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Shana Galen By Shana

Old Skool

I got my first taste of the New World Order a couple of years ago. A mom with a daughter in Princess Galen’s preschool class and an older son moved from the city, which she loved, to the dreaded suburbs because her son didn’t get into the Kindergarten programs she’d applied to. That was my […] ~ read more

More from the Sisterhood

Kathleen O'Brien By Kathleen

Read Me A Story

Do you ever listen to books on tape? I used to think I never would.  I love looking at text on the page.  I’ve read ink on paper (or pixels on screens) for so long the letters and words have a visual personality for me, like paintings.  I couldn’t imagine giving that up.  Plus, I […] ~ read more

Robyn DeHart By Robyn

An open letter to a mom at the grocery store

Dear mom I saw at the grocery store: I saw you there in the cold section, I was picking up yogurt for my family and you were there with your three kids – 2 in the cart and one walking beside you. Your little ones were what people affectionately call chubby, but I want you […] ~ read more

Katherine Garbera By Katherine

Food & Family

Last week my daughter turned 23.  I know it’s not usually considered a milestone birthday, but that is the age I was when she was born.  We decided (and I think I blogged about the trip before) to go on a trip to Italy.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it here but I’m […] ~ read more

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