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Shana Galen By Shana

Shana’s Winner

Vickie Thompson won the bag of books! Look for my email, Vickie, or email me at &#126 read more

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Shana Galen By Shana

Lark Brennan’s Winner

Catslady is Lark Brennan’s winner of Dangerously Yours and Irresistible Yours. Check your email or email me at &#126 read more

Shana Galen By Shana

The Jaunties in San Diego

Readers, as you know by now a bunch of us went to the RWA conference in San Diego last week. First stop was the multi-author signing, which benefits literacy programs. Here we are together. I also got a shot of Theresa signing and my signing buddy Tina Gabrielle took one of me. The signing had […] &#126 read more

Kathleen O'Brien By Kathleen

Books… The Best Medicine

Remember how much fun it used to be when you’d been slightly sick, and were getting better, but were still just a little too under the weather to go back to school?  For me, that was the sweet spot.  On that one lovely day–maybe two if I played my cards right–no one expected me to […] &#126 read more

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