wear mostly sandals, since it’s hot here in Florida and I like to be comfortable, I am always on the lookout for shoes with a little higher heel that I can wear with a sundress or shorts. Methinks this weekend, I shall have to hunting for that perfect shoe. 🙂

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