I saw this game on Facebook and thought it would be fun to play here since we love authors and books. The Rules: list fifteen authors (poets included) who’ve influenced you and made an impression. Don’t take too long to think about it. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Here’s my COOL FIFTEEN list:


VICTOR HUGO – For LES MISÉRABLES alone Hugo will always be on my best-loved list.


EMILE ZOLA – Nineteenth century France is one of my passions. So many things about that period speak to me – the Impressionist painters, post-Haussmann Paris, the literature… One of my favorite writers is Emile Zola. Like Hugo, Zola provides a vivid window into this world.


JANE AUSTEN – What’s not to love about the original romance writer and her body of work?


F. SCOTT FITZGERALD – Nick Carraway had me at chapter one. When I reached the end of GATSBY, I was hungry for more Fitzgerald.


ALICE HOFFMAN – She’s brilliant with magical realism.


SYLVIA PLATH – The way she weaves words and turns phrases brings me to my knees. In my book, she’s a literary goddess.


JK ROWLING – Harry, Ron and Hermione are like personal friends.


DOROTHEA BENTON FRANK – She speaks to the southern girl in me. I want to be her when I grow up.


TRACY CHEVALIER – The beauty of her smart books takes my breath away.


NORA ROBERTS – Nora is the one who made me want to write romance. Her well-crafted storied still sweep me away.

As an author, one of the perks of the job is meeting other writers and getting to know them beyond the pages of their books. It’s only natural that some of my favorite authors have become my friends. I dedicate this portion of “15 Cool Authors” to them:


KATHERINE GARBERA – Kathy was the very first published author I met…way back when. We became acquainted through our local RWA chapter. Since then, she’s became one of my very best friends. I’ll never forget the day I met Kathy. It was my first RWA chapter meeting. I was nervous and unsure of why I was even there. It just happened that on that same day, Kathy walked in with the cover of her very first book (THE BACHELOR NEXTDOOR wasn’t even out yet and she’d just received the cover flat). I was awe struck. Standing right in front of me was a living, breathing author, who was so talented, yet so personable and approachable. She made me feel as if I’d always been part of the chapter. Her smart, sassy prose hooked me from the get go and her sweet personality has made her friend for life.


CINDY KIRK – Cindy and I met at my first RWA conference. Synchronicity had a hand in our friendship when by chance we found ourselves at the same luncheon table two days in a row (amid 2,000 women and no assigned seats). We were both unpublished, but dogged determined to change that. We became fast friends and corresponded over the years – mind you, this was pre-email, back in the prehistoric days of the telephone and letter.  Now, Cindy is not only a good friend, she’s my plotting and brainstorming partner. Her books are fun and heartfelt and I always look forward to reading her next release.


CATHERINE KEAN – Catherine writes rich, beautiful historical romances. I’ve always described Catherine’s books as “jewel boxes” full of exquisite treasures. Her beautiful touch has influenced my work, too, since she’s been my critique partner for fourteen years.


KATHLEEN O’BRIEN – Kathleen is the wise woman in my life. She has such a poetic soul that radiates from the pages of her books. She was an established author when I met her. Now, I am so very fortunate to call her a friend and brainstorming partner.


KRISTAN HIGGINS – Kristan is fabulously funny and talented, and she has one of the most generous spirits of any writer I’ve met. Her Rita-winning novel “Catch of the Day” was the one that hooked me. Now, I count the days until next Kristan Higgins release.

So, there you have it…my Cool 15. I’m dying to hear who’s on your list. Since I’m celebrating being part of a group of six more very cool authors who have each crafted books in the latest FORTUNES OF TEXAS series (I’m book five out of the six-book series – book one launched this month. My title FORTUNE’S UNEXPECTED GROOM will be released in May 2012), I will give away the first two titles in the FORTUNES OF TEXAS series: Karen Templeton’s FORTUNE’S CINDERELLA and Marie Ferrarella’s FORTUNE’S VALENTINE BRIDE to one lucky person who posts their own 15 Cool Authors list.




25 thoughts on “15 COOL AUTHORS

  1. Elise Rome says:

    What a fun game! =) I love so many of your picks.

    Here are my 15 Cool Authors:

    1) Jude Deveraux/Catherine Coulter. I have to count these as one for the same reason–I discovered historical romance through them.

    2) Julia Quinn. She drew me back into the romance genre after high school.

    3) Edgar Allan Poe. Although he’s morbid, I also find his work romantic in a way.

    4) Charlotte Bronte. I love the passion in Wuthering Heights.

    5) Margaret Mitchell. Scarlett and Rhett will always be my favorite romantic couple, although I do prefer their ending by way of Alexandra Ripley’s SCARLETT.

    6) Kristan Higgins. For getting me hooked on contemporary romance when I’ve always been devoted solely to historicals.

    7) Lukas Holmes. My husband’s pseudonym–he’ll be publishing his first upper middle grade novel THIS WORLD OR THE NEXT at the end of the month!

    8) Lori Wick. For showing me how amazing inspirational romance can be.

    9) Louisa May Alcott. LITTLE WOMEN introduced me to romance before I ever read one.

    10) Lucy Maud Montgomery. The same as #9.

    11) Herman Melville. For showing me the type of book I NEVER want to write. (Whales, whales, and more whales…)

    12) Mercer Mayer. The author of the Little Critter books; a series I enjoyed as a child and get to share with my children now.

    13) Sherry Thomas, for her bravery in writing a new style of historical romances.

    14) Meredith Duran, for her complex and lovely characters.

    15) Lisa Kleypas, for inspiring me not only as a writer who writes stories but as an author who creates a certain type of public persona, too.

  2. Nancy; wonderful post and what a fun game. Somehow I missed this on FB and I’m not sure how.

    1. Jayne Ann Krentz–she made me want to write romance. I think I read my first book of hers when I was in 7th grade. Her heroines were smart and sassy, her heros wounded and flawed but so damned loyal once they fell in love. I just wanted to be the heroines and barring that wanted to be the kind of writer who could create those characters.

    2. Elizabeth Lowell–she made me cry every single time. She does the black moment better than anyone else IMHO and I still re-read some of her older books just for that emotional heart punch.

    3. Baroness Orczy –I love the Scarlet Pimpernel and his devotion to his wife. I love the spy aspect of the stories and the very real danger if they get caught. Also I just love the French Revolution as the backdrop. Yummy romance!

    4. Madeleine L’Engle–A Wrinkle In Time was the first book that really got me hooked on reading a series. I loved the large family which mirrored my own and I liked the dynamic of those characters as they worked together to save the day.

    5. Nancy Robards Thompson–for her lush character details and rich emotions. I just truly enjoy each new book that Nancy releases and I’m happy to say I’ve been a fan since I read her very first manuscript.

    6. Lenora Worth–she writes inspirational fiction which is good for the soul but its her characters that have me hooked every single time.

    7. J.K. Rowling–I love the entire world she created for Harry Potter and though I found the first book very hard to get through I absolutely adored Prison of Azkaban and have re-read it many times.

    8. Christine Feehan–her entire Dark series is just to die for. I love the ultra-macho man who can only love one woman and without her he loses his soul. Ah, its so romantic.

    9. Lucy Monroe–for my money no one writes deeply emotional contemporaries like she does. She does the rich, alpha male really well.

    10. Lori Wilde–I haven’t read her latest small-town set series but she wrote a Blaze that I absolutely loved it was sexy from the first page but also funny. It was spot on perfect.

    11. Susan E. Phillips–I’d never read one of her books attended a workshop presentation she gave at RWA one summer and my writing pal Pamela Macalouso recommended I read Heaven, Texas. I have never laughed so much as I did reading that book. I adore the way she can weave humor and emotion together. One time Nancy and I stalked her at a conference…I have the photographic evidence!

    12. JR Ward–I loved the beginning of her Blackdagger brotherhood series. Its lost me a bit as it continues on but those first books were gold and I still re-read them.

    13. Kristan Higgins–I’m new to her writing but enjoyed UNTIL THERE WAS YOU and cant’ wait to read more.

    14. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m just now mentioning Margaret Atwood–The Edible Woman is by far my favorite. As a writer I love how she uses point of view as part of her character’s development. The book starts in first person and as the character kind of loses herself turns to third person reflecting how the woman is viewing herself. Its really, really good!

    15. Anthony Bourdain–I just like the way he writes which is exactly how he talks on his shows.

  3. Laurie G says:

    1)JR Tolkien -The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings
    2)CS Lewis- Narnia
    3)LM Montgomery- Anne of Green Gables
    4)EB White- Charlotte’s Web, Louis the Trumpter Swan, Stuart Lttle
    5)James Clavell- Shogun
    6)Boris Pasternak- Dr Zhivago
    7)Nora Roberts all of her books
    8)ee cummings poetry
    9)Harper Leigh- To Kill a Mockingbird
    10)Laura Ingals Wilder- Little House On the Praire
    11)Mark Twain- The Prince and the Pauper, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer
    12)Susan Polis Schultz – beautiful poetry
    13)Shel Silversteen- beautifiul poetry, The Giving Tree
    14)Alec Dumas- The Count of Monte Crisco
    15)Richard Adams- Watership Downs

  4. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Oh wow, I don’t know if I could come up with 15, but I’ll give it a try.

    1. Judy Blume – holy cow I could not get enough of her books when I was a girl. Just loved everything about them.

    2. Diane Hoh – well, mostly it was the one book of hers I read, Brian’s Girl. It was a YA romance back when that was not quite the popular explosion of books it is today. I don’t even know how many times I read this book.

    3. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – wow, I don’t know that I’d be a romance writer today had I not picked up my mom’s copy of A Rose in Winter. Literally reading that book set the course for my entire adult life. I knew about a third of the way into the book that historical romance was exactly what I wanted to write. I had already known I wanted to be a writer, but this was the big game changer.

    4. LaVyrle Spencer – I think her books were the first time I noticed depth of character.

    5. Pamela Morsi – I met her pretty early on in my journey, and was a huge fan of her work. And then my last semester in college I got to do my internship for my degree as her personal assistant. Talk about education. I learned more about the business side of this, well, business, than I expected and in the process made a wonderful friend.

    6. Amanda Quick – I think this one hit more on the subconscious level. I knew I loved her as a reader, but it wasn’t until I had a few books under my belt that I realized how very influential she’d been on the kinds of stories I tell. I don’t think I could write a romance where the characters do nothing other than fall in love to save my life. Nope, my characters are always on a quest, solving a mystery or tripping over a dead body, it’s just how my mind works when coming up with story.

    7. Emily McKay – most of y’all know that Emily is my critique partner and has been for the last 12 years, I think that’s right. But she’s also my best friend, was in my wedding, etc. But those early years when we first started working together, before either one of us had published, those were invaluable, not only to my writing education but also to the development of our friendship. In her I found my friend soul-mate. I couldn’t write without her.

    8. Teresa Medeiros – she’s so wonderful and her books just run the gam met of emotion. I think that’s the main way she’s influenced me. Reading her books make me want to be a better writer. She makes me push myself when it comes to getting emotion right on the page.

    I know there are more, but I can’t really think of all of them right now so I’ll leave it at that. But what a great blog, Nancy. Thanks.

  5. Can hardly type because I just saw my name on a list with F. Scott Fitzgerald! 😯 Also Kathy Garbera, Catherine Kean, Cindy Kirk,and Kristan Higgans….and all the rest of those wonderful writers!

    Downside? Now I have to try to think of something poetic to say!

    Nah! Forget that! I love this game and want to play!

    1) Fitzgerald, yes, yes…Gatsby is the saddest creature ever invented, and I adore him.
    2) Austen, of course!
    3) Dorothy Dunnett. A genius. I don’t understand about every tenth word, and I don’t even care. How is that done?
    4) Mary Stewart. When I was about ten, I decided Nine Coaches Waiting may be the most romantic book ever written, and I’ve never changed my mind.
    5) Nancy Robards Thompson, who obviously has excellent taste in writers, but who also is a lovely, lovely writer herself. And surprisingly fun to be with for a gorgeous blonde. 😉
    6) T. Elliott Brown, who has a new book out called Bombshells. I’m in the middle of it now, and *loving* it!!
    7) Rex Stout, who wrote the Nero Wolfe books. Nero and Archie Goodwin are among my best friends!
    8) Alice Hoffman.
    9) Georgette Heyer
    10) Ellen Hartman. If you haven’t read her Superromances, you’re missing something special. She has her own special slant on love, and is one sharp lady.
    11) Kay Stockham, also a Superromance author who writes gems.
    12) Charlaine Harris
    13) Stephen King, even though I am a coward and can’t always read them when I’m alone.
    14) Daphne duMaurier
    15) Edith Wharton.

  6. Karyn Good says:

    What a fun idea! Here’s my offerings.

    1.Lucy Maud Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables
    2.Laura Ingalls Wilder – Little House on the Prairie
    3.Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird
    4.Margaret Laurence – The Diviners/The Stone Angel
    5.Timothy Findley – The Telling of Lies
    6.Johanna Lindsey – And then I fell in love with the Mallorys
    7.Patricia Cornwell – And then came Dr. Kay Scrapetta
    8.Nora Roberts – And that was it. I was in love with romance novels!
    9.Stephanie Laurens – And the Cynasters.
    10.Christina Dodd – And it just kept getting better.
    11.JK Rowling – Than I started reading fabulous stories to my children!
    12.Suzanne Brockmann – Devoured more great stories.
    13.Tara Janzen – Found another favourite!
    14.JR Ward – And another.
    15.Suzanne Collins – Because I still don’t know how she took the idea of The Hunger Games and wrote it in a way that I loved it, despite the concept of a Hunger Games.

  7. eap says:

    1. Louise May Alcott
    2. Harper Lee
    3. Margaret Mitchell
    4. Laura Inglass Wilder
    5. L. M. Monthomery
    6. Roseamunde Pilcher
    7. Helen Hoover Santmyer
    8. Lynn Austin
    9. Karen Kingsbury
    10. Kristin Hannah
    11. LaVyrle Spencer
    12. Susan Cooper
    13. Kathy Herman
    14. Susan Fox
    15. Maud Hart Lovelace

  8. Sandi in OH says:

    1. Janet Lambert who wrote wonderful YA romances when I was a teen.
    2. Jill Barnett, the first author I met.
    3. Nora Roberts and Robb
    4. Louisa Mae Alcott. Little Women is one of my favorite
    5. Robyn Carr
    6. Jane Austin who can forget Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility
    7. Edgar Allan Poe, the Raven and Annabell Lee
    8. Julia Quinn, great historicals
    9. Teresa Medeiros,
    10 Karen Rose, great romantic suspense
    11 Catherine Coulter and her FBI series
    12 Jill Shalvis
    13 Cathie Linz
    14 Linda Wisdom, great in all genres
    15 Janet Chapman
    All authors expand my thinking, my horizon, and my life.

  9. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Okay I neglected to mention Nora Roberts. When I was but a tender age of 19 and in college, my mom went to a book signing at a small local bookstore in our home town to see Nora. She told her all about her daughter that wanted to be a romance writer and Nora told her about RWA and how I needed to join, etc. I waited a few more years, but then I did join RWA and I’ve never forgotten (except this morning 😳 ) her generosity.

  10. Shana Shana says:

    I’m pressed for time, so I’ll just go with whoever comes to mind and have to skip the explanation. Love your list, though, Nancy!

    1) Julie Garwood
    2) Marsha Canham
    3) Elizabeth Elliott
    4) Jane Austen
    5) Charlotte Bronte
    6) M.M. Kaye
    7) Jean Auel
    8) Diana Gabaldon
    9) Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    10) Anne Rice
    11) Nora Roberts
    12) Teresa Medeiros
    13) Eloisa James
    14) Karen Hawkins–she gave me my first cover quote, will always love her for that
    15) Julianne MacLean

  11. Molly says:

    How fun! In no particular order:
    1. Johanna Lindsey
    2. Nora Roberts
    3. Rex Stout
    4. Erle Stanley Gardner
    5. Carolyn Keene
    6. Lori Foster
    7. Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    8. Teresa Medeiros
    9. Kristan Higgins
    10. L.M. Montgomery
    11. Jane Austen
    12. Sharlene MacLaren
    13. Georgette Heyer
    14. M.C. Beaton
    15. Julie Anne Long (I’m in the middle of my first by her, and it’s wonderful)

  12. Kathleen says:

    1. Colleen McCullogh- she wrote one of the best family saga’s I think I have ever read..
    2. John Jakes – North and South was another great family saga.
    3. James Mitchner – His books gave me more of a history/geography lesson than any I could learn in school.
    4. Nora Roberts – I cut my teeth on her romances. She made me fall in love so many times with her characters.
    5. Beatrice Small- She took me to a placs I thought I would never read about. And learn that romance is just not hugs and kisses…
    6. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – she could make feel things I never thought I could feel. Passion and lust.. as did number 5.
    7.Rosemary Rodgers – same as 5&6
    8. Fern Michaels – Her family Saga’s like her Texas series was terrific and her follow up books were just as fantastic.
    9. Robyn Carr – I found her a few years ago and she made me want to live in a town called Virgin River and make me cry at the same time.
    10. Susan Wiggs.. She can make me feel like nubmer 9
    11. Lisa Kleypas – Her histocial and comtemporay books make me sigh, cry, laugh, and love… all the things a good romance should make you feel.
    12. Jill Shalvis – Her Heroines and Heros make me itch. They are so explosive you just want to be them.
    13. Karen Hawkins – She takes me to one of my fav places Scotland.. Nobody can do a good Hunky Scotsman like Karen
    14. Donna Kauffman – same as above, except for her contmporary Scotsman…WOW
    15. Susan Elizabeth Phillips, last to think of but not the least. Her characters, espcially her Heroines are fiesty, smart and know how to wrap a man around her little finger….And her Hero’s well just lets say that I would not kick any of them out for eating crakers in bed..

    I could go on and on and on.. about mabye a hundred or so more…

  13. Beebs says:

    1 Jane Austen – Darcy, Wentworth, Knightley, Brandon
    2 Elizabeth Gaskell – North and South
    3 Charlotte Bronte – Rochester
    4 Charles Dickens – Love his stories
    5 Stephen King – Love everything he’s ever written
    6 Harlan Coben – Adore his Myron Bolitar books
    7 Loretta Chase – Dain, Ainswood, Carsingtons
    8 Anne Gracie – Love all her books
    9 Baroness Orczy – Scarlet Pimpernel
    10 Julia Quinn – Always makes me laugh
    11 Stephanie Laurens – Devil Cynster
    12 Karen Hawkins – Love all her books
    13 Gaelen Foley – The Duke, Prince Charming
    14 Joanna Bourne – Just adore her Spymasters
    15 Some of the new-to-me authors from last year – Ashley March/Elise Rome – Shana Galen – Tessa Dare – Sarah Maclean – Miranda Neville – Katharine Ashe – Elizabeth Hoyt – Jennifer Ashley – Theresa Romain – because I really enjoyed their books and can’t pick just one. Sorry 😀

  14. StacieD says:

    1. SE Hinton (I reread The Outsiders at least 100 times)
    2. John Jakes (The North & South trilogy was awesome)
    3. Anne Rice (loved her Mayfair Witches and vampires)
    4. Francine Pascal (loved the Sweet Valley High series)
    5. Stephen King (enough said)
    6. Agatha Christie (love murder mysteries)
    7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (see above)
    8. Jane Austen (love her complicated romances)
    9. William Shakespeare (do you have to ask? LOL)
    10 Bram Stoker (my love for paranormals began with him)
    11 Megan Hart (she made me start reading romances again)
    12 Lauren Dane (I learned to love futuristics via her)
    13 Maya Banks (her Sweet series is lovely)
    14 Jaci Burton (love the way she writes women)
    15 Shiloh Walker (love the suspense in her books)

  15. Na S. says:

    1. Kristin Hannah (really enjoy her women’s fiction)
    2. Paullina Simmons (I invest so much emotions in her story and really care for the characters)
    3. Kristan Higgins (quirky, fun contemporary romances)
    4. Carla Neggers (great mystery books)
    5. Brenda Joyce (her historical romance got me hooked on the romance genre)
    6. Therese Fowler (her stories make me think)
    7. Francine Pascal (& her other ghost writers) Adored the Sweet Valley series growing up – such an important series growing up
    8. R.L. Stine (got me hooked on horror books growing up)
    9. Karen Marie Moning (introduced me to the UF genre)
    10. Susan Wiggs (feel good romance)
    11. Judith McNaught (satisfying romance)
    12. Lisa Kleypas (sweet stories)

    1. Na S. says:

      *pressed the enter button too soon!

      13. L.J. Smith (love her The Secret Circle series when it first came out and still do!)
      14. Melody Thomas (heart touching stories)
      15. Susan Elizabrth Phillips (newly discovered and want to read more)

  16. Tin Ong says:

    1. AS Byatt — who wrote Possession and called it “A Romance”
    2. Charles Dickens — came up with the BEST, BEST names for his characters
    3. James Joyce — for sharing his views on Ireland in The Dubliners
    4. Leo Tolstoy — for Anna Karenina
    5. David Nicholls — for the most subtle, most beautifully written One Day
    6. Kazuo Ishiguro — for Never Let Me Go — breathtaking story
    7. Haruki Murakami — wrote my all-time favorite short story: On Seeing My 100% Perfect Girlfriend One Beautiful April Morning <– don't you just love the title?
    8. Johanna Lindsey — over 100 books, over 2 decades of writing romances — she's done vikings, pirates, russians, etc. Amazing scope of work
    9. Julie Garwood — best Highland-themed stories
    10. Lisa Kleypas — love her historicals!
    11. Sherry Thomas — I still remember how, at 3 in the morning, I was sobbing and crying over Private Arrangements, her debut novel.
    12. Elizabeth Hoyt — love that she weaves fairy tales into her stories
    13. Lauren Royal — her Temptations series was years ahead of its time — now there's a lot of books that combine recipes, cooking and romance — and she wrote hers almost 7 years ago
    14. Courtney Milan — her Turner Brothers? Oh my~
    15. Cecilia Grant — I am reading her now and her writing is … wow.

  17. Thanks, Nance! Let’s see.
    1. Margaret Mitchell.
    2. Mark Twain.
    3. Elinor Lipman
    4. Julia Quinn
    5. Elizabeth Strout.
    6. Stephen King.
    7. Johanna Lindsay
    8. Eloisa James
    9. Sophie Kinsella
    10. Marian Keyes
    11. Dean Koontz
    12. Thomas Hardy
    13. Billy Shakespeare (King Lear: my fave)
    14. Alice Hoffman (Turtle Moon: perfect book)
    15. E. Annie Proulx

    That was really fun! Thanks, Nancy! xox

  18. Beebs says:

    I knew I’d for get someone, totally forgot Eloisa James. D’oh *headslap*

  19. Minna says:

    My list:
    1. David and Leigh Eddings
    2. Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
    3. Arto Paasilinna
    4. Mauri Kunnas
    5. Agatha Christie
    6. Linda O. Johnston
    7. Sharon Sala
    8. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    9. Karen Whiddon
    10. Christine Feehan
    11. Lindsay McKenna
    12. Justine Davis
    13. Dorothy L. Sayers
    14. Dylan Thomas
    15. Veikko Huovinen

  20. LilMissMolly says:

    A few of your are on my Top 15 list. A few others are:

    Danielle Steele – I don’t read her anymore, but she got me into reading and was the first author I glommed onto when I was 13. It all started with The Promise. [Glomming is when you immediately go out and buy every book the author ever wrote.]

    Linda Howard – the first author that got me hooked on thrillers with Mr. Perfect. I also cried like a baby with Cry No More.

    Catherine Coulter – My first “historical” author who hooked me with the Sherbrooke Bride series.

    Julie Garwood – the first author who I read after getting recommendations from a bulletin board (the predecessor to blogs). After reading everything by Linda Howard and Catherine Coulter, I was looking for another author to read and Julie Garwood had both historicals and thrillers!

    Jill Barnett – the first author ever to personally respond to a comment I made on a wall post. This was probably 10-15 years ago, if not longer – well before Facebook. She is also the first author I ever glommed onto after reading an anthology.

  21. Cathy P says:

    1. Kathleen Woodiwess
    2. Nora Roberts
    3. Nicole Jordan
    4. Nicola Cornick
    5. Lisa Kleypass
    6. Sabrina Jeffries
    7. Kat Martin
    8. Rosemary Rogers
    9. Tawny Weber
    10. Kristan Higgins
    11. Carly Phillips
    12. Julianne MacLeane
    13. Julia London
    14. Karen Ranney
    15. Sue-Ellen Welfonder

  22. Congratulations, Cathy P!! You’re the winner of the first two books in the Fortunes of Texas series! Please send your snail mail address to me at nrobardsthompson@yahoo.com and I’ll get the in the mail to you right away!

  23. Mike says:

    What about Dr.Seuss?!!!! 😛

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