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Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

Giveaway: Jesse’s guest Stephanie Queen

Howdy, JauntyFriends! Please join me in welcoming the wonderful Stephanie Queen today. We’ve known each other for over a decade, and have a funny small-world thing going on, as she was college roomies back in the day with the sister of my current across-the-street neighbor (who is Wallaby’s honorary auntie). Anyway, Steph is here to talk […] ~ read more

More from the Sisterhood

Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

Giveaway: New Release and a New Kitten!

Just kidding. The kitten wasn’t a planned addition, but she’s not going anywhere. However, to celebrate the digital release of STARTING OVER AT MUSTANG RIDGE, one randomly chosen commenter will get a copy of my upcoming August book … which builds from some of the goings on in STARTING OVER, so you should really buy […] ~ read more

Mia Marlowe By Mia

Celebrating a Life!

My dad turned 80 on the Fourth of July. Last week, my DH and I loaded up my mom and dad and drove them across country to my sister’s house in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate this milestone with that branch of the family. Dad was […] ~ read more

Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

Vanessa’s Winners!

Jade wins a copy of MEET ME AT THE BEACH and Quilt Lady wins the $10 Amazon gift card. Congrats, ladies! I’ll be in touch. Thanks to everyone who stopped by this week to chat! ~ read more

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