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5 days from now When Tempting a Rogue hits the shelves. I’m always excited for release day, but this is the first time that I’ve been sad about it as well. When Tempting a Rogue is my last book as Kathryn Smith. For now, anyway.

While I’m really excited about the new things coming my way and the new books I’m writing under new names (Kady Cross, Kate Cross, Kate Locke), I’ve been Kathryn Smith my entire life. I’ve written as Kathryn Smith since I sold to Avon in 1999.

What it comes down to is that I feel like I’m giving up a bit of myself. I suppose it’s normal, and change always brings anxiety with it — even if it’s really good change. I have that incredible hopeful feeling about each of these new ventures and there’s endless possibilities ahead.

Yup, it’s terrifying. 🙂

So, I want to hear about big changes you’ve made. Big decisions that have led to wonderful — or maybe not so wonderful things. More importantly, I want to know if the risk was worth it. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up When Tempting a Rogue on your next trip to the bookstore. It might be a collector’s item one day. 🙂

6 thoughts on “End of a Chapter

  1. wendy p says:

    I did not know that you were also Kady Cross…I am anxiously awaiting the release of the Girl in the Steel Corset book! Does this mean that you will no longer be writing historical romances? For me…I was 32 y.o., mother of two teenagers and signed up for classes at the local community college because when I told my kids they needed to go to college, my youngest said “why, you didn’t”, so I did, glad that I did – though it was scary being the oldest in the classes…went on and got my bachelor’s from one of the top women’s colleges. change is good!

    1. KathrynSmith says:

      Thanks, Wendy! Good for you for going back to school! One of my older sisters did the same thing and it’s been marvelous for her. Hope you like The Girl in the Steel Corset.

      I hope to do another Kathryn Smith book someday. We’ll just have to see how the cookie crumbles, as they say. Thanks, ladies!

  2. Can’t wait for this book, Kate…you know I’m such a fan. Will miss this genre from you, but can’t wait for the new books, too!

  3. Switching from nursing to writing was a huge change for me! We’ll miss your Avon historicals, Kate – but *really* looking forward to your other alter-egos. 🙂

  4. Shana Shana says:

    I bet this isn’t your last Kathryn Smith book! The big change for me was moving last month. It was a huge endeavor and super stressful. I still drive by the old house because I miss it (even though it was old and ugly and loud). But I LOVE my new house. I am so, so, so glad we moved (even though I can’t find anything in my office and still have boxes to unpack). Change is good!

  5. Anna says:

    My big change came last November when I left my job to do… tbd. Not that. After eight years of getting nowhere, I decided enough was enough, and I needed to do something drastic to change the course of my life. So I did. No regrets! (Yet. *glump*)

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