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Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

Please pass the Tums, and who’s got the remote?

Happy Turkey Day to our Jaunty readers who observe, and Happy Random Thursday to those who do not! Even if you’re not big into the turkey-and-stuffing routine, you’re probably aware that this is a day that tends to come with, shall we say, a trend toward overindulgence, and the pitfalls that come with. So tell […] ~ read more

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Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

Welcome to Pieville!

In the good old US of A, it’s almost Thanksgiving. That means turkey, stuffing, three types of potatoes, vegetables with cheese sauce, cornbread, and tons of other food that we willingly stuff into ourselves every year. But in my family, all of that was simply the warm up for the main event: dessert.  That meant […] ~ read more

Katherine Garbera By Katherine

Five Things For Thanksgiving

My top five favorite things for Thanksgiving involve food, family, friends, movies and tacky sweaters!  I love the holiday and the fact that after Thursday I can wear my holiday clothing, sing Christmas songs at the top of my lungs and smile at strangers without people thinking I’m weird. Here are my top five favorite […] ~ read more

Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

Giving Thanks

I love Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s probably my favorite holiday. Aside from the terrors of Black Friday shopping, it’s got everything going for it: friends and family gathered together at one of the prettiest times of the year, celebrating a unique and meaningful holiday. And then there’s the food, which is so awesome that it’s […] ~ read more

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