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Nancy Robards Thompson By Nancy

Winners of Nancy’s “What Is The Best Contemporary Romance” blog on 4/17

You all gave so many great suggestions. Thank you! The five winners (chosen at random) are Susan G; eap; Katie Jo; Marcy Shuler; and bn 100. Please email me at nrobardsthompson @ yahoo. com and give me your mailing info. I’ll get your book out ASAP. ~ read more

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Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

Please Welcome Erica Monroe!!

I am a child of the 80’s and 90’s. (All of you cringing because I’ve either made you feel too young or too old, bear with me, I swear I’ve got a point here.) I grew up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Alias, and Star Trek: Voyager, all shows with incredibly strong women at […] ~ read more

Shana Galen By Shana

Heroines (and Heroes) That Rock

Recently I was writing a workshop to give at a local chapter of the Romance Writers of America. The topic was Crafting Historical Heroines (and Heroes) That Rock, and I was speaking about how to create characters that are historically accurate but who still appeal to modern readers. One thing I did in preparation was […] ~ read more

Nancy Robards Thompson By Nancy

What is the Best Contemporary Romance Novel?

When College Girl was in high school, she made some great friends. Wonderful, smart, talented girls I was happy for her to call friends. What was even better was her friends had great moms who became my friends. When the girls graduated and went off to different colleges, the moms made a pact to keep […] ~ read more

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