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We now have a new member of our family: a kitten.

My teenage daughter picked him out of a selection of kitties at the local animal services.  The day we first met him, back in late February, he was sleepy and snuggled next to one of his siblings before the staff member picked him up and put him in my daughter’s arms.  It was love at first cuddle.

My daughter also named him: Sherlock, after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.  She’s a huge fan of Benedict Cumberpatch, the latest British actor to play Mr. Holmes, and our little Sherlock also has an angular face and piercing blue eyes (which are slightly crossed, which tells me either his Mommy or his Daddy were Siamese).  Our kitten is also extremely curious and eager to unravel the mystery in a blanket heaped on the floor, or a piece of crumpled up paper.  He’s also extremely vocal (another Siamese trait), especially if I’m not serving up his lunch fast enough.

Our adoption hasn’t been without its hiccups, though.  Sherlock got sick within days of arriving at our home.  He stopped eating, lost weight, and he’s still recuperating from the respiratory virus which apparently affects a lot of cats who come from shelters.  Our other feline, a male we adopted from the same shelter three years ago, was reluctant to accept another kitty in his domain for quite a few days.  He, too, got the virus.  Several times this past week, we’ve visited the vet.  While they’re both still sniffling and sneezing, with luck, the worst of the virus is over for both of them—and they’re becoming best buddies, sharing dishes of food and short plays together.

Already Sherlock has made a place for himself in our home.  I can’t imagine my days without his small, warm, purring body snuggled in my arms.  My daughter adores him.  My husband does too (I know this because he hasn’t once complained about the vet bills).  I’m sure there are many adventures ahead with Sherlock—and I can’t wait.


Do you have pets?  I’d love to hear about yours.

13 thoughts on “Sherlock, Our Latest Family Member

  1. We have a miniature dachshund named Godiva. And the story of how we got her is pretty funny. I told my kids we could get a pet but we should go and check them out to make sure we got one that liked the same activities we did…watching TV and reading. 🙂

    So while I was at the NEC conference they went to the pet store and started sending me urgent text messages and pictures of each of them holding the puppy. The only words in the urgent text messages…you’re the only one who hasn’t said yes. Brats!

    Anyway, we got our little Godiva and I’m really glad because most days she sits on my lap as I write!

  2. Elise Rome says:

    Hi Catherine! Sherlock is adorable. =) (And I love the name!) We have a chihuahua/rat terrier mix we adopted from a local shelter five years ago (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long). Her name was originally Sandy, but we changed it to Mocha, and I think it fits her perfectly. =) My youngest daughter adores her (and Mocha tolerates her); my oldest daughter is too concerned with her toys to care, and I love that Mocha is my constant companion when I stay up late writing…or, er, commenting. 😉 Congrats on your new addition to the family!

  3. Oh! Sherlock is SO CUTE! Glad both kitties are feeling better. We got both our pets from shelters, too. Willow is our little mutt; Huck is our naughty cat. They’re very devoted to each other.

  4. Sandra Rogers says:

    Congratulations on the new kitten. We have two cats and one dog. Nosey looks somewhat like you kitten. He is a diabetic (became one a few months after I became one) and needs two insulin shots a day. Smokey is a Himalayan. He is adorable with blue eyes. Chewie (AKA Chewbacca) is a snorkie…half yorkie,half schnauzer. He and his siblings were rescued by my son’s sister-in-law. He is adorable and follows us everywhere.

  5. Kathryn in Montreal says:

    What a beautiful little boy! I could SO be a crazy cat lady… I have 3 cats right now and I couldn’t imagine a home without a purring cat. We also have a dog and have had assorted other animals (gerbils, mice, hedgehog). Not living with us we have 2 horses as I have 2 daughters who are competitive equestrians.

    But I adore kittens… they’re so much fun!

  6. Emily McKay says:

    What a cute little boy!
    But, shhh, don’t tell my daughter, because she’s desperate for a kitten. She talks about it daily. I made a (huge!) parenting mistake the first time she asked for a kitten. Quite honestly I said, “I’d love another cat, your dad is the one you have to convince.”
    I know, huge mistake, right? Way to present a united front.

  7. My hubby would love to bring a new kitten into the mix here, but I’m afraid our 14 year old male cat wouldn’t take kindly to the idea. The dogs would be fine with it, but Bob the cat is very territorial. Your Sherlock looks adorable!

  8. Evelyn says:

    My latest pets are six little baby chicks. They are so cute, and they are smart. Whenever I put a new “toy” in their box, they run to peck, scratch, and check it out. They are only one week old and already trying to roost on anything above floor level. They have already learned that my call, “chick, chick,” means food is coming. BTW, we also have 4 cats and 2 dogs. We have a minifarm (6 acres) and I guess I will overrun it with pets.

  9. catslady says:

    Oh what a cutie. Do I have pets!!!I’ve had two dogs that have passed and up to 7 cats at one time and I care for ferals/strays. I was down to 3 inside cats when my daughter gave me two of hers and the house is in chaos. They range from less than 2 years to almost 15 and one new one is still hiding under the bed while a couple of them keep fighting. Never a dull moment but I wouldn’t have it any other way lol.

  10. Shana Shana says:

    So cute! Makes me want another cat. My cat Suki had an upper respiratory infection when we brought her home from the shelter. She always sort of had some respiratory issues, and she ended up dying of lung cancer because I didn’t realize it was more than just the typical problems she’d always had until too late. Still, she lived until 14 and was very healthy until the end.

    My cat Pounce was partly Siamese. Oh, my. He could yell! I don’t know that I’d get another Siamese.

  11. Kathleen O says:

    They are so cute.. I can’t have pets where I am. But my brother and a few other have dogs and one of my neices has two cats, Lucy and Oliver.. So I am just an “aunt” to dogs and cats.

  12. Lexi says:

    Oh how cute. And my husband and I just started watching that Sherlock Holmes tv show! Funny that.

  13. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    What a cutie! I’d totally have a house full of cats cause I love them, but we have two now and they don’t even really like each other. But yeah, I’d be the crazy cat lady for sure.

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