Janette Kenny


Janette Kenny

I’ve done a lot of talking about buying a new swimsuit but never actually did it.  Me and swimsuit trying on/buying are not friends anyway and the old one piece I had was still looking pretty good and fitting well.

It’s not that I don’t love being in or near the water.  I just dread the trying on swimsuits and freak in a dressing room because every suit revealed way too more of me that I wanted to show.  Ever.  Plus do they have to use the worst mirrors ever in dressing rooms?  Do they get a deal from fun house mirrors or something?


This year I  took the plunge and went shopping for a swimsuit, mainly because the Sodbuster (the new man in my life) spends a good deal of summer  leisure time on the water, and the sun and chlorine had wrecked the old suit I felt comfortable wearing.

The good news is there are plenty of styles available, from string bikinis to one piece to swim dresses.  The trouble was deciding what I wanted and then finding something to fit.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is price doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a quality suit.  I stick with a noted brand because those do tend to last.  Also, I ruled out me in a bikini or monokini or any thing bearing a resemblance to either.  Even if I had ever looked good more naked than clothed, wearing one is just not me.


Second I was tired of a one piece and wanted something different, but not so different as a swim dress.  That has too much of an old Victorian feel to it, plus I looked frumpy in one.  Maybe if I added a hat?  Kidding.  The swim dress has it’s place but it’s just not me.

I went for a tankini style and found two that 1) fit and 2) were becoming on my body.  Also I opted for boy shorts over the very brief bikini bottoms or the  swim skirt.   And because I am a dirt magnet, I chose something with colorful tops and black bottoms instead of all white.

Now that I’ve taken the plunge and bought two swimsuits, I am very relieved and a bit excited to show them off.  Well, at least to one special someone in my life.

What about you?  Most of us dread the swimsuit buying ordeal, but what’s your reason?  Have you opted to buy new this year?  Change your style?






14 thoughts on “I did it … finally

  1. Well, Jannette,I’m looking forward to buying a new swim suit this year because I have lost 45 pounds since last summer. I’m hoping for five more pounds off before I actually purchase it. I know I’ll look way better than I did last year!

  2. Katherine, that’s awesome! Congrats! I’ve been doing yoga and have lost a bit plus firmed up which is what I really needed. 🙂

  3. Emily McKay says:

    The Geek and I do lots of summery/watery things, so good swimsuits are a must. But it’s not like something I ever get “excited” about. I usually just order online from Lands End. They’ve got good suits and they last and they’re meant to actually be swum in.

    Kathy, holy crap! 45 pounds? Yay, you!
    But be honest … it’s the bland British food, right? It’s easier to resist, right?
    (Just kidding! I know losing weight anywhere is hard … plus there’s all those clotted cream and scones! Yikes!)

  4. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    Jan, it’s so funny that you posted this because last night I bought 2 swimsuits! Emily suggested I try Land’s End, so I bought two from there. Fingers crossed they look good on. I’ll be in the water with Baby Galen almost every day this summer. Last year I felt like even the women who were 8 months pregnant looked better than me! Hopefully all my hard work at boot camp has done a little toning.

    And Katherine, you go! Forty-five pounds is awesome!

  5. CateS says:

    As a former lifeguard… if you like the style of the suit – buy a couple more… and wash out those babies everytime you’re in the pool or lake..
    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen…..

  6. I haven’t bought a new swimsuit for years…I don’t swim much, so sitting by the pool doesn’t require me to change. I swim maybe once a year, so that means bathing suits last me a good decade or so. Hence, the dread experience of actually buying one is limited. 😉

  7. Oh geez – I haven’t bought a swimsuit since I was pregnant with my last kid. And that was awhile ago! Like Kristan, I don’t really need a new one to sit by the pool.

  8. Tori Elmgren says:

    We have a boat that we keep in a slip that’s about five minutes from our house, a neighborhood pool, and at least two week long family beach trips to the coast, we spend a lot of time in the water, so whether I want to or not, bathing suit shopping has to happen.
    However, I’ve lost 37 pounds since last summer, so even though I’d like to lose another 17, I’m really looking forward to getting a new one this year! Woohoo!
    The best one I’ve ever had I ordered several years ago from Lands End online. They used to have a feature where you could put in your measurements and they’d recommend a suit based on what you put in as well as a “model” that was customized to your measurements that you could use to “try on” the suit. I ordered the cutest black tankini with a halter style top. It was awesome, and fit perfectly and remains my favorite suit to this day.

  9. catslady says:

    I bought a new one 3 yrs. ago after not wearing one for a while. What an ordeal lol. I wanted the kind you got but couldn’t find any that weren’t skimpy. I ended up with a one piece but I would have liked to have gotten the ones with shorts – personally I hate all that shaving lol.

  10. I’ll check out Lands End, Emily.

    Shana, we must have been on the same wave length. 🙂 I’ve seen you and know you’ll look terrific at the pool.

    I learned that trick a long time ago, CateS. Thanks though for the reminder. It makes a huge difference.

    Kristan and Margo, I used to be in the water all the time, and have a feeling I will be again. I love it! But if I were like you two, I wouldn’t have bothered buying new.

    Awesome about the weight loss, Tori! Congrats. Which coast? You are lucky to be that close to the water.

    Catslady, I was determined to keep looking until I found a two piece. I really didn’t want another one piece suit and bikinis are out for way.

  11. Tori says:

    Thanks Janette! We’re in South Carolina so we typically go to Murrell’s Inlet/ Garden City which is about 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach.

  12. Tori, that’s an area I hope to visit at length some day soon. A friend of mine goes to Myrtle Beach on a yearly girl jaunt and loves it.

  13. Karen says:

    Want to be covered and confident? Actually exhale while you’re enjoying the water? Swim Shells are water wearable cover ups made of swimsuit fabric! Cute and comfy too!

  14. Congrats on being able to find two swimsuits! We live about two hours from the beach and are looking forward to summer.

    I love the photo of that first suit. Where did you get it from?

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