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Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Susan Hanniford Crowley’s winner!

Catslady, you’re the winner! Email Susan at to get your prize! ~ read more

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Vanessa Kelly By Vanessa

My Hero!

I’m at my dad’s house. He’s 91 years old and he has a brutal cold, so I’m hanging out with him while my stepmother runs out to an appointment (the picture above is from a few days ago, when he was stepping out to a holiday party). My dad is actually in amazing physical shape, […] ~ read more

Kristan Higgins By Kristan

Meet Susan Hanniford Crowley!

I am very excited to be a guest on Jaunty Quills. Thanks so much, Kristan, for having me here. My name is Susan Hanniford Crowley, and I write contemporary vampire and supernatural romance. What do you think is romantic? How can you tell if someone is your true love? In my novel Vampire King of […] ~ read more

Robyn DeHart By Robyn

Best of holiday posts: One of my favorite things

This time of year most of us are getting ready for the holidays. We’re shopping and wrapping and baking and decorating and its easy to get lost in the bustle of the busy season. One thing I never skimp on though is decorating my tree. Not because I feel it has to be perfect, it’s […] ~ read more

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