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Some of you may have noticed I’ve been absent as of late. Maybe some of you have forgotten who I even am! 🙂 Well, the reason is that I’m extremely busy. I’m writing under 3 different names now and everything seems to be due at once. I’m not complaining! I wished for this and I got it, so I will NOT complain. However, it does mean that I have little time for anything but writing and making the odd Facebook or Twitter post. Recently I finally had to accept that I need to give some things up. I’ve been forgetting important dates, neglecting my hubby and basically forgetting to have a life outside of work. So, it’s with great sadness that I announce that I’m leaving the Jaunties. I hope to come back on occasion and guest post, but for now I have to say good-bye. It’s been a tremendous amount of fun being part of this blog and the fabulous women (and porcupine!) who run it. Thanks for everything!



12 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Shana Galen Shana Galen says:

    We definitely want you back for guest blogs, Kate. Visit anytime. And just so you know, readers, we tried to talk her out of leaving!

  2. We’ll miss you, Kate, and best of luck with your fabulous career! Drop in when you can. xoxox

  3. Kathryn in Montreal says:

    Sorry you have to go, but it couldn’t be for a better reason! Best of luck with your career and new writing endeavours.

  4. We’ll miss you here, Kate – but look forward to seeing you when you come up for air!!

  5. catslady says:

    You’ll be missed but I look forward to reading some guest posts – good luck!

  6. Terri Brisbin says:

    Kate —

    It’s been great having you as a Jaunty Quill and you’ll always be welcome to visit – of course! Best wishes on tons of success on these new writing ventures!


  7. RobynDeHart RobynDeHart says:

    Sniff, sniff. 😥 We’ll miss you, Kate!

    1. KathrynSmith says:

      Thank you all! You’ve got me all choked up! 🙂 I will be back!

  8. We will miss you, Kate! Congratulations on all of your writing projects and please stop by and say “hi” whenever you are able.

  9. You will surely be missed!! Good luck with all your new book endevors. I sure can’t wait to read them all. I hope to see you around now and again.

  10. Emily McKay says:

    We’ll miss you, Kate! You’ve been a fabulous Quill!

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