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Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

Dear Venus–you just got Mars-ed!

Once upon a time, a fan asked me whether it was difficult to write the male point of view, seeing how I am, well, not a guy. (Despite getting the occasional ‘Can I help you, Sir?’ from TSA agents when I’m tired and wearing a ball cap.) Granted, I’m not a mage, a Mayan demon […] ~ read more

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Cindy Kirk By Cindy

How you met your partner…

In the romance world, when the hero meets the heroine, that first introduction is often known as the “meet cute” meaning that it’s always nice if the author can come up with some clever way to throw the two protagonists together. I first met my husband at a car wash.  I was with my girlfriend–who […] ~ read more

Mia Marlowe By Mia

Three Dirty Words

Everyone has their own thoughts on what constitutes the Queen Mother of all swear words. My DH says the phrase is: “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.” Our treadmill gave up the ghost recently. Yeah, I know. It’s hard to believe we actually wore one out, but we managed it somehow. Anyway since we still have miles to […] ~ read more

Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

Vanessa’s winner is…

Aleen Davis! I’ll be in touch with details about Darcy’s book. Thanks to everyone who commented! ~ read more

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