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Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

Vanessa’s winners!

Since I’ve forgotten to pull winners these last few weeks (bad Vanessa), I’ve got a list: Michelle F wins a copy of HIS MISTLETOE BRIDE; Debbie Haston wins the backlist books from the authors of A GENTLEMAN FOR ALL SEASONS; Eileen A-W wins a copy of HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING FOR A ROYAL SPY. Thanks to all […] ~ read more

More from the Sisterhood

Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Welcome back, Regina Kyle (and her firefighter!)

  Do You Dare? I’m baaaaack! Thanks to Kristan, Jess and the rest of the Jaunties for putting up with me again. They say the third time’s the charm, and I hope so because this my third visit here with the Jaunties. Good things come in threes, right? Only fitting, as I’m here to celebrate […] ~ read more

Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Hooray! A New Laura Moore Romance!

A Thanksgiving Post  Hi, everyone! First, let me say how happy I am to be back at Jaunty Quills. This is such a wonderful site for readers and writers to come together. With the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be timely if I wrote a blog about Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. I […] ~ read more

Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

Thankfully Going Casual

Hello JauntyFriends, and happy Thanksgiving to all those of you who are celebrating today (happy Thursday to those who aren’t)! Thank you for following us this past year, and I hope you’ll continue to visit. We’re very grateful for the positive vibe you help create with your comments and camaraderie (I never spell that word […] ~ read more

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