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Nancy Robards Thompson By Nancy

Smells Like Fall

Halloween marks the start of the busiest time of year in our house. There are so many birthdays mixed in with the holidays we’re pretty much celebrating through Valentine’s Day.  Still, no matter how busy we are, I always carve out time to do some baking. Birthday cakes, sugar cookies, gingerbread, and bourbon balls are […] ~ read more

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Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

The Boob Tube

I love watching TV. There, I said it and I’m not ashamed. When I was in grad school some years back, you did not admit to watching TV–unless it was public television or a political debate. The clear implication was that you should be reading Proust or Henry James instead of watching the boob tube. […] ~ read more

Katherine Garbera By Katherine

Are you as shocked as I am that October is nearly over?  It could be a sugar coma induced by the bags of Brachs candy corn that I found at my local American shop that made the month fly by.        I have my usual Halloween costume prepared (suburban mom), I’ve got bags […] ~ read more

Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Breaking it Down

When I start writing a new book, I do it in pieces. This is because writing a book is (to me) terrifying. I can’t sit down and say, “Okay, Higgins, get to work! Only 450 pages to go!” or I would end up looking at remote Montana cabins on Pinterest, trying to figure out how […] ~ read more

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