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Cindy Kirk By Cindy

Do you muddle?

In the past I’ve listened to motivational speakers talk about giving whatever you’re doing 110%.  Often they toss out familiar sayings such as: Do more than is required or Go the extra mile. While I do give 110% sometimes, I admit there are times when I’m very content to simply muddle along. Take for example, […] ~ read more

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Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

The beginner’s guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse

When I was a wee little one, I loved gardening with my parents. I had my own little section of dirt that I filled with tart radishes and snap peas I would eat off the vine, and usually one or two pumpkins earmarked for Halloween. We picked berries at the neighbors’ house and had corn […] ~ read more

Kathleen O'Brien By Kathleen

It’s All In The Game

When our family gets together, we almost always play games.  Word games. Board games. Charades. Bingo. Hangman.  In a pinch, rock-paper-scissors. There is no game we won’t try.  Once, Boychild created a personalized video game for us to play at St. Patrick’s Day–impressive!  And once, when we got together for a Game of Thrones viewing […] ~ read more

Shana Galen By Shana

Romantic Times Convention Recap

I’ve returned from the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas. It was a whirlwind of reader events, workshops, and parties. The first thing I did upon arrival was to check in, whereupon I got these room keys and was greeted by these elevator wraps. One look down from my room, and I had a bird’s-eye view […] ~ read more

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