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Kathleen O'Brien By Kathleen

I’m Not Buying It

College football season, at our house, means a lot of television.  And a lot of television means a lot of commercials.   A lot of commercials means….ARGHHH!  Head explodes!  Mostly I try to tune them out, because they’re so irritating.  If they’re not about medicines, with ¾ of the time spent listing all the ways the […] ~ read more

More from the Sisterhood

Nancy Robards Thompson By Nancy

Five Things …

I’m on deadline working extra hard to finish my book before Thanksgiving.  But I wanted to pop out of the writing cave today for some fun with my friends in the Jaunty Quills community. How about we play a round of Five Things? I’ll tell you five things about me, and then you tell me […] ~ read more

Robyn DeHart By Robyn

5 Headlines That Make You Go Hmmmm….

I don’t watch the news much. Primarily because if it’s important or interesting, The Professor will tell me because he is a news junkie. But you know there’s also the my-time-is-precious thing and if I get free time away from the kiddos, then there are any number of things I’d rather do. That being said, […] ~ read more

Shana Galen By Shana

Cover Reveal with Shana Galen

I didn’t intend to write a Christmas novella. Actually, I did. It’s part of the Christmas in the Duke’s Arms anthology I did with Grace Burrowes, Carolyn Jewel, and Miranda Neville. So maybe I should say that I didn’t intend to write two Christmas novellas.  I was writing a scene for Danielle Gorman’s Ramblings From […] ~ read more

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