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Nancy Robards Thompson By Nancy

Michelle Major’s Winners

Congratulations, Kate Sparks and Timberlee R. you’re Michelle’s winners! Please email her at to learn how to collect your prize.  ~ read more

More from the Sisterhood

Cindy Kirk By Cindy

Ann Gonzalez is Cindy Kirk’s winner!

Thanks to everyone who commented.  I LOVED reading all the posts. Ann, Contact me at with your snail mail addy and I’ll get the books in the mail! Cindy ~ read more

Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Kristan’s Winner!

Karen M., whose dog just didn’t respect the squirt bottle but whose children might, send me your snail mail and book preference, and I’ll get that out to you! Thanks for being grouchy with me, folks. I feel much better. ~ read more

Cindy Kirk By Cindy

What I like in a hero…

I’ll just say it.  I’m kind of particular about heroes in books.   First, let’s talk physical attributes.  While I don’t mind a man with scruff, a goatee, or a day’s growth of beard, I really don’t like mustaches or full beards.  I don’t know why…that just doesn’t appeal to real life or in the pages of a […] ~ read more

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