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Hellooooooo, Jaunty Readers! It’s me, Jaunty P. Quills, P.E. (Porcupine Extraordinaire) I have returned from the land of Facebook to regale you with daring tales of my latest extremely courageous exploits. I—eek! It’s the New Jaunty Quill!

Secret Jaunty: *blinks at Jaunty behind purple mask* *flips cape dramatically* Hello, Jaunty. I, too, have been off on extremely courageous exploits. Adventures reaching far into Romancelandia! Escapades that will take your breath away! Dangerous missions that will—

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: How should we refer to you? Is Miss Secret Jaunty, okay?

Secret Jaunty: Yeah, Miss Secret Jaunty is fine. Actually…perhaps it should be Mrs. Secret Jaunty, as I’ve hinted that I am married. Wouldn’t want my husband to disapprove of my mystery name, you know. 😀

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: So tell us how you like being part of the Jaunty Quills so far. Especially tell us how you like the JQ’s resident mascot—that cute, lovable porcupine.

Secret Jaunty: I love being part of the Jaunty Quills! Not only are the other authors fabulous, but the readers here are wonderful, too! *smiles* As for the resident mascot, I must tell you that I’ve recently tried to convince my daughter that bunnies are out and porcupines are in, but… Unfortunately, she’s not having it.

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: As you know, we’re having a contest and giving away 12 signed books and an Amazon gift card for $50. You’ve seen some of the guesses. Has anyone guessed correctly yet?

Secret Jaunty: Why, yes. Yes, they have. 😀 Wait, it is okay that I say that, right?

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: We already know you like listening to the oldies, you’re from Texas, you’re married, have kids, and like motorcycles (vrroom, vrroom—you should see my motorcycle!). Can you tell us anything else about yourself?

Secret Jaunty: Ooh, Jaunty, you have a motorcycle! No one told me this! I knew there was a reason you’re my favorite porcupine. 😀 Let’s see…something else about myself. I’ve never been outside the United States, which is a sad, sad truth. Well, unless you count the time my family drove across the border to Mexico to do some tourist shopping and my older brother almost got run over by a truck. There is that. 😉

Something else…I was almost eaten by a great white shark. It’s true! My family and my aunt’s family went to North Padre (*ahem* apparently South Padre was not en vogue that year) for a vacation. While the adults MAYBE had a few too many wine coolers and MAYBE fell asleep on the beach lying beneath the sun, my brother and my two cousins and me drifted far out into the ocean on an inner tube. So far, in fact, we nearly lost sight of the land! I’m sure there were sharks nearby. I used to watch Shark Week, and I know they’re EVERYWHERE. Fortunately, my brother (who, that day, I was grateful had not been run over by that truck in Mexico) saved the day by swimming to shore, alerting my uncle to the fact that we actually needed help and no, we were not just waving hello from WAY out in the ocean, and we were all rescued. Of course, as a younger sister I don’t usually remind him that he saved my life once, because there was the time that he nearly killed me when we were riding a snowmobile…but that’s a story for another day. 😀

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: Tell us about your most recent book. But change the details so you retain your ano…anony…

Secret Jaunty: Anonymity, Jaunty?

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: Right. So maybe you could call your hero Jaunty and your heroine Secret Quill. (flutters eyelashes).

Secret Jaunty: *stares enviously at Jaunty’s long, thick, luxurious eyelashes* *mutters* Of course, I can! *mutters again*

In my most recent book, my hero—Jaunty—and my heroine—Secret Quill—fall in love. As this is a romance novel, that shouldn’t be a big surprise. However, what really sets this book apart is that Jaunty and Secret Quill have both been married before, so this is a second chance at love kind of story. Neither Secret Quill nor Jaunty are looking to fall in love again due to what happened with their previous spouses, but you know that Jaunty… he just has a way about him (I think it’s those sharp shiny quills—they make him appear very debonair, you know), and Secret Quill can’t help but love him. Fortunately for Jaunty, he is successful at Romancing the Secret Quill, and they have a very wonderful and very beautiful happily ever after.

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: Have you figured it out yet, readers? One more question. Have you ever blogged with the Jaunty Quills before? Have you been a past guest?

Secret Jaunty: I have, indeed! Once in 2010 and once in 2011. *eyes Jaunty* Speaking of sharp shiny quills, since I’m part of the group does that mean I get to touch them now? *extends hand* Ow! Okay, okay, I guess that’s a no-no. Warning, readers. Never touch the quills, even if he does look adorable.

Jaunty P. Quills, P.E.: And that’s it, readers! Post your comments and guesses. Here’s a recap of the rules.

Everyone who guesses will be entered to win a gift certificate for $50 to Amazon.com. Those who guess correctly will also be entered to win a signed copy of a book from each of us (that’s 12 signed books!). In the unlikely event that no one guesses correctly, the first person who is randomly chosen from our secret Jaunty Quill’s posts will win and get to choose her prize.

We’ll reveal the new Jaunty’s name, and the winners on Sunday, October 2nd. So visit us all through the month of September, and don’t forget to comment on all of those Guess the Jaunty blogs to enter the contest!

33 thoughts on “Guess the Jaunty!

  1. Alie says:

    Secret Jaunty is thy name Ashley March?
    This latest book you´re telling about sounds great! I´ll have to go find that one.
    Now if only you could give a title 😆

  2. Serenissima says:

    Hi Secret Jaunty,

    I am still quessing, that You are Ashley March as I did the previous time You were here. 😉

  3. DeborahR says:

    I’m guessing Ashley March

  4. Liz V. says:

    Still believe Secret Jaunty is Ashley March.

  5. melanie Adkins says:

    Ashley March

  6. donna ann says:

    secret quill = ashley march 🙂

  7. Emily McKay says:

    Why, hello Mrs. Secret Jaunty Quill! It’s nice to “meet” you here again! it’s so much fun having a secret guest.

  8. Laurie G says:

    Ashley March was born in Texas, now lives in Colorado…Romancing the Countess has a second chance at love theme so I’m guessing Ashley March too.

  9. CrystalGB says:

    My guess is Ashley March. 🙂

  10. ruth says:

    Ashley March is my guess.

  11. Diane P. Diamond says:

    Hi Secret Jaunty Quill,

    I believe that you’re the delightful Ashley March. I hope that I’m correct.

    🙄 😆

  12. Quilt Lady says:

    It has got to be Ashley March! She has been here before, the letters are right and this books sounds like hers.

  13. Shana Shana says:

    Hi Secret Quill. Thank you so much for putting up with Jaunty. Surviving an interview with him is a rite of passage.

  14. Gayle Cochrane says:

    How about Ashley March?

  15. Molly says:

    *does a happy dance* Ashley March! 😀

  16. catslady says:

    Yes, I said Ashley March before and totally think it’s her now :mrgreen:

  17. Na says:

    With these new revelations…it’s Ashley March! (That’s my guess now). 😎

  18. Mariee says:

    I’m guessing Ashley March also.

  19. CateS says:

    I KNOW!! I KNOW!! I KNOW!! Frantically waving hand!!!!
    Ashley March!!!

  20. Chelsea B. says:

    I’m still saying it’s Ashley March!! 😀

  21. Jane says:

    I’m sticking with Ashley March, too.

  22. cheryl c. says:

    Still going with my original guess of Ashley March. If you aren’t her, Secret Jaunty, then A LOT of us are wrong! 😆

  23. Sonali N says:

    I am still sticking to my previous guess and saying that it is Ashley March 😉

  24. Secret Jaunty says:

    You guys. *shakes head* I just don’t know what to do with you. Have you guessed correctly? Have you guessed incorrectly? I guess we’ll just have to wait until all is revealed at the beginning of October. *flips cape again* But I do know one thing…that Ashley March chick sounds pretty cool if you are all right. 😉

  25. Jaunty P. Quills and Mrs. Secret Jaunty, you two are a hoot! (And no, that doesn’t mean you are owls). I LOVED your discussion and the tantalizing secrets you divulged. Good job!

  26. Gail says:

    I had guess Olivia Drake earlier, but the clues are definitely pointing to Ashley March. I hope it is right, can’t wait to hear more blogs from her.

  27. chey says:

    Secret Jaunty are you Ashley March?

  28. LilMissMolly says:

    Without reading all the other posts – but going back to the Sept. 1st post with all the clues, I’m guessing Ashley March. 🙄 She wrote about a Duchess in her first book and a Countess in her second, and I’ve been following her ever since she released her first book last year. She’s totally awesome and would make a perfect addition to the Jaunty Quills!! 😎

  29. Kirsten says:

    I’m now totally convinced that the secret Jaunty IS Ashley March. So jus delete my first guess and put me down for Ashley instead, thanks 😀

  30. Danielle W says:

    So easy 🙂 Ashley March

  31. Solveig says:

    I feel very silly 😆 but I´ll have to wote for Ashley March now too 🙄

  32. Kay says:

    I’ll have to aggree with the masses, everything points to Asley March!

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