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Jesse Hayworth By Jesse

Thankfully Going Casual

Hello JauntyFriends, and happy Thanksgiving to all those of you who are celebrating today (happy Thursday to those who aren’t)! Thank you for following us this past year, and I hope you’ll continue to visit. We’re very grateful for the positive vibe you help create with your comments and camaraderie (I never spell that word […] ~ read more

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Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa


Gratitude is big these days. We encouraged to feel grateful as much as possible, keeping gratitude journals and notebooks, practicing 100 days of gratitude, and reading self-help books that focus on gratitude. All good things designed for mindful living, and to bring more blessings and peace into our lives.  But you know what? Gratitude is […] ~ read more

Katherine Garbera By Katherine

Giving Thanks

Every year for Thanksgiving I spent with my parents, sisters and extended family until I moved to the UK.  And for the last four years, I’ve really struggled to make Thanksgiving for my husband, son and I special.  It’s not a holiday here.  My son always has school, my husband work, my daughter was in […] ~ read more

Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m on a plane back home as I write this, so it’s a quick one, gang. Plus, I have laundry to tackle, God knows. And so… Seven things for which I Am Deeply Grateful in 2015 in no particular order. My family (okay, there’s an order, and they always come first). My readers! I love […] ~ read more

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