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Cindy Kirk By Cindy

Let’s talk entertainment…

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about what we’re reading and watching for entertainment.   How about if I update you and then you update me?   Just by commenting, you’ll be in a drawing to win a copy of my current release, Fortune’s Little Heartbreaker.  I’ll be giving away THREE copies this week.  (Remember the names […] ~ read more

More from the Sisterhood

Nancy Robards Thompson By Nancy

Let’s Hear It For The Girls!

I had lunch with one of my oldest buddies yesterday. She and I have been friends for thirty-five years. Hard to believe. Because it seems like only yesterday we met and formed that bond that (little did we know then) would span the years. Sadly, we only get to see each other once or twice […] ~ read more

Mia Marlowe By Mia

Where in the World is Mia?

Is there anything more odious than someone else’s vacation pictures? Probably not. But at the risk of ticking you all off, I just have to share a few from our recent trip to the southern Caribbean. We traveled with Holland America, a line I lovingly refer to as “the old fart ships.” Since the average […] ~ read more

Kathleen O'Brien By Kathleen

Everything Old Is New Again

                         What do you think about books that use characters from classic novels whose authors are no longer with us?  In particular, I’m thinking about the current Jane Austen craze.  When Girlchild and I were at the bookstore not long ago, it seemed every […] ~ read more

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