The Jaunty Quills are thrilled to welcome Susan Crosby to the sisterhood today. She and I are chatting about her new book, FORTUNE’S HERO, the fourth book in the latest Harlequin Special Edition series,  Fortunes of Texas – Whirlwind Romance.

Nancy Robards Thompson: Welcome, Susan! Please tell us about your latest book.


Susan Crosby: FORTUNE’S HERO has an older hero and younger heroine who are such complete opposites you’d never think they could end up with a happily ever after.  Garrett Stone rescues Victoria Fortune after she’s crushed in the aftermath of a tornado, then he disappears into thin air.  Victoria never gets to thank him, so a few months later she goes in search of her unsung hero.  Garrett thinks he’s perfectly content with his life.  He and the many stray animals who come or are brought to him on his ranch are content together.  They don’t need a woman around.  But even his dogs start to favor the lively Victoria, and Garrett can’t fight his feelings forever.


NRT: What life lessons do the hero and heroine of FORTUNE’S HERO learn before they earn their happily ever after?


SC: Victoria learns about true passion, not just for the man she comes to love but for a particular, satisfying kind of work in a world vastly different from what she’s known all her life.  Garrett learns he can count on another person.  This is huge for him.


NRT: Why will readers enjoy this story?


SC: Garrett is an old-fashioned cowboy, a modern day knight in shining armor—and he wants no gratitude from the woman whose life he saved.  How Victoria wriggles her way into his life leaves him baffled, amused and ultimately deeply in love.


NRT: That sounds fabulous, Susan! I can see why readers will love it, but what will they enjoy the Fortunes of Texas series as a whole?


SC: I personally love the Fortunes, the whole continuity of family and all it entails—support, criticism and a love you can count on, no matter what–unconditional but also honest.


NRT: They sound like quite a bunch!  On another note, what’s a typical writing day like for you?


SC:  I start early in the day because I’m a morning person.  I’m generally done by 2:00, which gives me time for other things.  I begin by reading what I wrote the day before and making changes, if necessary, then move into new material.  When I stop, I almost always write a few sentences about what happens next so that I have a place to start the next day.  It’s rare for me to work on Saturday, and never on Sunday.


NRT: What was your path to becoming a romance writer?


SC: I read THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss in my late 20s.  That fueled the fire for me.  I wrote a few historical romances just for fun, then abandoned that to return to college in my 30s.  After an 8-year pursuit of a bachelors degree in English, as well as raising a family, I got serious about writing for publication.  By then I was more interested in writing contemporary romance.  I went to book signings and talked to authors.  I read like crazy.  Then I sold the 2nd book I wrote—because I’d done so much preparation in advance, I felt.


NRT: What advice do you have for aspiring romance writers?


SC:  Writing is a learned skill.  Yes, you have to be a good storyteller, first and foremost, but the mechanics of writing is a skill you develop.  I had no idea was conflict was when I started.  I thought it meant fighting, and I didn’t like fighting.  Then I learned that conflict drives the whole story.  What is keeping this couple apart now?  More important, what could keep them apart forever?  How those conflicts get resolved in a believable way is the biggest challenge.

FORTUNE’S HERO is my 36th book, and my fourth Fortune continuity.  I love revisiting the Fortune family as much as I love creating my own fictional families.

Thanks for joining us, Susan!

Please leave a comment or ask Susan a question for a chance to win a copy of  FORTUNE’S HERO.


Award-winning, nationally ranked #1 bestselling author Susan Crosby began writing in 1992 and made her first sale a year and a half later to Silhouette Books, a division of Harlequin Books.  She was selected as their Premiere Author, which is their “rising star,” for Silhouette Desire for her first novel, The Mating Game, released in 1994.

She has since published 35 more novels, including the current FORTUNE’S HERO for Harlequin Special Edition.

Susan has made the USA Today and Borders best-seller lists, and has been nominated for or won every major romance award, including having one of her books, His Seductive Revenge, named by Romantic Times magazine to their Top 400 Romance Novels of the past 2 decades, a list culled from 25,000 books.

21 thoughts on “Please Welcome….Susan Crosby!

  1. Hi, Susan! It’s great to see you here. I can’t wait to read FORTUNE’S HERO. It sounds like my kind of book.

    Take care!

  2. So glad you could join us today, Susan!

  3. Emily McKay says:

    Hi Susan, great to see you with us today! Fortune’s Hero sounds great.

  4. Susan Crosby says:

    Hi back! Thanks for inviting me and the welcome. I’ll be checking in now and then today, so if anyone has questions, well…I love to answer 😛


  5. Rebe says:

    Fortune’s Hero does sound great! Cowboys AND stray animals, FTW! I also like that you believe writing is a learned skill. So many of my students think if it isn’t easy, they just aren’t meant to be writers.

  6. Shana Shana says:

    Thirty-six books! That’s amazing. Congrats on lucky #36!

  7. Enjoyed your interview. I really like your books and am looking forward to reading this one, especially with all the stray animals!

  8. Na S. says:

    The hero, Garrett sounds so down to earth and a hero I can see now. I like the old-fashioned aspect to him in that he’s a hero but is modest about it. That’s very endearing.

  9. Phyllis Laatsch says:

    She is also a fabulous proofreader who gives of her time to the RWA chapter newsletter (And any further errors in the newsletter are solely mine. Um, the editor’s, I mean)

    Excellent interview, Susan!

  10. 🙂 Waving Susan. How nice to spend time with you today. Isn’t it amazing how many of us can thank Kathleen Woodiwiss for wanting to write. With me it was Shanna. I wasn’t even reading when I picked that delightful book up.

    You can attest to how wonderful your stories are to read. Best of luck to you with lots of sales.


  11. Susan Crosby says:

    Well, darned if I don’t feel supremely and humbly welcomed! A special hello to my Sacramento RWA sisters, Phyllis and Paisley for popping in.

    Yes, the stray animals are a huge part of this book, and I loved writing them. Giving dogs personalities is something I enjoy doing. They can look at you so soulfully, can’t they? In a book I wrote a few years back, the heroine leaves the hero and moves into a place a few streets away, and his dog picks up his food bowl in his mouth and follows her. I still smile at that scene 😛 .

  12. Hi, Susan! It’s great to have you visit us at the Jaunty Quills blog. FORTUNE’S HERO sounds like a wonderful read. It’s your 36th book? Wow!

  13. Theresa says:

    Susan was one of my very first mentors. Talk about learning from the best! Lucky me.

    Hi Susan! Great interview. 36 books! That’s crazy. I love your stories and Garrett and Victoria’s story sounds like another best-seller. I love the idea of him rescuing her and then disappearing. What a great set-up.

    Wishing you the best, as always,


  14. StacieD says:

    Garrett sounds like a perfect hero. You had me at “old-fashioned cowboy”. I can’t wait to see how Victoria gets under his skin. He won’t know what hit him. Congratulations on the new release!

  15. catslady says:

    Congrats on 36 books! The Flame and the Flower was the book that really hooked me on romance.

  16. bn100 says:

    I enjoyed the interview. The book sounds good.

  17. Susan Crosby says:

    Hey, Theresa! Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for all your comments. I wrote my first cowboy a few years ago and fell in love with writing them. I always felt I wrote urban cowboys :-). You know those guys–strong, capable, independent, live in a big city, like San Francisco–and a sucker for a woman he falls for. But to write one who actually lives on the land was new to me, and now I never want to stop! Once upon a time I thought I would never write suspense, either, then wrote a book with a lot of suspense in it and found I loved that, too. Maybe it’s just a way of keeping things fresh for myself. Hmmm. I think maybe I’m on to something.

    Anyone else make little shifts in what they write just to keep things interesting for yourself?


  18. chey says:

    Congratulations on 36 books! This book sounds great!

  19. Kay says:

    Hi! Loved hearing more about you and your new book. Wow, 36 books, thats quite a number!

  20. Susan Crosby says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the fun visit–and especially Nancy Robards Thompson for the opportunity to come out of my hole in the wall :-). Happy Easter to all!


  21. Jo Robertson says:

    Great interview, Nancy and Susan! I love to hear how other writers schedule their days and how they come to learn their craft.

    “Fortune’s Hero” sounds delightful. I love the idea of a crumudgeonly cowboy encountering a lively woman!

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